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  • 1. Web 2.0 Europe BerlinTariq Krim, CEO

2. About Netvibes 3. Netvibes pioneered the personalized page 2 years of operations Leading personalization platform operating+ unique personalized pages. 100,000 widgets created by 1000 developer15,000 members and key widgets publisher 1000+ brands and medias have produced newidgets and universess Translated in 76 languages providing widgecontent for 69 countries. 4. widgets Most key web services available as widgets on netvibes 5. Enabling publishers to express themselves in a widget world 6. The best widget catalog is available for netvibes and use UWA: slirockyou, clearspring, yourminis, newsgator, 7. Enabling everyone to jump into the widget world 8. Mobile and iphone support 9. vibes Universes enable widget distribution from leading brandmajor media properties around the world 10. Netvibes widget gallery (a.k.a. Ecosystem) features all international widgets and content portfolio 11. Whats next ? 12. Social widgets Integrate the Social APIs natively in widgets 13. Ginger preview 14. Thank you

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