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  • 7/23/2019 Press Kit LPAA



    The increasing number of violent natural disasters shows that preserving our planet is a vital issue, already

    now. The urgency to act requests that the Paris Conference be a turning-point. But to preserve the planet, we

    need collective action. This is the obective of the !ima-Paris "ction "genda #!P""$ that we decided with our

    Peruvian and %& friends during C'P2(.

    The !P"" is the fourth pillar of the )Paris Climate "lliance*, together with a legal universal agreement, intended

    nationally determined contributions #+&Cs$ from states, and finance and technology.

    The idea behind the !P"" is simple the commitment of governments is ey to fight climate change, but they

    cannot be the only ones to tae action. The private sector, local governments, investors, &/'s, citi0ens,

    everyone must oin their efforts in the same direction. To deeply transform our economic models and societies,

    we not only need universal awareness, but also universal mobili0ation. +t is the responsibility of political leaders

    to create the legal framewor to fight climate change, but the whole society will be in charge of designing new

    models, inventing innovative and clean technologies, creating new ways of living together.

    The 12 !P"" thematic events that will tae place in !e Bourget aim to show this on-going collective dynamic

    and accelerate it. The principle of solidarity was reinforced by this negotiation. ith the !ima-Paris "ction

    "genda, we are proposing a new way of sharing ideas, solutions and tools using the lessons learnt from

    e3perience to help those who are getting started, scaling-up the solutions that have proven efficient.

    The cooperation between countries and other actors must be reinforced. + am deeply convinced that C'P21 is

    a step further in this direction. The recognition of the role of non-state actors is growing within the formal

    process, and we can only welcome this evolution. e need to amplify the movement continuously. e need to

    reinforce the outlines of a broader and transparent governance of the !PP", to which civil society should be

    associated. +t is the responsibility of the 4rench Presidency of C'P21 during 2(15, as well as the responsibility

    of incoming presidencies.

    e must all tae immediately concrete action, individually and collectively to build a low-carbon and resilient

    economy in the long-term. C'P21 is not an end, it is a start.

    Laurent FABIUS

    6inister of 4oreign "ffairsand +nternational evelopment

  • 7/23/2019 Press Kit LPAA



    The goal of the %nited &ations 4ramewor Convention on Climate Change is )the stabili0ation of greenhouse

    gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with

    the climate system.*

    The Convention, and the agreement that will be reached in Paris at C'P21, are agreements between countries.

    But it will require all of society, including local and national governments, the private sector and civil society, to

    tae the actions needed to reduce emissions and build resilience to the impacts of climate change.

    " global climate agreement is essential. +t will send a signal to citi0ens, marets and the private sector that

    investing in climate action is a smart and essential move. 6any businesses already understand this message

    and are rapidly moving to reduce their emissions and to decarboni0e their operations. "long the way, they are

    also reali0ing that taing climate action is good for their bottom line.

    !ast year, + hosted a Climate 8ummit in &ew 9or to promote the twin goals of raising ambition for a

    meaningful, universal agreement and to mobili0e climate action by governments, business and civil society. The

    result was a host of new initiatives by coalitions of organi0ations and businesses that had not been particularly

    active in addressing climate change before.

    "t the Climate 8ummit, we heard pledges from the financial sector to decarboni0e assets of more than %8:2((

    billion, initiatives to build green energy grids in "frica, and the commitment of a Compact of 6ayors to build

    more liveable, climate resilient cities. The &ew 9or eclaration on 4orests ; a pledge to reduce deforestation

    by half by 2(2( and strive to end it by 2(7( ; was signed by representatives of business and civil society, and

    new initiatives were launched to reduce emissions and build climate resilience in agriculture and transport.

    The pace of climate action is accelerating as more people, businesses, communities and governments are

    seeing and feeling the impacts of climate change. 6ore people are recogni0ing that taing climate action is an

    opportunity to do things better ; to renovate, reuvenate and innovate as they move toward a low-carbon


    To maintain and accelerate the momentum, the !ima to Paris "ction "genda was established at the 2(1< !imaClimate Conference. +n Paris, many more commitments will be made through this framewor, demonstrating to

    the world that the future lies in decisive climate action.

    The climate action agenda will have impacts beyond climate change. +t is integral to the achievement of the

    8ustainable evelopment /oals that were unanimously adopted by world leaders in 8eptember. "ction on

    climate change will help us achieve these /oals, which will help us end poverty, build stronger economies and

    safer, healthier, and more liveable societies everywhere.

    + count on governments, businesses and citi0ens everywhere to wor for a low-carbon, sustainable future.

