Bach ChoraleCadencesVideo Tutorial Handbook1Using the audio-visual material available, along with the items in this handbook will enable you to learn how to harmonize chorale cadences in the style o !"#"Bach" $ youhave your own com%uter co%y all o the iles to your hard drive" #tart with the &ower&oint $ntroduction ilename ' Bach Chorale Cadences"%%s $ you double click on this ile it will o%en automatically i &ower&oint is installed on your com%uter" (dvance the slides using the u% and down arrow keys on your keyboard" )ork through the Video Tutorials in order along with the associated e*ercises using this scheme"Tasks)eek 11" View PowerPoint Introduction+" View Tutorial 1 : ii7b-V-I," Build cadences during video usingworksheet %rovided"-" View Tutorial 2 : ii7b-V-I Variants." Build cadences during video usingworksheet %rovided/" U%date Cadence Tracking #heet on $ntranet0" Com%lete Exercises 1, 2 ,3 and 41" Check your answers against solutions2" U%date Cadence Tracking #heet on $ntranetWeek 21" View Tutorial 3 : V-V-I+" Build cadences during video usingworksheet %rovided," Com%lete Exercisesand !-" U%date Cadence Tracking #heetWeek 41" View Tutorial 4 : "t#er $adencePatterns+" Com%lete Exercise 7," Check your answers against solutions-" U%date Cadence Tracking #heet%e&ision1" Com%lete Exercise '+" Check your answers against solutions+H$3T# )ork in %encil" $t is then easy to correct or amend your work" 4stablish a good routine 'o 3umber the melody above the so%rano with (rabic numerals indicating the degree o the scaleo 5abel the chords with 6oman 3umerals underneath the Bass #tave"o (dd the Bass 5ine ollowing the 6oman 3umeralso Check #o%rano 7 Bass or consecutives 8 make ad9ustments i any are oundo (dd the (lto and Tenor %arts aiming or smooth con9unct motion as much as %ossible"o Check or consecutiveso Try to %lay through your work on a keyboard Check your version with Bach:s by using the solutions" $t will hel% you learn iyou analyse Bach:s version, by labelling the chords, and com%are it with yours" ;on:t necessarily e*%ect an e*act match 8 i you are using the correct chords and using Bach:s signature stylistic devices you will be doing well" $ you are ar out in com%arison to Bach:s, try to see what he has done in res%onse to this situation and re%roduce it when you encounter something similar" The solutions a%%ear versions in both 111+1,1-1.W#at $adence 0#ould be 1sed20cale +e)ree o3 P#rase Endin)$adence P#rase Endin) *4o&e5ent o3 0o6rano,1" Tonic &erect +-1 ' ii7b-V-I, or variants, or V-V-I wit# a 4-3 sus6ension, or any other %erect cadence with a suitable a%%roach chord"0-1 ' V-$ with any suitable a%%roach chord+" #u%ertonic $m%erect ?not %ossible to modulate to the ;ominant@1-+ ?both keys 8 very common@ ' &recede V with$ or $b, or both eg" $-$b-V ,"

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