• 1. Retailers Satisfaction with Coca-Cola A Study On Nishant Singh (128938) MBA II year
  • 2. INTRODUCTION Coca Cola is an American multinational beverage corporation Company Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia , United States Asa Candler incorporated the Company in 1892 Current chairman and Chief executive is Muhtar Kent
  • 3. Coca Cola India First enter into Indian market in 1956 but has to exit in 1977 Re-entered in 1993 and till 2003 has invested more than US $ 1 billion
  • 4. Coca-Cola Products Limca Sprite Thums Up Fanta Maaza Coca-Cola Minute Maid
  • 5. Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd Varanasi Located in Mehandiganj, 22km from Varanasi. Capacity 600 bpm line. Coca-Cola acquired in year 1999 Total land area 6.8 acres Total investment of Rs 76 crores (Including market
  • 6. Objective of the Study To identify the Retailers satisfaction with dealer service To identify the order frequency of Coca-Cola in Varanasi (B.H.U region) To perform Market Analysis of Coca Cola and find out different factors effecting the growth of Coca Cola
  • 7. Sources of Data Primary Data Questionnaire Personal Interview Secondary Data Text Books Internet Marketing reports of the Company
  • 8. Research Measuring Tools and Techniques Various Research measuring tools are :- Questionnaire Personal interview Pie-charts Bar charts Column charts Sample Size:- Through questionnaire and personal interview- 30 respondents Sampling Tools:-Questionnaire was used as a main tool for the collection of data
  • 9. Data Analysis and Interpretations
  • 10. Availability of soft drink on time As per our survey data, 27 % of the retailers are getting soft drink on time and 20 % doesnt find on time. We also found that 20 % retailers selling both Pepsi as well as Coca Cola products. Thus we can conclude that if that 20 % retailer doesnt find soft drink on time, definitely they will go for Pepsi. After analysis of other questionnaire (fig 10) its clear that 90% of the retailers are selling nearby 5 units per day (approx.) as, 43 % sell less than 5 units and 50 % sell between 5 to 10 units.
  • 11. Thus From above analysis, we conclude that Total number of retailers (as per sample size) = 30 Number of retailers doesnt get delivery on time = 6 Average Number of units sell per day(approx.) = 5 Total number of units that are not selling because of poor delivery per day = 6 x 5 = 30 units If we take peak seasons ( generally it lies between march-may) = 80 days(exclude Sunday) Total number of loss incurred in terms of units during peak months= 80 x 30 = 2440 units Means, only because of late delivery of soft drink, company incurred loss of total 30 units per day and nearly 2440 units in peak season from particular distribution channels.
  • 12. Improper delivery schedule of soft drink As per report, its clear that only 13 % of the retailers are getting soft drink on daily basis. But more than 50 % getting 2-3 times in a week and 27 % are getting on random basis i.e not any specific time. As we already mentioned that average number of soft drink units sell by retailers is around 5.
  • 13. Total number of retailers getting soft drink 3 times in a week = 15 Total number of days without sell of soft drinks in a week = 3 Total average number of sales of units on daily basis = 5 Total number of units not sell because of lack of proper delivery schedule = 15 x 3 x5 = 225 units weekly. Thus From above analysis, we conclude that
  • 14. SUGGESTIONS Perform a detail demand survey at regular interval to know about the unique needs and requirements of the retailers. The company should make hindrance free arrangement for its customers/retailers to make any feedback or suggestions as and when they feel. Coca-Colas distribution channel is mostly through retail. Whereas the competitors also concentrates more on the multiplexes, pubs and restaurants. Coca-Cola should try to increase their distribution in these areas
  • 15. The company must keep a watch on its primary competitors in market in order to be able to compete with them. The company should use new attractive system of word of mouth advertisement to keep alive the general awareness in the whole market as a whole. The company should be always in a position to receive continuous feedback and suggestions from its customers/ consumers as well as from the market and try to solve it without any delay to establish its own good credibility.
  • 16. A strong watch should be kept on distributors so that the goodwill of the BRAND doesnt get affected. More No of Retailers are expecting refrigerator. More no of retailers have said that the advertisement is very less.
  • 17. CONCLUSION Coca-Cola products are more popular mainly because of its TASTE, BRAND NAME, INNOVATIVENESS but it fail to maintain their DELIVERY SERVICES and availability of SCHEMAS as well as ADVERTISEMENT MATERIALS, thus it should focus delivery service so that it can capture the major part of the market.
  • 18. References

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