    Ban Ki Moon

    8ecretary-/eneral of the %nited &ations

  • 7/23/2019 Press Kit LPAA


    s best interest to do so. The !P"" events at C'P 21 will showcase action

    already underway, deliver new, forward-looing announcements and spur more action into the future by these

    ey staeholders while also inecting crucial confidence in the climate tals in this historic moment.

    Christiana FIGUERES

    ?3ecutive secretary of the %& 4ramewor

    Convention on Climate Change


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    The !ima-Paris "ction "genda is an opportunity of engagement to mobili0e action and an opportunity to show

    our climate responsibility.

    +t>s a platform to articulate and connect what people, communities, cities, companies, indigenous peoples, civil

    society and the business sector are doing. " platform to articulate and multiply the effects of our actions and

    cooperative initiatives.

    !P"" opened a dialogue that has transformed our regular behavior in the past. e used to focus on climate

    discussions among state actors, but with the !P"" we are promoting dialogues between state and non-state


    e have increased the scope of awarenessA we are raising and giving more relevance to issues that used to be

    behind the scenes. Through the !P"", we are opening discussions on issues such as forest, resilience,

    sustainable cities, oceans and energy, among others. +t is a way to raise the relevance of those topics,

    cataly0ing those agendas forward in an articulated manner.

    +t>s built on legitimacy. eparting from the positive outcomes of the Climate 8ummit in &9C in 8eptember 2(1

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    CoP21 stands out as a conference involving all actors of civil society. They will present and implement, starting

    now, concrete solutions for the climate. ith this action agenda, traditional institutional framewors are being

    reinvented to mae sure that all state and non-state actors are involved. C'P21 concerns us all - cities, rural

    areas, businesses, investors, researchers and of course &/'s and citi0ens, to build a low-carbon society that

    meets the climate challenge while creating green growth and well-being, as e3emplified by the 4rench law on

    the energy transition.

    uring C'P21, from ecember 1st to ecember Dth 2(1@ at !e Bourget, 12 thematic meetings will build upon

    the !ima-Paris "ction "genda #!P""$, a oint undertaing of the Peruvian and 4rench CoP presidencies, the

    8ecretary /eneral of the %nited &ations and the %nited &ations 4ramewor Convention on Climate Change

    8ecretariat. This series of events will culminate on ecember @th with the "ction ay, which will showcase

    solutions for a transition towards resilient economies, compatible with a carbon neutral world before the end

    of the century.

    e are now set on a path of irreversible transition. !et>s sei0e the opportunitiesE

    S!ol"ne RO#AL

    6inister of ?cology,8ustainable evelopment and ?nergy

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  • 7/23/2019 Press Kit LPAA



    KE# DATA

    $% lar!e &ulti sta'ehol(ers )oo*erati+e initiati+es ,or )li&ate a)tion-

    .orl(.i(e, covering ey impact areas

    resilience #11 initiatives$,

    less polluting transportation #11$,

    renewable development #F$,

    increasing energy efficiency #D$,

    forest protection #5$,

    subnationals local action #5$,

    business and innovation #G$,

    agriculture #@$,

    financial mobilisation #@$,

    climate friendly building #7$,

    short term pollutants #

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    2(1@ is a pivotal year for climate change. 4rance will be hosting and chairing the 21st


    of the Parties #C'P 21$ %nited &ations climate change Conference in Paris, from &ovember


    to ecember 11th

    . "t C'P 21, governments are due to reach a new international climate

    agreement to eep global temperatures from rising beyond 1.@H2HC before the end of the

    century. To a)hie+e this !oal re;uires a trul< !lo6al res*onse ,ro& all !o+ern&ents- )ities-

    6usinesses- in+estors an( )i+il so)iet

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    These actions tae two forms in(i+i(ual )o&&it&ents ; from cities, investors, and

    companies and others, which concern their own sphere of action and direct responsibility,and 6roa( international )oo*erati+e initiati+es that gather various actors around a common

    goal, to see and deploy ey solutions against climate disturbances, whether they are

    financial, technological or political. These broad !P"" initiatives have a real transformational

    potential as they help change actors> practices and align crucial partners on strategic climate

    and development goals. ?a)h )oo*erati+e initiati+e is uni;ue, and draws on specific levers

    to address the various challenges illustrated below.

    < e3amples

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    To accelerate the wave of commitments, the !P"" partners have wored with non-state

    actors> networs, multilateral and international organi0ations, individual non-state actors

    and governments. The overarching aim was to encourage mobili0ation and commitments in

    ey sectors to reduce /I/ emissions and improve ecosystems and population resilience.

