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~Happy~ Valentines ~Day~With Love,Susan


Real love begins

where nothing IsExpectedInreturn

To love and be loved is to find paradise on earth.

Kindness in words creates confidence

Kindness in thinking creates profoundness

Kindness in giving creates love

The only failure is in no longer trying..

Love has the power to teach us things that the most complete and expensive educationCould not teach us in a million years

Liveyour life..


that is in you..

Somewhere on your journey Dont forget to turn around and enjoy the view

If your fear makes you unhappy, then try to do the things you fear

A fear conquered is happiness obtained.

Never feel guilty about your happiness... Life is short seize joy wherever you can

In a world where you can be anything

Just be yourself.

Wherever there is love in your heart there is happiness in your life

IfYoulove someone


Ever notice that what the hell is always the right decision.

and you will create your lifeintentionally.

Create your dayin advance

by thinking the wayyou want it to go

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be.

Happiness is doubled when there is someone to share it with.

Dont sit around taking your chances with destinyMake your choice and see if you can achieve it

Listen to what children have to say.. their windows to the soul are unclouded..

Leave time and room in your life to accept change.

You have made my world a more beautiful place, just by being in it.

Thanks for being you

Love is a butterfly which when pursued is just beyond your grasp,

but if you will sit down quietly it may alight upon you..

Use your life for something you really believe in..

To love more is the only way to heal a broken heart..


You are worth it!!!!

Life is not a race

the winner is not the one who finishes first.

If you cant find joy in yourself

How can you hope to find it in others?

When you want to attract someone or something into your life. Make sure your thoughts and your surroundings dont contradict your desires.

Laughter attracts joy,Love .

and.All things beautiful

Find more things to laugh about..

Love is the greatest instinct Follow your heart.

Be your own best friend.YES! Ill take 2 please..

The Moment that we need love the most

is often the moment that we least deserve it

While you are looking down, the best things in life may be right beside you

One of the quickest paths to happiness

is to try to be satisfied with what you already have



Take time to enjoy the simple beauty in life.

Find your WHY

and the HOWs...

wont matter anymore

You will never be a failure when you are capable of enjoying lifeThat should be the quest

WishingYouAWonderfulDay~WithLove, and peace, and all things beautiful

~Life is short Do what you enjoy more often~ Love & Hugs, Susan


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