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Magazine AnalysisReview to KERRANG

KERRANGSo in this I will analysing the - Front Cover- Contents Page- A DPS


FRONT COVERColour/Design So this Kerrang magazine is a limited addition/ special addition as its celebrating the anniversary of You me at six, so the magazine has been focused on so because of this the cover lines have been places a little differently, they go against conventions. The cover lines for these have followed conventions in the way they placed them but they dont really look like cover lines and as a consumer I didnt really think of them as anything just an advertisement, this is my opinion as a magazine the cover lines have followed conventions weirdly. I know I'm just contradicting myself but this magazine is just weird, not bad but weird. I especially like the main image of the band in front of the Masthead(as KERRANG is well known anyway). On this cover there are contrasting colours Like black & orange, yellow & orange and white & black. These grab the readers attention as contrasting colours make the page pop out.

FRONT COVERImage/Model The Model is of the band which the magazine is featuring: You me at six. This image is a long shot so it can fit all members into it, the band members are in front of the masthead, this has been done to emphasise the importance of the band or to celebrate them, this would not be possible if the magazine wasnt popular, however in this case kerrang are a well known brand so people will know what it is without being able to see it completely.

FRONT COVERLanguage The magazine uses two cover mounts, it has free exclusive stickers and a poster special to attract the reader towards the gifts, It has the exclusive stickers cover mount very pronounced, it takes up the top 3rd and Cleary shows it with a explanation point ! to make emphasise the point more(they didnt need it there).

FRONT COVERDistribution Just like Q this magazines publishers are Bauer media group, they distribute within the UK and again I'm unsure if they distribute outside of it.

CONTENTSColour/Design The contents page has the issue number and date of release. It has put the contents into categories, Features, News, Posters, Lives, Reviews and Gigs. Under these there are all the contents of those categories in a list as it describes itself then the folio next to it. It also credits the editor. The colours used are yellow and black which represent warning tape(DO NOT CROSS etc.) which really gives impact to the page. Even though the contents page is very simple it gets to the point nicely and quickly, the design of the page has been done well, I like the actually contents page title contents it style is like it has been drawn on with an upside down cross(anti-Christ), speakers and skulls, this is meant to represent the rock culture which others see is as, for example parents or Christians who will find this disturbing and dark(the devils music) which kerrang are using to reinforce the stereotype.

CONTENTSImage/model The model in this case is of a musician standing in front of a audience who are going wild which fits the kerrang style. This image takes up the left and middle 3rds of the page. Another image is of the editor which is a selfie of him with his friend, which again fits the style and wild, chill Punk style of kerrang.

CONTENTSLanguage It uses very short descriptions of contents and the only real big body of text is a note from the editor. Language wise the contents page isnt really creative, it has been done in a quick fashion really only just to tell the reader of what they are going to be reading(which a contents page should do).

DPSColour/design The dps uses gutters to keep the text smooth and clean as it is a fairly large body of text, it breaks it down making it easy to read it. It has a nice design with the main image in front with the text below it and some other images around the sides. Colour hasnt really got anything to do with this page as all it is, is pictures and text on white background except for the article on the side which is not very bold.

DPSImage/model The is a long shot of the whole band and the side images are of them in a documentary style fashion. They have boarders to make them look like pictures which have been glued onto the page adding to the collage pin board style.

DPSLanguage In the main body of text there is a pull quote and a use of one drop cap, because of this the text is not broken up much making it harder to read, this dps is a carry on from the previous dps so it doesnt start of with a drop cap which makes sense.

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