Prior Lake High School MTB Team Agenda: Background on existing Prior Lake High School / Middle School MTB Team Background on existing MN High School Cycling League and National Interscholastic Cycling League (NICA), which oversee the High School MTB racing Proposed Structure for P.L.A.Y. / Prior Lake High School MTB Team collaboration 2 4 Prior Lake High School MTB Team Prior Lake has had a High School MTB team since 2012 League opened up MTB racing to Middle Schoolers in 2014/15 The Prior Lake MTB Team would like to explore partnership with P.L.A.Y. to bring Mountain Bike skills and racing options to 3 rd 6 th graders in Prior Lake community Provide more options for community youth Reach a new segment of youth that may not have previously participated in P.L.A.Y or Community Sports programs Build skills and promote healthy life-style with youth 4 This is High School Mountain Biking! Single Track High Movie NICA Video: NICA VideoNICA Video Prior Lake WCCO Interview: WCCO TV Children of the Dirt video: Children of the Dirt video Minnesota High School Cycling League MN League Debut Season 2012 160 student athlete racers; 15 teams Expanded to 24 teams in 2013 40+ teams in 2014 with 500+ athletes from across the state 50+ teams in 2015 with 750+ athletes from across the state I cant tell you how happy we are with this league. Weve tried so many things with our son that never fit. He loves this and now rides his bike every day. He cant wait for the races. We bought mountain bikes, too! 5 MN High School Cycling League Minnesota High School Cycling League (MN League) a statewide organization operating under the governance of the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) The League provides support and structure for high school cross-country mountain biking. NICA based in Berkeley, CA and covers 15 other states and has a vision to be nationwide by The League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. The League is a self-governing, self-funded, and self supported program that partners with high schools. 6 NICAs Five Core Principles NICA is built on youth development principles that are the foundation of a movement thats fun, exciting, relevant and enriching to high school student-athletes. Specifically, NICAs five core principles are: 1.Inclusive 2.Equality 3.Strong body 4.Strong mind 5.Strong character 7 Kids find mountain biking to be fun, social, and builds their self-esteem and confidence Prior Lake Team Philosophy #1 Goal of the program is to provide a fun, safe environment for kids to learn skills and challenge themselves to improve. Develop life-long skills, learn healthy life-style habits and hopefully spark a passion for the sport We will provide support and development for those athletes that are motivated to excel and compete at a high level; we will provide a safe, fun environment for those that want to learn/ride at their own pace. Comp, Sport and Club practice levels based on athletes objectives. Athletes will get out of the program what they put into itcoaches will support them in this pursuit 8 Proposed P.L.A.Y. D Team Leverage certified PLHS MTB Coaches/Ride Leaders and Athletes to support development of youth mountain bikers during the high school pre-season (Early Spring through June 30) Provide leadership opportunities for our High School athletes, under the guidance of MN Cycling League coaches/ride leaders Utilize existing NICA and MN Cycling League skills and developmental coaching guidelines, best practices and skills development for P.L.A.Y. Utilize existing infrastructure already in place with P.L.A.Y. to support Youth MTB team Registration, Insurance, Board Oversight Leverage Minnesota Mountain Bike Race series Kids Comp category races to provide youth actual race opportunities ( This would be optional / outside the scope of P.L.A.Y or Prior Lake High School MTB Team. 9 Proposed Season Timeline Spring P.L.A.Y. D Team registration Feb - Apr Skills and Developmental practice sessions 1- 2x / week utilizing public trails (Murphy Hannrehan, Buck Hill, Terrace Oaks, etc.) April June 30 Optional Participation in MNMTB Series races May June (w/option to continue on their own for remainder of races in summer/fall) Summer PLMTB High School/MS Official practice begins July 1 Fall PLMTB High School 5 Race Schedule Sept - Oct 10 4 Equipment Requirements Required: Bike must be geared Mountain bike durable enough for off-road trails (20, 26 or 29" wheels). Road, BMX, Cyclo-cross, hybrid bikes would not be appropriate. Suspension is not necessary. Bicycle Helmet good shape and properly fitting Water bottle or Camelback Optional, but suggested: Gloves Eye Protection (sunglasses) Padded biking shorts Uniforms: Not required.could get by with T-shirts Possible option to leverage same supplier of Bike Jerseys as used for High School athletes Fees / Costs 12 Student Athletes: $XX? - P.L.A.Y. Registration / Insurance fee - TBD Optionally a nominal Team Fee to cover misc. expenses such as spare tubes for flats, T-shirts or Jerseys Race fees ($10-$20/race) would be paid directly to MN MTB Series in advance of each race or day of race. These would be purely optional / outside of scope of P.L.A.Y. or PL MTB Team Thank You! Contact Info Minnesota League DIrector Josh KleveMN League Coaching Coordinator Bruce Martens Prior Lake HS MTB Coaches: Mike Binkowski Head Coach Bill Dietrich Assistant Coach Todd Cravens Assistant Coach John Sandberg Assistant Coach Gary Smith Assistant Coach Mack McDonald Assistant Coach 13

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