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Layout:- Looking at the Z read of it, weImage:- The lead singer is atfirst see the prominent masthead,the front with all the otherthen the image of the band, then themembers behind her,Running From Lions cover line.connoting the important of- The masthead is placed in front ofher over the otherseverything because the magazine is- Its a full-length shot, so wenot yet well known enough to rely oncan clearly see eachbeing recognised when the mastheadmember and theircannot be seenexpressions-The banner across the top fits with- The mise-en-scne showsthe style of the rest of the cover, buthow the style of clothes canis used as a hook to draw readers inaffect the picture: here they-The cover lines are on the left asare wearing punk rock stylethats how people naturally read whenclothes, such as skinnythey look at a pagejeans, band t-shirts and- Although there is a variety of fontshoodies, Converse shoesused, there is a theme to it; the sameand shirts; as well as havingfont was used for the names of bands,hair which is seen asa different font used for cover linesparticularly rock styledand general information, and unique(straightened, big fringesfonts were used for the masthead andetc.)main article cover line- As the picture is clearlyColour:- The colour scheme is red,outdoors, it fits with thewhite and black which is more house style of the othersophisticated than the colours used photos, taken in a forest andin other genres of magazine e.g.park.pop - All of them are smiling and- The contrast in the purity of white laughing, connotingagainst the darkness of black works happiness and youthfulness,well to create a punk rockas well as them having funatmosphere, whilst the dark redconnotes energy and confidence- The main cover line is in white, Audience:- The magazine is aimed at fans of certain bands, due to how many of them are mentionedsuggesting there is an element of- The colours and style of music suggest the audience is more mature than, for example, thepurity about the bandaudience of a pop music magazine which uses bright colours and simpler language - The hook of free posters will obviously appeal to the audience 3. Layout:- The contents page isImage:- The only image on theclearly and professionally laidpage, so it stands outout, making it easy for readers- Forest scene; house style ofto find what they want to read outdoor shots and the Devon- The article titles are inthemecategories so its easy to jump to - All models looking at thethe readers desired story camera, looking relaxed and- The editorial profile is at thehappybeginning as it introduces the - The lead singer at the front,first issue of the magazineconnoting the importance of her over othersColour:- Same colour scheme of - Sitting down in forest -red, white and black as the frontcalmness, opennesscover, with extra colour of the- Happy expressions -green in the picture youthfulness, happiness- Used the same colour title asmasthead to link themHouse style:- Continuation of- The article titles were originally the masthead, in abbreviatedred but white stands out moreversion using the same font- There is a red and black borderand colouraround picture to emphasise it - The same font is used for alland link it to the colours on theother titlesfront cover- Same colour scheme - Same font and style of writingText:- Hello, and welcome -usedfriendly to draw the audience in- The text is informal and Audience:- Fans of specific bands,friendly due to them being highlighted- Opinionated - we can hardly - A lot of bands are mentioned;contain ourselves showing appealing to specific fanbasestheyre also fans of the bands - The statement on all your- Asserting dominance - wefavourite bands is showing thatthink will soon be making it they are assuming they knowbig, saying their opinion iswho the readers favourite bandsworth it are 4. Layout:- Similar style to contents pagewith the image on the right and textaround it- Prose surrounds the image but isslightly broken down by the quote:implying intelligent audience- Introductory paragraph at thebeginning to give context to thereaders- Extra feature to get to know the bandas they are featured as a new band Image:- Brighter colours than the other shots, connotes more energy and happiness - All sitting looking relaxed but with a big of attitude, following the forms of a punk rock band - Lead singer sitting higher up than everyone else - All sitting different, connoting independence and not following the conventions of a photo-shoot - All making eye contact except one, could suggest rebellious sideColour:- Same colour scheme ofHouse style:- The article usesText:- The text is informal andAudience:- The article directlyred, white and black used as thethe same colours as the positive towards the band; Yes, appeals to fans of other bandsrest of the magazine, with acontents page and front cover 2012 was a good year for them by mentioning Paramore andslightly more colourful picture - The same font and style of- Very positively predicting ofYou Me At Six, 2 very popular- The title quote is white as itwriting is used the band: We see big things inbands. By comparing Runningstands out the most and draws - The band is mentioned the future for this little bandFrom Lions to them, they areattention to the picturethroughout the wholefrom Devoncreating big expectations for- The extra feature and covermagazine, to draw attention to- Whist being informal, the text themstory title is the same shade of this articleis also informative; debut- They use the quote aboutred as the masthead, to link- Looking at this article after the album Come To Life was You Me At Six in the title,them all together front cover and contents page,released last week meaning fans of them willwe can clearly see that they are want to read the article