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plant-wide data historian

highly scalable and fault tolerant architecture

data analysis, reporting and evaluation

audit trail mechanism, document proof

easy to develop

easy to use


Page 2: ACRON - · assessment using historical data. ... • iFIX, Cimplicity • atvise web HMI ... Reporting ACRON generates comprehensive reports from

ACRON – performance and � exibility

Business advantages

The basis of every automated system is it’s data.

This forms the basis for all logging, analysis and

verification of quality.

As the foundation for all company operations, data

is crucial for improving productivity, providing

protection against claims for recourse – and thus

in determining the success of the company.

In all business fields, products will only be

competitive if it is possible to boost business

efficiency. This not only applies to operating

companies in search of reliable products but also

to the end customer.

If quality, productivity, profitability and security

can be improved, production will be optimised. In

addition, this reduces the costs for maintenance and

compliance with regulations, as well as allowing staff

to respond promptly.

ACRON is the perfect solution for fast

assessment using historical data.

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The philosophyApplication possibilities

ACRON is a manufacturer independent product. This

concept enables ACRON to be used in nearly any

sector. The already finished projects show that the

product is being used more and more in the national

and international market.

The concept enables ACRON to be used in nearly any

vertical market. Realized projects show that the pro-

duct fulfills a lot of different requirements and that

it is being used worldwide. Nearly all kind of analysis

and reports are relisable so that there is a wide range

of applications. The scalable product, the client / ser-

ver architecture and the data security make the most

project requirements satisfiable.

Different language versions and an option

to change the language (even in the project)

predestine ACRON for the internationally

operating plant and machine construction.

Please ask for the actual available languages.

ACRON is characterised by easy handling, flexibility

and simple project planning (two-layer concept).

With this product, which offers outstanding value for

money, we guarantee maximum perational reliability

and data security as well as high availability. We

contribute to the success of our customers, and they

influence the product accordingly. In a continuous

dialogue, new ideas and requirement impact on

future functionalities in ACRON. The experiences

of the last 15 years are reflected in the design and

efficiency of the product.

Page 4: ACRON - · assessment using historical data. ... • iFIX, Cimplicity • atvise web HMI ... Reporting ACRON generates comprehensive reports from

ACRON moduls



Data acquisition from any source.

Link to more than 20 different




Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet, MPI, Profibus,

Modbus and many other protocols

Data pre-treatment in memory

Telecontrol interfaces

High data security through

Three Level Cache (TLC)

Comprehensive control system links, OPC,

DDE, ODBC, ASCII, CSV and many manufac-

turer-specific PLC/DDC protocols are available

for data acquisition.ACRON data can be ac-

cessed via the ODBC standard.

A connection to SAP is available on demand.

More than 20 direct connections to HMI SCADA

and other SCADA are done over certified inter-



The comfortable operating interface from ACRON.

In a clearly structured environment:

reports and protocolls are displayed, archived,

printed out and/or sent by e-mail

data backup and data export are initiated

manual inputs (laboratory values) are recorded

ACRON frontends


and events

Mainte-nance Graph SAP



e� ciency

Opera-tions diary


ACRONdata output/interfaces

External frontends

ACRON Database

Con� guration

Process values, Lab values, Manual values

Compressed data, Arithmetic values




Con� guration

Data acquisition

Process 1

Process 2

Process 4

Process n

• WinCC, PCS7 certi� ed• iFIX, Cimplicity• atvise web HMI• InTouch, Archestra• More than 20 additional connections• OPC DA, AE, HDA• ASCII, CSV, XML• ODBC ...

Multiple remote protocols can controlled via

different remote connections. The import of time-

stamps in ACRON is a standard functionality.

As a few examples there are ODP via GPRS and Sinaut


Page 5: ACRON - · assessment using historical data. ... • iFIX, Cimplicity • atvise web HMI ... Reporting ACRON generates comprehensive reports from

Alarm/message and service modul

The ACRON tool for the creation of all necessary

malfunctions and message reports and their

comprehensive statistics.

In the service module operating times, runtimes

and switching cycles continue to be saved and

summed up and then submitted to an anticipatory

maintenance system. Complete unit histories can

be displayed, and the acquisition of times and costs

is possible.


Convenient and user-friendly display using curves.

Measuring points or e.g. minimum/maximum values

and other statistical evaluations can be identified

differently using various markers

special display of digital variables in graphs

comprehensive statistical evaluations

relative/absolute time offset for every variable

unlimited analysis of data

very fast access to data

Excel add in

Convenient access to all data in ACRON for simple and

fast import of values.

Embedded in the MS-Excel® environment,

further evaluations can be created very easily.

