Hello Decorah Happy July 4th,2016 http://www.vkh.legalshieldqassociATE.comVal Heike Littlewolf6/10/2016EllenIm just a poet but still your biggest fanI get that you were just trying to helpthat always hurts in the endIm still your biggest fanyou will pull throughI have faithyou are lovedtears will not stop people that want what you haveI know thatI had my momIll have her safe at home again before the one that has her kills heryou will be ok I have nothing butall I have is yours if you need it.

Large eathquake a 6?

In California I might be wrong but in the pass two months that is the sixth largest quake.

ZekeThis morning on CBS news it was suggested mine youjust a suggession mind you that in the South American countriesYeppers the South American Catholic countries that simply Abstain from getting pregnateCatholics men are like Amish men if they want nookyno womans pants are allowed to keep held upThere are not place for headachesNo not now honey!Its lay there and take my sperm thats how your GOD wants it!!!!Damn to the babies who lifes are seen as worthless as my going onto 88 year old momin Granbury Texas with her harrasser.The women of child bearing age will have to suffer through the anguish of retarded childrenjust like my mom has to take living with an abuser.No one cares but poetsMe!

Never More , Never More

calls of the ravenEdgar Allen Poe's bird would sayNeed Air,Need AirThat's what I wanted gasping for it yesterdayNo window that opensno screen on the doorthe air conditioningjust hanging uponthe wall.

6/9/2016Its fun to see

It is fun to see on TV stars entend the life of batteriesYou do itBe honest!Dr. Odette from Luther College Education departmentsaid she does itso coolLove truth in others.

Chinese take out as American as Apple pie

From box to food like nothing you will find in China,forty thousand Chinese resteraunt in Americamore then Mac Donald's.Love CBS Sunday Mornings Showlearn alot hate the note book more and morenot a writers friend.In 2014 my half sister the nutbag accused me of erasing the games on mom's note paderased the IP addressin a bit when on campus I will check to see if thats even possible for a non computernerd!

Fiber eat fiber good shit forgood shitfiber assists in evicting toxens from your bodySweeting or as my mom calls it perspiringalso benificial to your bodyyour body takes in toxens orally as well as topagraphical(through the skin)This is serious shit!cleanse your body think of your body as a car.I dowhen I was 16 I drove to my favorite town within a hundred milesPrairie du Chine,Wisconsin in one of my favorite of three statesWisconsin home of The Cheeseheads nah!The Green Bay Packers and Hayward,Wisconsin.We my nephew Robbie and I had gone to see a movie.When we got back into the car I saw the sign check oil.Off to Wal Mart we went and I poured a container into the enginewe smoked black smoke all the way back to Waukon,IA.We were like James BondNext day I took to the car to my mechanicat Jim's DX (The only full service gas station I know of owned by a truely good guy)After Jim changed my oil and sahow me the picture he filled nearly twiceJim told me Val dont, please don't do that again.And so I have not.The lesson taught is too much of anything gunks up the works.

Three horses died yesterday at the Pretness race

Exaggerator winnersloppy mess this horse was like a Green Bay PackerThey excel playing in soggy,or freezing snowy cold.

According to Good Morning America

A poll to end all pollsThere has never been a poll in America's historyof two more hated politians running for thepresidency, then Trumph and Hillary!These two politians are thought of as the worse of twoEvils!As a historian I doubt that statement.People but not historians recall Lincolns second term.Lincoln a racist who never imagine African American's living beside whites.Made a hero with time.I read yesterday when seeking news"was Lincoln Gay?'No Lincoln was not Gay!But if he was what of it?Why dose that consume any intellect?

