• 1. REVERSEENGINEERING! By: Kevin Kubis and Olivia FoyL3 Project

2. SOLUTION 3. Parts left the Same Brown Backing White Outlets Fixtures Improved PartsStructure for outlet holesBrown Backing AssemblyStorage Devices 4. Changes in Design Allowed for 14 more outlets by using acheckerboard pattern rather than horizontal andvertical pattern Slots in the frame to allow the brown backing toslide in rather than screw in Pegs and holes in the frame so that many testingdevices can stack on top of one another forstorage use Make the frame out of fiberglass to make it verylightweight and it still withstands temperatures -200 degrees F to 800 degrees F 5. Conclusion We were able to make out design have moreoutlets with the same dimensions for theframe, make our design easily withstand thechanging temperatures, and make it a lotmore lightweight 6. Team Norms Kevin Kubis & Olivia Foy1. Everyone in the group will accept each others ideas.2. Everyone will participate and play a large role in the outcome of the product.3. Everyone will complete their assigned components of the project.4. There will be no fighting between members5. We will communicate fluently6. Work will be split up evenly 7. 21 Parts List ITEM QTY PART NUMBER MATERIAL VOLUME MASS 1 1brown boardPhenolic 19.125 0.953 2in^3lbmass 2 1boardfiberglass 141.591 0.164in^3lbmassB 1 B1 12 2A ASTUDENT NAME DRAWING NAMEDATE kubis7124 Assembly.iam 5/17/2011TEACHER NAME SCALE MATERIALCLASS & PERIODWEDOFF .09:1carbon fiber and T-202-03plastic 2 1 8. 2 1BBAASTUDENT NAME DRAWING NAME DATE kubis7124Assembly.iam 5/17/2011TEACHER NAME SCALEMATERIALCLASS & PERIODWEDOFF.14:1plastic and carbon T-202-03 fiber 21 9. 21 4.00BB.5015.5016.00 .502.50 .50.50 2.00 .45 .62.20 1.13 .75 18.50 19.00AA .35.25STUDENT NAMEDRAWING NAMEDATE kubis7124board.ipt5/11/2011TEACHER NAMESCALE MATERIALCLASS & PERIODWEDOFF 0.14:1 carbon fiber andT-202-03plastic 2 1 10. 21 .08BB15.00 17.00AASTUDENT NAME DRAWING NAME DATE kubis7124 brown board.ipt 5/16/2011TEACHER NAME SCALEMATERIALCLASS & PERIODWEDOFF0.16:1plastic T-202-03 21

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