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Le Groupe Mercure

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Since 1936, the experts of the Groupe Mercure offer to real estate clients a complete selection of character properties throughout France.

The GroupThe 20 Mercure offices are run by men and women of quality, with a perfect knowledge of the local real estate market, each bringing their knowledge in various domains such as agriculture, land, forestry or law. Each agency have experts to determine the fair price of a property.

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The Mercure Commitment

Experience• Established in 1936• An enviable reputation built on years of experience• 4000 of the most prestigious properties sold in the last 30 years• A customer base in excess of 40,000 people

Expertise• Experts in residential property, land and farmland• In depth understanding of market trends and current values• A network of offices throughout France, 20 regions and 90 departments• An international presence

Exclusive• Mercure properties are very carefully selected for their location, character and price• Personalised advertising program• Mercure believes in the safeguarding of our heritage and can provide access to dedicated and traditional craftsmen• Since 2003 Annual Mercure award, for privately owned renovation projects

Excellence• Understanding expectations• Personnel guidance of Mercure client throughout the transaction• Discreet and confidential• Teams and dedicated services for our international clients

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Our values

In addition to the values of trust, respect for tradition, honesty and professionalism that characterize all areas of the Groupe Mercure, Mercure has always endeavored to make the protection and safeguarding of the heritage a key issue. Driven by a passion for the French historical and architectural heritage, not only for the castles and their history, but including mansions and their character or the charm of a farmhouse, a mill, or a large house, the Groupe Mercure is a patron since 2003 to private owners, giving the GROUPE MERCURE – V.M.F. (Vieilles Maisons Françaises- Old French Houses) prize which recognizes and awards the successful restoration of a character property. In accordance to the above and with 75 years experience, 11 years of patronage and customer demand, the Mercure Groupe has published the «Guide for the Preservation of French Architectural Heritage», allowing each owner to be accompanied in the renovation and maintenance of their property in order to give more value to the family property in compliance to the rules of French architecture.

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From the charming house at €200,000 to a castle of 30 million euro’s, through rural properties, to urban and contemporary prestigious real estate......more than 3000 properties of character, authentic or luxurious for sale throughout France, including 600 castles, allowing all lovers of beautiful stonework and restoration to perpetuate our unique architectural heritage.

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A family story

MERCURE was bought in 1980 by Pierre Chassaigne, as Chairman he has continued to develop over the years and opportunities. It’s today a unique and reputed real estate group existing with 20 regional offices located throughout France.

The development of the Groupe Mercure has always been in a «family spirit»: a familiar and friendly environment guided by values of trust, respect for tradition, honesty and professionalism, in a clearly defined legal framework.

It is also a story of passion in continuity.In the image of history of property where each generation strives to perpetuate a unique heritage yet allowing growth and evolution, Pierre Chassaigne appoints in April 2010 his daughter Anne de la Sauzay, previously Director of Mercure Midi-Pyrénées, to the position of Managing Director of the Group with Pierre Chassaigne remaining President.

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MERCURE PARIS - ILE DE FRANCECharles DAIREAUX14 bis, avenue Bosquet - 75007 PARIS+ 33 (0)1 47 53 97 00 - [email protected]

MERCURE PICARDIEGuillain de FRANCE+33 (0)3 44 42 11 [email protected]

MERCURE CHAMPAGNE ARDENNEFrancis CAPELLE, Expert Immobilier+33 (0)3 23 22 10 40 [email protected]

MERCURE RHONE ALPESPhilippe MAZET, Expert Immobilier et Nicolas DEVIC32, rue Auguste Comte - 69002 LYON+33 (0)4 78 42 94 92 - [email protected]

MERCURE COTE D’OPALE - NORD- PAS DE CALAISEric de LA SERRE+33(0)3 22 29 98 72 [email protected]

MERCURE BOURGOGNE - FRANCHE COMTEEric LOUVET, Expert Immobilier27, rue Auguste Comte - 21000 DIJON+33(0)3 80 34 02 00 - [email protected]

MERCURE BRETAGNE Anne-Marie NORDVIKStéphane PECOT (dépt 29)+33 (0)2 99 76 78 35 - [email protected]

MERCURE LIMOUSINSylvie ROZETTE - +33(0)6 25 35 44 36Frédéric PIERRE - +33 (0)6 36 82 11 [email protected]

MERCURE POITOU - CHARENTES - VENDEEMichel ROBELIN et Xavier ROBELIN, Experts Immobiliers18, rue Carnot - 86000 POITIERS+33 (0)5 49 60 27 00 - [email protected]

MERCURE NORMANDIEBasse-Normandie : Marie-Laure ABELLARDHaute-Normandie : Jean de SINCAY+33 (0)2 32 43 16 86 - [email protected]