You should never loose your mom

until she diesYou loose you mom because someone hates you with her whole heartthat's not loosingthey have no right to keep you from chatting with your momthey have no right not to acknowledge your mom as the intelligent self aware individual she is!LET'S FACE IT PEOPLE WE ARE ALL GROWING OLDER DO YOU WANT SOMEONE WHODIDN'T CARE BEFORE YOU HIT A CERTAIN AGE TO THINK THEY CAN MANUVER YOULIKE CATTLE SHOVED INTO A HOLE!That's what my older half sister didDiana Lee stold mom from her familymom cowards before her and she controls my momShe has mom not talking to me because its easier then fighting with DianaMom corruperated out of the same fear that Diana instilled in her in August of 2014.Mom was told either Val stepped out of Luther College or Diana would force our mom into a home or to Granbury TexasAnd my kid sister who was made execator of mom's will when I was working in Virginia

DID NOTHING!Diana forced mom after the fire she set in December 2014 to sell her home at a lost of $13000 imagining that the house with all the proof of how Marian Heike's laundry room started on fire nearly killed Diana's half sister and her 86 year old mom.I write to sell my story,get mom back home with her family and to sue the bitch for mauliciuos slander accusing me of Elder Abuse. The Human Services of Iowa were told four times by mom that Val never did anything but care and love her. No one cared for the truth!I care. I stand for mom and me!

HugsNever underestimate the power of a hug!

one of my favorite things

I think of sound of Music but thats not my favorite movie of Julie Adrews that would be Victor/Victoria One of my favorite things is talking or spending time with mom,Wasn't allowed to see my mom before she was whisked away to Granbury,Texas three months ago my half sister stopped me from taking to my mom becauseDiana Lee the narcisstic socialpath nutbag fears me and the truth.Good!

Good to knowApples are better then coffee while driving the crunch keeps you awake and they are good for you.And just because a spring has gone bank in the back of your truck long term if not fixed bad for truck but it will not kill you to drive.

05/21/2016When seeking

Say an apartment after all your belongings burnt in a firewhen all you have to lean on is youlook under the sinkif there is a container under the sink pipeand the previous renter is standing there ask him why its therehe will not come out and tell you the before you know ityour floor is a swampland.If there is a florencent light in the ceiling and a hole the size of your fistAsk why?I'll tell you why because when you use that light all the flies and gnats withinmiles will swarm to that hole and zoom on in.You will do as I do rather stumble around in the dark the use that light,when I brought this concern last year to my landlordhe simply said can't you stick something on your cane and ram it into the hole.Lets slouch to the bathroomslouch,slouch,slouchdid I mentioned the apartment wasn't built to codeso at the doorways you have to step up then step downThe shower is filthyit wobblesbehind it theres a hole I can stick my windowin the kitchen you get to see the ceiling of the roller rinkdoesn't openno railingthe heating gas stove is on the landingfire means deathcheck the tiresalways be warystay in your the money.I have lived in this apartment for a year trust me soon as I sellI will buy a house without these issuesthen my cats and I will be happierthen mom in Texas will have a bedroom not a closetwhile my half sister with NPD has bedroom.Renting an apartment "Check the tires!"

WeWe is a control mechanisum All the fifty plus years I was mom's companion,friend caretaker we were always Val and IA few short months mom went from ? and I to "We"That's not my mom thats someone telling her over and over "Mom We are doing this or that!"In sisty years of marriage with dadMom never once said "We"Mom always said Lee (dad's name Dr. L.N.Heike) and IWhat changed other then Diana constantly in mom's face.I'm just a student of psychology however this is insane like Sheldon on Big Bang would say"That's crazy on the face of it!"like mom I use to coward from dad and Dianait was a family pass timebully Val make her cryDiana always bullied mom and Ellen and me,Ellen figured out years ago make kissy,kissy with Diana be her palmom after being kicked over and over by Diana then mom becomes a "yes,Ok,whatever sort of person". That's not mom.I use to cry,then I diedNow I fight back with knowledgeresearchPassion!My passion is the freedom of mom back home safe from Diana! Sunday, May 22, 2016,503 amWould you leave your mom in this circumstance?I do not want my mom praying for death mom did that through out dad and mom's marriage.I'm surprised Not that heteralsexual fools imagine they know what it is to be bullied children, or to be gay.