The query mechanism is easy to configure and an

online mode is also possible.

Data collect

A function designed to collect any values from

different ACRON projects in one central application.

This function is either automatic or manual using di-

alup or dedicated lines. The standard applications are,

for example, regional water and waste water associa-

tions which wish to perform benchmarking or com-

panies with more than one production location and a

requirement for production data to be evaluated cen-

trally. Consistent data management via higher-level

control centres is ensured and a hierarchy of multiple

levels is possible.


Reading access to all data in ACRON.

Web based analysis and queries allow the complete

access to all data in ACRON.

The ACRON Web-client enables the reading access to

all reports and graphical data views.

It is possible to integrate this into the plant control

and ERP system (e.g. SAP).

Page 6: ACRON - · assessment using historical data. ... • iFIX, Cimplicity • atvise web HMI ... Reporting ACRON generates comprehensive reports from

Fulfilling laws and regulations


ACRON generates comprehensive reports from

process data for freely selectable time periods.

Helpful compression algorithms produce data for

daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports. It is also

possible to generate reports that have variable times

(for e.g. shifts). Event or batch reports are defined

by start and end conditions. These types of reports

are often found in the process and food industry as

well as in the production.

Reports and application examples from

various industries are available.

The report assistant helps the user to generate

complex reports quickly and reduces the

project planning time. Nearly all protocols and

calculations are possible.

ACRON fulfils standards laws and regulations

of many different branches (e.g. 21 CFR 11,

ATV M260, TA Abfall, etc.). Through its flexibility

it is easy to assign process values to individual

layouts. This enables the user to gain fast access to

information out of his plant and amortisation of his



water – wastewater

incineration of refuse

dump, cavitary, exhaust air

Page 7: ACRON - · assessment using historical data. ... • iFIX, Cimplicity • atvise web HMI ... Reporting ACRON generates comprehensive reports from

Architecture, security and database

Other features:

high performance and very

fast response time

time-oriented and/or

change-oriented recording

time resolution in millisecond range

up to 8-fold database redundancy

arithmetic operations with over

100.000 data points

Thanks to its modular design,

ACRON caters for all requirements

of historical data processing – ran-

ging from the smallest possible ap-

plications to large-scale distributed

systems. ACRON is in possess of a

robust and error-tolerant database

with a client-server architecture.

The software is scalable and can

grow with your requirements.

maximum security with data

acquisition (three-level cache)

manual or automatic data backup using

different data carriers

fine breakdown for user administration

low memory requirements

Remote Clients viaterminal services or WEB

Plant network/ Intranet/ Internet

reports graphs

maintenance laboratory







Power generation

Power distribution

saving of energy


Pharma, Food, Chemical

Tunnel, pipelines, building automation ...

Oil and gas


discrete manufacturing

Page 8: ACRON - · assessment using historical data. ... • iFIX, Cimplicity • atvise web HMI ... Reporting ACRON generates comprehensive reports from


gn: w






ACRON is a product of DataForum GmbH.

ACRON service agreements:

We offer our customers the update service ACRON

Secure. This product ensures preferential support

and an interruption-free update service at a reaso-

nable price.

ACRON partner agreements:

For our System integrators we have two

kinds of partnerships:

ACRON Solution Provider

ACRON Premium Partner

Please ask for the general conditions

of a partnership


Osterdeich 108 · DE-28205 Bremen · Phone +49(0)421 - 33 950-0 · Fax +49(0)421 - 33 795 61

[email protected] ·

Our website contains details of our branch offi ces and international representatives.

Functional overview

ACRON data sheets

We offer data sheets for technology and industry-oriented solutions. You will receive several examples of

applications with every ACRON version. This makes project planning simpler and faster, helping you to

break into the sector concerned.

Examples of datasheets:

alarm and events

maintenance and service

redundancy module

Excel add in

Data Collect


Converting PM Aqua

Batch- or event oriented protokolls

SAP connection

OEE efficiency

Further data sheets, application reports and

lists of references are available on demand.

ACRON data connections:

Siemens – PCS7 / WinCC (certified),

WinCC flexible, Sicam 230, Power CC

GE – Proficy iFIX, GE – Cimplicity (certified)

Certec – atvise web HMI

Invensys – InTouch

Copadata – ZenOn

USDATA – Factory Link Axeda – Wizcon

Gossen Metrawat – ECS ABB – Sattgraph

universal OPC DA/AE/HDA

universal ODBC

universal data import CSV/TXT/XML

more on request

Converting Tools

PM Aqua, MIS Light, OSI PI, ….

Please make a request for a full function demo software.

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