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Page 1: Myst Creatures

Scary’s habitat is in the rocks of Myst. It eats spiders, beetles, ants and rocks.

By: Antonio

Page 2: Myst Creatures

Munria’s habitat is the desert of Tomahna. It eats lizards, chameleons and scorpions.

By: Pearl

Page 3: Myst Creatures

Jossie Jane’s habitat is the forest. It eats insects and grass.

By: Marielle

Page 4: Myst Creatures

James’ habitat is the forest. He eats leaves and other creatures.

By: Chelsea

Page 5: Myst Creatures

The Horned Sand Snake’s habitat is the hot and dry desert. He eats lizards, scorpions and spiders. His

scales and horns help him to attract prey in the sand.

By: Joseph

Page 6: Myst Creatures

Snake-Head’s habitat is the desert. It eats cacti, lizards, scorpions, spiders and snakes without horns.

By: Alfie

Page 7: Myst Creatures

Rocky’s habitats is the rocks of Myst. It eats small animals and rocks.

By: Nathan

Page 8: Myst Creatures

Pola-grom-a-dom’s habitat is the sea surrounding Saavedro’s island. It eats fish, sharks and most sea

creatures. Sometimes boats and humans!

By: Anna

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