• Expertise

    Franck Deville Macarons

    Our line of frozen artisan

    macarons from Franck

    Deville are made in France

    with homemade fillings, in

    small batches with quality

    checks all made by Franck

    Deville staff. These small

    and delicate pastries pack

    a punch of authentic flavor

    and make a sophisticated


    Features:• Homemade fillings with

    premium ingredients

    • Made in small batches

    with quality checks by

    Franck Deville staff

    • No artificial flavoring,

    preservatives or colors

    • Production facility

    conditions are kept

    consistent, so no need

    for texturizing agents

    Details:• 4/35 ct trays

    • Weight: 14g

    • Diameter: 35-45mm

  • FD LEM140LemonPACKAGING: 4/35 ct traysButtercream lightened with crème anglaise, with 100% pure juice of Sicilian lemons.

    FD VAN140VanillaPACKAGING: 4/35 ct traysButtercream lightened with crème anglaise, with Bourbon vanilla.

    FD PIST140PistachioPACKAGING: 4/35 ct traysButtercream with crème anglaise enhanced with real pistachio paste.

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    Frozen Macarons

    Natural Gluten Free

    FD CAR140Salted CaramelPACKAGING: 4/35 ct traysCaramel made with PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) salted butter from Isigny.

    FD RASP140RaspberryPACKAGING: 4/35 ct traysRaspberry purée.

    FD HAZ140Hazelnut Praline SpreadPACKAGING: 4/35 ct traysChocolate ganache with praline hazelnut almond.

    FD CAF140CoffeePACKAGING: 4/35 ct traysCoffee-flavored chocolate ganache.

    FD CHO140ChocolatePACKAGING: 4/35 ct traysDark chocolate ganache.

    FD ROLY140Rose LycheePACKAGING: 4/35 ct traysButtercream lightened with crème anglaise, lychee liquor and rose extract.

    Defrosting Instructions:Defrost in positive cold at 32-39.2ºF (0-4ºC) in a cold chamber or display case for 24 hours. Optimal tasting conditions: let sit at room temperature for 30 minutes to one hour before enjoying. For optimal organoleptic conditions, we recommend consumption within 3 days after defrosting.


    FD ASSORT140Five Flavor AssortmentPACKAGING: 4/35 ct trays

    Assortment includes lemon, raspberry, salted caramel, vanilla and chocolate flavors.

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