MERCURE AUVERGNE - BOURBONNAISPierre CHASSAIGNE, Expert ImmobilierLe Cheix - 63160 NEUVILLE+ 33 (0)4 73 78 80 01 - [email protected]

MERCURE EN PROVENCEJacques HERTZOG1745, chemin de Maliverny - 13540 PUYRICARD+33 (0)4 42 63 31 19 - [email protected]

MERCURE BORDEAUX - AQUITAINEPierre de LUZAN10, cours de Verdun - 33 000 BORDEAUX + 33 (0)5 56 52 00 78 - [email protected]

MERCURE MIDI-PYRENEES - PERIGORDThierry de LA SAUZAY9, Place Wilson - 31000 TOULOUSE+ 33 (0)5 61 21 52 01 - [email protected]

MERCURE TOULOUSEAnne de LA SAUZAY, Expert Immobilier44, boulevard Carnot - 31000 TOULOUSE+33 (0)5 34 417 427 - [email protected]

MERCURE COTE D’AZURMeta LOOIJ06400 CANNES - +33(0)6 15 52 14 61 [email protected]

MERCURE LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON Hugues GIRAUD+33 (0)6 07 75 50 [email protected]

MERCURE MARRAKECHYves MENUTEAU18, rue Kady Ayyad -Guéliz- 44000 MARRAKECH+00 212 661 24 24 24 - [email protected]


+ 33 (0) 950 340 452 - [email protected]

Regional offices throughout France

MERCURE PAYS DE LA LOIREGwénola VEILLET-LAVALLEE - +33 (0)6 81 00 67 21Christine de MAYNARD - +33 (0)6 22 62 21 48Max HALFORD-THOMPSON - +33 (0)6 31 55 71 [email protected]

MERCURE CENTRE LOIRE+33 (01) 47 05 51 [email protected]

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An international group

Because the world is changing and customers evolve, the Groupe Mercure adapts to the profile of new buyers.To respond to a growing international demand, development has been made in the form of an agency Mercure in Marrakech and the support of many correspondents around the world: United States, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Russia, and also in South America, China, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia.

In order to meet a growing international demand of buyers attracted to living in France and to buying a property in our country, GROUPE MERCURE has just joined the international network Mayfair Realty, with opening an office in London.Mayfair International network represents over 300 prestigious agencies over the world.

The GROUPE MERCURE in France has surrounded itself with a team of employees dedicated to foreign customers in an aim to respond to this demand with a tailored service in languages, thorough knowledge of the law, to accompany and guide clients in their sale or purchase and renovation project, and all this with no additional cost for the client.

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The international teamWith this team, our international clients benefit from customized services replying to their expectations:

• Personalized support: the client is monitored and guided throughout the transactionby a single member of the team coordinating within the Groupe and dealing in his native language, understanding the clients expectations, habits and way of life.

• This approach facilitates the confidentiality and discretion throughout all stages of the sale.• In order to find the property that exactly matches the needs of its customers, the International team benefits from the resources of the Groupe

Mercure, 20 offices throughout France, a selection of over 3000 prestigious and character properties chosen by our experts.• Our teams have been able to build a relationship and partnership network with many professionals (lawyers, notaries, accountants, insurers,

private bankers ...) and associations such as “La Demeure Historique” and the “Vieilles Maisons Francaises” (Old French Houses), or the French Heritage Society, which allows us to develop a broader and more comprehensive search of properties for sale through search warrants. Our goal is the total satisfaction of our customers.

• This service from GROUPE MERCURE is not only during the transaction period , but also after the sale: for example, we can put you in touch with tax attorneys or solicitors who speaks your language, and we can also inform you of trustful craftsmen to renovate your property ...

Anne-Marie NordvikResponsable des ventes NorvègeNorway [email protected]+33 6 51 26 50 93

Meta LooijResponsable des ventes Pays BasNederland [email protected]+33 6 15 52 14 61

Shasha LiuResponsable des ventes ChineChina [email protected]+33 6 82 39 99 61

Terence AlldrittResponsable des ventes UK-USA-Canada-Pays anglophonesRepresentative for English speaking [email protected]+33 6 71 94 66 46

Irina MilyukhinaResponsable des ventes Russie et Europe de l’EstSales Director Russia and Eastern [email protected]+33 6 47 51 41 96

Loudmila DelidovaResponsable des ventes Russie et Europe de l’EstSales Director Russia and Eastern [email protected]+ 33 6 73 97 40 07

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The Press writes about the GROUPE MERCUREThe group’s activity and development are often referred to by the French and International press, in newspapers and magazines such as:

Le Figaro

Propriétés de France

Belles Demeures

Le Nouvel Observateur

Le Nouvel Economiste

Les Vieilles Maisons Françaises

La Demeure Historique

The New York Times

Financial Times

Daily Mail



China Real Estate Magazine


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