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Low-Cost Actions and Resources to Promote Change

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What needs to change? Create a goal

How will you achieve this goal?Create objectives and strategies

Identifying The Problem In Your Community

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The report shows current levels of adolescent substance use, delinquency, violence, as well as, risk and protective levels.

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Engaging the Community

There is power in numbers!

Find others who are passionate about your organization or community issue.

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FREE or low budget

Available Resources

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RADAR Center

Regional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resources

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Regional Prevention Centers services: Information, Education, Technical assistance, Consultation, Referral

Examples would include:• Informational programs about risk-focused

prevention • How community members can become

involved • Community risk and resource assessments • Assistance mobilizing community coalition

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Social Media

What message are you trying to send?

Which platform(s) fit your goal?

Which platform does your audience use?

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Events & Trainings

Kansas Youth Leadership Summit - August 1-3

Red Ribbon Training April 27

SADD Conference April 28

Family Day 4th Monday in September

Red Ribbon Week October 23-31

Get ideas, network with other Kansas youth and enhance leadership skills

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Kansas Youth Leadership Summit August 1-3 Rock Springs Center, Junction City, KS Meals included Create an Action Plan Listen to inspirational speakers Network with other youth from across

the state Work with your team throughout the

year to make a difference in your community

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Red Ribbon Training

April 27 Holiday Inn Holidome, Topeka, KS Open to Middle School, High School and

Adult Sponsors Team Building Activities Finding Solutions & Solving the Problems Red Ribbon Award Criteria How to Plan a Successful Town Hall


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Kansas SADD Conference

April 28 Holiday Inn Holidome, Topeka, KS Open to Middle School, High School and

Adult Sponsors Bill Cordes How to start a successful chapter Create an action plan

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Family Day

4th Monday in September September 27, 2010

Research by CASA at Columbia University consistently finds that the more often children eat dinner with their families, the less likely they are to smoke, drink or use drugs.

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Positive Charge

April 26-30 Tagline: Empowering Youth to Live a Healthy

Life Goal: To raise awareness among Kansas

youth that most teens don’t drink underage, use tobacco or other drugs.

Objective: Present positive messages to Kansas youth Strategy 1: Facebook:

“It’s DRUG-FREE WEEK on Facebook! Did you know that statistics show MOST Kansas youth DON’T use drugs or drink underage?? Post this status on your wall and write a message to tell your friends why you choose to be drug-free! Become a Fan of @Kansas Family Partnership and share your message on their wall too!”

Strategy 2: T-shirts Strategy 3: Youtube Strategy 4: Twitter

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(785) 266-6161 or 800-206-7231

[email protected]

Thank you

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