• Promising A Better Tomorrow forSlum Kids

    Project Leader : Ankit sharmaCore Members: Deepshikha, Disha ,Kriti , Madhusudan, Neha, Shailja volunteer: 15Impacted youth : slum kids, child labour , street kids In Delhi slum of Daulatpur villageVenue: University premises (Delhi Technological University)Impact: 45 underprivileged kids.Period : Mon- Fri (5 days)Hours spent: 1.5hours5days

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  • I dont dream , I find delight in rag picking.My name is sajid and I am in third class.sajid is a school going child who frequently skips his classes because he has to pick up rag .

  • One in every 10 workers in INDIA is a child. Thankfully you and I belong first nine ,But who will take care of the 10th one.

    You and I might find delight in giving a lunch meal to such children but who will take Care of their breakfast and dinner

    Design/methodology/approach A situation-actor-process (SAP)-learning-action-performance (LAP) model has been applied. The situation represents the present scenario of the problem. Actors are the participants, influencing the situation to evolve different sustainable processes. Based on SAP, various learning issues have been analysed which lead to suitable action followed by impact of SAP on the performance of the solution.SAP/LAPMETHODOLOGY

  • SITUATIONAbsence of compulsory education at the primary level, parental ignorance regarding the bad effects of child labour, the infectivity of child labour laws in terms of implementation, non availability and non accessibility of schools, boring and unpractical school curriculum and cheap child labour are some other factors which encourages the phenomenon of illiteracy.


  • PERFORMANCEDue to large no. of underprivileged children deprived of education it becomes a duty of every youth to support such children.Rise above caste lines to help poor. Let us touch the dying,the poor, the lonely and the unwanted according to the graces we have received and let us not be ashamed or slow to do the humble work. LEARNINGA detailed examination of the problem was taken , We group of few like minded undergraduate students staying at the university hostel went to the near by slum area and talked to the guardians of such kids .Detailed discussion concluded that most of the kids who go to school are unwilling due to boring subject curriculum . They go to school purposefully for the mid day meal provided at the government schoolsThey are not willing to study at home due to lack of resourcesThey remain busy with either household chores or some kind of money earning activity. Such as rag picking or supporting their parents in earning.

  • ACTIONSomething must be done to overcome the malaise at the highest level.A group of 50 underprivileged kids were targeted who were willing to study but remain untouched due to circumstances, their parents were consulted and we convinced their parents to send their children to the university premises on every week day .The vice chancellor permission was taken and the university granted a small fund to buy some notebooks and pencils.The authorities allowed us to spend 1-1.5 hours with those kids every week day Mon-Fri.Since the class for undergraduate finishes by 4:30 pm every day we decided to call the kids to the university premises at students showed a huge response to the ongoing activity in the university campus and large students were ready to support for such social service in campus itself.

  • FOT GANGThe teachers and student group name themselves as FOT gang (Faculty of Technology) because all the undergraduate students are from field of technology and they gather like a gang every week day at the central ground of university.

  • PLANEvery day we reach to the central ground with our laptops and tablet. where the kids collect from nearby slum areas. Laptops are preloaded with some rhyming poems , alphabets, interactive study material for kids.Kids are divided into groups based upon their level rather than based upon their classes.We even deal with the students who have entered into 4 th class and they still don't recognize English alphabets or numerals. Thus the groups were divided based upon their level. The dividing of the groups was done on the basis of a simple basic test taken at the central ground. It took 10 days to finally decide their respective levels.Teaching such kids rejuvenated and gave teachers a sense of satisfaction .Sparing 4-5 hours in week was no big deal as it refreshed everyone's mood after hectic college classes.No pre assessment was given to any teacher to teach as our basic purpose was to just make their studies interactive and clarify their basic doubts.

  • Teachers with kids at university premises

    Teacher indulged with their respective group from 5-6:15pm every week day

  • CONCLUSIONIf every university grant such permission and support such initiative than a world wide revolution can be brought to millions live.All university students world wide can work in group like ours and support in eliminating the problems of the society.Youth power if applied to a positive approach can bring wonders.Such initiative worldwide at different universities will develop the skills of social entrepreneurship in the university students attached to it.The current activity is carried out at DELHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY( a premier institute of India for engineering) every week day from 5-6.15pm in the college premises.Our current society (FOT GAG) has patched up with another two colleges to carry out such activity in other colleges also.A proposal has been initiated to bring 2credits of social service in the academic year of every student , so that a large mass of college students can be involved to eliminate such vulnerable problems.

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