    ?vents such as the Business 8ummit in Paris, the Climate and Territories orld 8ummit in

    !yon, the 8tocholm Conference on ater, the Cool ?arth 8ummit in Japan and the

    conferences on ?nergy in "bu habi, Kienna, Cape Town, have all enabled throughout 2(1@

    a mobili0ation and the emergence of coalitions. !iewise, the Technical ?3pert 6eeting, and

    e3perts worshops on sectorial issues organi0ed by the %&4CCC identified the specific needsof countries, especially developing countries. The !P"" has built on this momentum and has

    stimulated their transformation into concrete actions more than G( cooperative initiatives

    and up to 1(.((( individual commitments will be presented through 12L1 !P"" events

    during the C'P

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    The coalitions announced during the &ew 9or 8ummit in 8eptember 2(1< have shown their

    capacity to deliver ; and many are, one year thereafter, more robust and better structured.6ost of them are already delivering results on the ground.

    The Ne. #or' De)laration on Forests has !athere( &ore than /$0 si!natories @State-

    in(i!enous )o&&unities- &ultinationals- NGOs- re!ions. Through the four associated

    initiatives, these signatories now e3clude deforestation from their supply chain #Remove

    Commodity-driven Deforestation or Zero Deforestation Commitments$ or contribute to the

    restoration of million hectares of forests #Landscape Restoration Initiative$

    The )oalitions ,or rene.a6le ener!< are !! ,aster an( stron!er. 6ore and more small

    islands aim at reaching energy autonomy #SIDS initiative$A the African Corridor for Clean

    Energywill present its first proects open to financing and will be duplicated in est "fricaAthe Global Geothermal AllianceMs goal of multiplying by five the geothermal capacity by 2(7(

    has received many important signs of support since &ew 9or, and the initiative will be

    launched in ParisA the coalition N?1((N has more than doubled the number of companies

    committed to restrict their electric energy supply to renewable energy.

    Ener!< e,,i)ien)< has e&er!e( as the *rin)i*al *otential sour)e o, e&ission re(u)tions?

    Enlightenand the Global Lighting Challengeof the Clean ?nergy 6inisterial bring together

    countries committed to phasing out filament lamps out and accelerating the diffusion of

    ?!. o0ens of governments #against 2@ in 2(1

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    The (e)isi+e le+el o, )ities an( re!ions- 'e< a)tors o, the transition. !ocal authorities have

    strongly increased their involvement within the "ction "genda #over 5,((( communities,including 2,2@@ already registered on &"=C"$, particularly during the !yon 8ummit in July

    2(1@. This dynamic is gradually reaching all continents.

    Cities committing for Climate "ction on &"=" Portal #httpclimateaction.unfccc.intcities$

    Both individually and through their networs, subnationals now deploy several levels of

    commitments 2HC traectories #%nder & "'%$ or neutrality in 2(@( #Compact of Regions, (e)trality

    Alliance$, adoption of quantified targets #Compact of "ayors$ coupled with specific action plans

    #5,((( of the Covenant of 6ayors$. Coalitions also act directly on the tools and methods local energy

    systems, clean buses...

    The )o&&it&ent o, )o&*anies is 6oth &assi+e an( (i,,erentiate(. Net.or'sare mobili0ing

    their members around the world and individual commitments are being made #more than

    2((( on &a0ca, 2@O of the largest multinational companies$, large collective commitmentsare being announced, and the a(o*tion o, ne. *ra)ti)es is supported by dedicated

    coalitions. 4or instance, on the internal price of carbon #several hundred companies$ the

    commitment to lead a responsible climate policy, the commitment to define C8 strategies

    based on science and the 2HC goal, the increase in budgets, transparent reporting, the

    substitution of pollutants, etc.

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    1s world. Bet.een De)e&6er /


    an( De)e&6er1th

    , /8 The&ati) Fo)useswill tae place in the official negotiations 0one, tacling each of the

    !P"">s main action areas. These events will all be supported by an accompanying *ress

    )on,eren)e lo)ate( in Press Con,eren)e Roo& / in the Me(ia Center . The sequence will

    culminate with the "ction ay on ecember @th

    , which responds to the !ima decision,

    inviting the incoming presidencies of the C'P to convene a high-level event on Climate


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    The Lima-Paris Action Agenda @LPAA re*resents an inno+ation. +n the history of climatenegotiations and the fight against climate change, Parties to the %& Convention officially

    decided for the first time, in !ima, in ecember 2(1

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