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  • Students

    But they can`t always spread those seeds......on their own

    They need you and meSend them in the right direction!

    Dont let this happen!

    You the teacher can create the wind!

  • StudentsTeachers

    How can you create more wind?

    With Social NetworksThat is a whole lot of interaction!

    Help your students interact and spread their ideas!

  • StudentsTeachersInteraction

    Learning is truly a powerful thing,

    But it is time to think about how you harness its power.When does it happen best?

  • StudentsTeachersInteractionRedefine

  • RedefinelearningWith elearning!

  • Learning Theories


    And Fight!

    How are they different?

  • BehaviorismBehavior PsychologyNeg. and Pos. reinforcement

    Extrinsic in natureLowest levels of cognition

    This is Behaviorism

    Pretty much the same situation...You better get good grades or ELSE!

    This is Behaviorism disguised as elearning.

    Ring a bell?

    How did a Learning Theory develop out of this?

    We are missing a little aren`t we?I would say so!

  • ConstructivismProblem BasedLearning is social

    Intrinsic in natureHigher levels of cognition

    This is Constructivism

    Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4Define a ProblemProposesolutionsEvaluate InformationSynthesize and form solutionsPBL is too!!!

    Ning is pure Constructivism disguised as a social network.

    Things are starting to shape up!

  • Ning and PaiChai PBLHello Everyone!The following are Korean students, who participated in a Tourism class last semester that utilized Ning as blended learning to execute PBL projects.

  • Testimony 1I learned how to cooperate with my friends and I guess my pronunciation was improved a little, because I recoded my voice many times. One more thing I learned about was many web-sources that helped my English.

  • Testimony 2I learned how to use the online media to make a video, and l learn how studying online can provide project team organization, and I also could practice my English with group partners.

  • Testimony 3The most meaningful thing I learn by doing this project is that I understand every organization has its needs and they must choose the most proper methods depending on their circumstances.

    Hey we might really be on to something here!

  • StudentsTeachersInteractionRedefine

  • InteractionSocial NetworksUsing Ning!

  • Ning for Autonomy!What isSo.....

    ais an online platform for people to create their own social networks and collaboration, geared around specific interests. Every aspect is customizable with their own visual design, choice of features, content and member data.-Wikipedia

    So, It`s not just a social network, anyone can create their content and collaborate?Wow, think of the possibilities!

  • Individual

  • Group

    A Major benefit is that Ning allows you to integrate any Web2.0 software!These are just a few!

  • StudentsTeachersInteractionRedefine

  • TeachersBenefit

    Your students can`t start sharing their ideas without you!

  • ahas also been used by educators to conduct Curriculum Design. Many educators are using Ning for developing educational resources and collaboration.-Wikipedia

    That is great, but what kind of resources can teachers create in Ning?

  • ResourcesWow, think of the possibilities!

  • Testimony 1It's been a great privilege and pleasure to present Ning to students, and to represent educators in Ning. The build-your-own-social-network model has opened many doors to thinking about professional development and classroom work in the context of social media. I want to say it's been historic. -Steve Hardon (UCLA)

  • Testimony 2It is so cool! Just click 'create your own network' and play! You can also choose to create a private network. Feedback from my students using Moodle this year was that it did a good job, but it was confusing. Resources in Ning are easy to produce and students interact well across many of my classes. -Pete Witfield (UK high school)

  • StudentsTeachersInteractionRedefine

  • BenefitStudents

    So do students really benefit from all of this?


    Ben Nesbit and myself did a little research about this.Hey Ben!Hey Jesse!

  • Findings 1

    Students felt that they were more motivated with the inclusion of PBL and Ning.

    Students enjoyed working in groups and favored social interaction for SLA.Students participation was directly related to their feelings about their skills.

  • Students' feelings about their perceived abilities changed with the application of PBL and Ning.Students' gained more confidence when they worked in a collaboration using Ning.Students enjoyed working in an online learning environment.

    Findings 2

    Does that sound like something you would want for your students?

  • StudentsTeachersInteractionRedefine

  • Conclusion

    Eventually your school will have to integrate technology into the classroom.

    And there are currently 4 options available for you.

  • Ning SNS1$0 no hidden costsTeachers can execute PBL

    Extensible with Web2.0 toolsConstruct and Collaborate

  • Open Source (Moodle)2$0, but a lot of hidden costUI is slow and archaic

    Student creation is limitedStudents can collaborate

  • Customized eLearning3$20,000 - $50,000 Equivalent to Ning

    Future Costs to updateStudents can collaborate

  • Do NothingOR

    Only you can make the choice.

  • Time is of the essence

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