What about the homefront warriors of WWII?

My mom is going onto 88 Nov. 4th of 2016I became her full time care giver Sept. 1st2014.My mom had been harrassed to tears by my older half sister in Granbury,TexasMy mom is as emotional and intelligent as I am.Diana Lee would never leave her family to move back to IowaDiana's course of action was bully mom to TexasFirst it was annual visits so she could make her half gay sister look stupid.Then the visits evolved usually times during testing or examsHer gay sister was in college trying for a better life for mom and herselfDiana the controlling narsissistic socialpath hated that anology a college degree mom no longer having to worry.Diana had to nip it in the bud.That's when Diana decided to harrass mom a warrior a homefront hero of WWII.Seventy times a day Diana called mommom Heike would be between the bathroom and the den and dinggle ling,dingle lingDiana was calling, Again!Diana wanted more me time (That's what the medical term for narcississ mean,me)Diana sent mom a jiggerbug so mom would have an emergency number to callher gay sister was with mom all the time except trips to the groccery storenot once Not once after Diana's altanative to force mom from her home and family in August,2014,this was Diana's literal and physical threat to mom's welfare!"If Val returns to Luther College ,I will come to Waukon, Iowa and place you into a nursing home or force you Marian D Bittenger Heike from your home ,daughters,grandchildren and great grandchildren to live with me (Diana Lee HD)."No one looked into this harrassment neigh bulling of a WWII homefront warriorwasn't a life time of giving up enough?wasn't being a punching bag for Diana's wife beating father enough?my dad was a troubled youth,alcoholic whose weapon was verbal abuse and punching his gay daughter.Then because her elder daughter of her first abuser ,a control freak could not keep her any of her five husband and league of boyfriends all ran screaming into the night. Diana thought force mom to Texas she will not be able to devorce me.Ellen will not do anything to stop her and make Val guilty with lies of abuse no one will hear her when she protests.But Val valued mom more then a good future, or anything she might desirewhen mom stood before Val in tearsAsking her to not return to Luther College.I only have one best friend,one person to lean onmom was leaning on meThat was a bigger honor then standing in my dress uniform after grafduation into theUSARMY in 1978.I think Diana had no idea the love I had for mom.The moment stood still for this poet as mom to her why she made the request.If Val had a vehical that could have got her to Texas Diana would be at the bottom of Bill Ferrings pond right beside the bags of baby puppies he drawned instead of findging them homes. Farmers with hound dogs drawn puppies thinking the having puppies makes a momma dog a better hound dog.I'm Diana Lee's worse nightmare I'm that one daughter that will not go on with her life and simply forget mom.Not once from September to December 3rdid my did my younger sister call the house and say "I'll go groccery shopping for you!"

Where are the poor?

It loath the rederec "We" need to save the middle class!(Whose We!)I want to know "What ever happened to Poor America?" Poor America dream of being wealthy because only then will we be seen.I learn after 56 years of being a good hearted loyal trusting striving for a better life for mom and me had no valueI was an easy mark by the bully of the Heike familySo funny so very funnyDad and mom were always worried that at their deaththe Heike cousins would mow us done because their bulliesmom and dad were wrong the bully in the families DianaDiana makes a Heike cousins look like Saints.Diana makes all dad did to me growing up "Nothing!"

Unshave and wealthy is not handsome

Unshaved doesn't make me thinkboy that fellows cute|Might make me think "That guy on TV must not being paid well!or maybe "Pity that guys not poor,poor teaches stretch what you have!""It's rare a poor man unshaved.Poor unshaved men don't care to emmulate bumbs or derilecksmen wealthy anyone that makes over $10000 a yearfor me is wealthy.

