PowerPoint Presentation

The contents page title is yellow to attract attention to it. It also contains the issue number and date so they do not take up room on the cover.

The images show the more interesting pages. This will show the reader where to look first, which willconvince them to read more.The editors message provides an informal feel to the magazine, and makes the reader feel welcome. It will reflect the magazine style, and is placed next to the main contents to be noticeable.The main image shows the main story of the magazine, and is larger to show its importance and makes it more noticeable, and it will be the first thing someone notices when opening the magazine.The contents are organised into columns to make them easier to read, and are separated by grey lines, which separate the columns. But are not too bright.

Images are used in the contents to attract readers to the main stories.An advert for delivered magazines is placed at the end. It is large enough to be seen, but not too big so it is not intrusive.

The masthead is in solid black text, so it can fit with any music style.The date and issue number are on the contents page so they do not obstruct the main image.The contents page shows the main features in a column to organize the page easier.

The cover story is separated to make it easier to see and find.

This quote is taken out of context to make people want to read the article.The colour scheme has being inverted- the heading is black and the preview is golden- to make it stand out more.The main image is a high angle shot to make Terry Hall seem inferior, as if life is getting him down. The image has being brightened to make it seem like a light is coming down. This might be him looking at the sky and being annoyed at God.

The contents are in a column to fit more on the page and make it easier to read. The house style is the same throughout the magazine, to give a brand identity to the magazine.A box is used to separate the Oasis pages from the rest of the magazine. Gold, classical text is used to make it feel special. The font is also similar to the font used in the logo, which emphasizes the fact that it is a Q exclusiveThe monthly features are separated from the rest of the magazine t make them easier to find.The image is the largest thing on the page to make it feel important. It is a straight shot to make them look casual.The review section are separated from the rest of the magazine t make them easier to find. An image is used to attract the audience.Date and issue number are in a plain black bar so it will not distract he reader from the main imagesThe magazine logo is used in the top left corner, next to the title. The font used is simple so it is not distracting.

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