Page 1: Deconstruction  - Magazine Front Cover

The language that has been used for this magazine is appropriately informal as there is no large paragraphs of text which require detail about a features. “10 coolest movies” will attract a younger audience as the adjective is a typical word that this age group will use. There is a lot of play on words such as “cracking the case” which is related to the cover star, Holmes being a detective. The exclamation mark used after “right now!” is used to make the feature sound more interesting.

The main image which stars Robert Downey Jr as Sherlock Holmes is the standout convention to this magazine cover. As he stands so pivotal to the centre of page, the audience will distinctively be attracted to him first. The actor is dressed in the costume that he wears in the film which will relate to lovers of the film series/books. The target audience for this magazine will be from 18-45 so staring a man of this age will represent this. The relating text is also positioned in front of the image which shows the connection.

There are three sub-images that have been used on the front cover. This is to attract a secondary audience that might not be interested in what the main image has to offer. For example, the genre of “Sherlock Holmes” is crime drama, while “Iron Man 2” is action/adventure and “Fantastic Mr Fox” is an animated family film. The images provide a visual pleasure as apposed to using more text which may look repetitive. The tag line at the top of page is also relative to images as they are part of the same feature.

The colours that have been used for Total Film are very contrasting which will appeal to an audience that are looking at the cover. The faded shades of blue that covers the background which includes Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, another connection to the film featured. The Masthead is presented in white bold which balances out the background and the colour of the dark grey costumes that have been used. The house style of this magazine has been made very apparent: blue, white and black.

A form of media convergence has been used on this front cover, as the website “” has been clearly displayed under the masthead. This has been illustrated onto the connect the audience on a different platform.

Page 2: Deconstruction  - Magazine Front Cover

Crack Magazine is quite a versatile regional magazine that changes the layout and format of it’s magazine, issue after issue. Issue 52 features as simplistic look that has been presented in a monochrome, black and white effect. The use of no colour gives the magazine a mature and classic feel, that incorporates the style of music that cover star Jessie Ware issues. Despite the exclusion of colour, the black and white remains complementary as the text is clear and understandable.

The main image features Jessie Ware who is positioned in the front and centre of Crack magazine. She is positioned in a mid shot, with her full body and head tilted to the left, showcasing half of her structure. To accompany the style of the magazine, the model is dressed in a very simple black vest with a silver necklace and sharp triangular shaped earrings.

The text that has been used is all in a white font, from the bold masthead displayed at the head of the page. To the text than descends down the bottle middle of the page. The size of the text is all in the same size except the main cover line which displays “Jessie Ware”. A list of other features are displayed in a simplistic arrangement.

Page 3: Deconstruction  - Magazine Front Cover

North East Times is a regional magazine located in the titular region of England. Similarly, to Crack magazine which is also a regional magazine, a black and white house style has been used. The background consists of mostly grey and white which allows the mast head and the main headline stand out in a gold colour. The colour gold that is used to show power and success which accompanies the headline which states “The Professionals”.

There are two models that have been featured on the front cover, which can be sometimes complex in order to create the correct composition. One man is stood up whilst the other one is sat on a higher step whilst crossing his hands in serious business-minded matter. Both men are dressed in suits, which complements the theme of the issue.

The language that has been used on for this magazine is very informal as it is appealing to mature audience who have the correct attitude in becoming a successful professional in business. They are showcasing their company “MTREC Recruitment”. The subheading invites an audience to read this magazine as it poses a question of “why MTREC Recruitment is standing out from the crowd”.

The Target Audience for this magazine would be adults who are 25+, anyone who has left education and are working their way up a career in a business.

The magazine includes a features section in the bottom right hand corner which will attract customers by providing them with a preview of what is included in the magazine. The magazine has chose to do this so if the cover star does not appeal to a specific person, then the additional features may.

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