People have no business

Who are those people?These people are the ones that tell me its been enoughmove onwhen even I need a shoulder to lean on there she was my momI never thought I'd feel this deep down emptinessI feel lost and empty all the timeAnnie Lenex singing in concert on P Broadcast Great Performancestill even her voice will not quite my soulpeople who had the love of a partnera companion only they know this deep down abiding lonesomeness yesterday at the food band on Broadway in Decorah Judy was talking about her Chiropractor in WAUKON,IADr. Haag (pronounced Hog) her mom and dad and brother own State farmI simply asked if she had heard me tell what Scott had told me once about my half sister who had ignited fear in the recessess ofour intelligent mom who now sits and waits for death as Diana Lee in Granbury Texas keeps mom Marian Heike from family in Iowa and uses mom's few bucks to keep her homeafter burning mom's home,killing her cat,two years of verbal harrassment on the phonewith seventy phone calls a week,then threats in August 2014 after slandering with maulicemom's Gay caretaker her eldest daughter in her second marriage.You my dear reader , you dare to tell me that my gay poetic heart and soul will evercould ever forget this pain that seared me to the Quick!

Slavery and me

My family were ripped from me with lies of another family memberthe feelings of the American African American slave of over two hundred years ago still vibrant and alive\corsing throughmy veins are anger , painit is intense,mind numming and seems unreachableToday I will reach out with a lawyers hand and graspthe Heike family bully around her neckand try to involke simular pain on the whore whom is my mom's captor!In historic phanatic terms reign Sherman all over her ass!



Is abuseHarrassing on the phone is a Federal CrimeNext area of research that of abuseMom is as if still being abused by her eldest daughterMom for over two years was called and harrassed over and overLiterally 70 times a weekthat's insane!!!!Thats bullying! Keeping me from talking to my mom makes mom a weapon of bulling me.My always always says she is happy for a gift. My sending a special giftand mom not sending a card or calling me tells me I am correct;Diana reads mom's mail.I need assistance correcting what Diana did to me and is doing to mom.

Google GlueUsed on carsallows things and people if hit to stick to carthe theory is that this will allow the car to absorb the force of being struck.The asorbtion will cause less traumainternally to all concerned.

21 year program

In Minnesota Sex offenders are being released the statefound their encarseration unconstiutionalAnd yet in Iowa I was placed on Elder Abuse without any evidenceand my own mother telling that department three times that the accusation was a lie.I will fight this and the bitch and her son that malicously accused me in order to force our mom to Texas when constant harrassing was not getting mom to Texas.

Mory Over fifty years a news manAnnounced his retirement on Sundaydead before Thursdayuse to be men or care taker loose the once cared forits like they can not survive the stress of niot carring die soon after .Once I get working toward my goals again I will never quit till those I love are safely back home and those that harmed us are dead.


Tormented harmed beyound pain

Emotional from tormented and lied about is detramentle to educationFrom Jan 1,2015 - Should never had returned to college classesafter being placed with lies on Elder AbuseEmotional from abuseis also a LD (Learning Disability)

Castle was axed

Next year no CastleWas that because KateQuit!

Conway West

Hell Yes , Ellen!Ellen told Conway his wife thinks he should thinkor maybe it should be edited.He was good to hear until he thought everyone should be ondrugs,Conway believes people are in a Renaissonce Periodpeople change their careers.Smart man I too believe we make differencesConway thinks we as a human raise we need to stop bullying to grow!


Have you had them yet?The shot can only be given before you had them!I take alergy medication after I get it.I have had it 5 times since 2014 summerI believe that stress awakes the dorment virus.The alergy medication makes it lessfirst the rash that burnsthen the water blistersif they pop they heal fasterhowever it will spead that way like posin ivy.

Mom and II and my mom love hard and recall the one we loved through the good times and badMom had Don Bender whom she has been in love withhead over heels for fifty yearsI love momOnly a fool would willingly believe I ever harmed or tormented her.Its that love that makes me stronger then Diana Lee's filthy liesIts that faith that others who read me will see the injustice and evilness of Diana Lees actions.One day I look forward to the advertisement for the comming attractions"Evil comes to town in a small Iowan town."The Heike murder!

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