Drawing Assignment #2 Figure/Skeleton/Muscle Drawing Drawing II Students: For this assignment you will do three 18 x 24 inch drawings. 1) The first drawing will be a value portrait of a figure in graphite. 2) The second drawing will be a graphite value drawing of the same portrait showing the skeletal structure underneath the skin and muscles. 3) The third drawing will be a colored pencil drawing of the same portrait showing the muscle structure underneath the skin. Please consider the overall composition. You may do your muscle and skeleton drawing on tracing paper if you prefer to lie them over your initial portrait. Da Vinci Anatomical studies of a male shoulder Pen and ink on paper, 292 x 198 mm Michaelangelo Male Nude (recto) Pen and brown ink, 337 x 162 mm Muse du Louvre, Paris Michelangelo Studies of a Male Torso and Left Leg (verso) Black chalk, traced with a stylus, 404 x 260 mm Michaelangelo, Study for Adam, c. 1510, Red chalk, 193 x 259 mm British Museum, London Michelangelo Studies for the Libyan Sibyl (recto) Red chalk, 289 x 214 mm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Leonardo Da Vinci Anatomical studies of the shoulder Black chalk, pen and ink on paper, 289 x 199 mm cal/anatomical/briefessay.html Anatomy-Reference-Photos/ Layered Anatomy Study 18x24 3/07 Muscle on Skelton SkeletonMuscle on Flesh Skeleton Charcoal Pencil on Paper Muscle - Colored Pencil on Tracing Paper Flesh - Charcoal Pencil on Tracing Paper Flesh on Skelton Glowing Hope10/08 Graphite 18 x24 Hope s muscles and glands 10/08 Colored pencil 18 x24 Hopes bones 10/08 Graphite on Paper 24x18 3 Part Study: Bone, Muscle, Skin 54 x 24 Graphite, colored pencil 2010 Drawing IV Students: For this assignment, please create a unique composition that incorporates all or parts of the figure with renderings of skeleton and/or muscle. You may use any media for this drawing and it can be on any drawing surface (although you must include observational drawings of the figure as part of your composition). Your drawing must be at least 18 x 24 inches however you can also do a series of drawings (at least three) that are each smaller in size. Left brain right brain 12/08 Graphite on paper 18 x24 Bill Nelson Self portrait / skull study Graphite / charcoal 18 x 21 Fall 2003 Reaching to Understand (Self Portrait) 11/07 Graphite on Paper 18x24 Face-Skull Self Portrait Pencil and Charcoal on Paper. 24 x 18 Spring 2002

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