The Reasons why backgammon is the great game

The Reasons why backgammon is the great gameBy Mochy

the oldest game

Senet - Predecessor of Backgammon found in the tomb of Tutankhamun in BC3100.

5000 years of history

Go 2000 years

Chess 1500 years

Video Games 60 years

Position from published 1679

Still correct today.

One more position

Correct Again!

So people from 340 years ago already discussed the interesting positions and wanted to share their knowledge in the book. Isnt it amazing?

300 million playing

Chess: 600 Million

Go: 50 Million

Pokemon: 10 Million (and counting)

Unite the world

In Backgammon World, we see so many different Countries and races AgesReligions

Yet everybody has a room.

Masayuki Mochizuki (MM) - how many countries do we see in Monte Carlo?Masayuki Mochizuki (MM) - My son, 4 years old, already plays bearoff backgammon. My mom over 6x years old, still plays backgammon ace over the mid night.

Razi Bobrov

Living in Israel

Serious Jewish

Very calm and quiet

Cant play on Saturday because of Jewish sabbath

came to Japan Open 15

I invited him to come to Japan Open as it starts from Saturday evening to Monday.(Monday is Japans national holiday)

It is one of the rare tournaments which starts on Saturday and ends on Monday. Razi can play it because Sabbath ends by the sunset of Saturday exactly the starting time of Japan Open.

He came, he played and he won!

We can get unite through backgammon overcoming the difference of religion, sex, age and race.

Yan Kit ChanBlind

Member of National UK team

Traveling all over the world

There is no barrier in enjoying backgammon!

Very deep Game

Number of possible positions = 10^19

Ex. 10^21 = Grains of sand:All the world's beaches combined

Number of positions after the 3rd roll of the game = 6,615

Number of positions after the 4th roll of the game = 138,915

Masayuki Mochizuki (MM) - assuming both plays the best play.Masayuki Mochizuki (MM) - it would be very rare to see the exact same 3rd roll position in the same tournament.Masayuki Mochizuki (MM) - It would be nearly impossible to see the same 4th roll positions.Bot didnt solve the game

Computer software (aka bot) is very strong yet hasnt solve the game. It is not even close.

Bot helps human to understand and enjoy the game. eXtreme Gammon and BackgammonAce are examples.

Bot has a huge hole in its backgame evaluation.

Shahab clashed BotIn 2011 Shahab beat bot for money.

He played 10,000DMP matches and won between 54%-55%. Made a couple of 10,000 euro.He is a specialist in Backgame and exploit the weakness.

Unique Equipment

Very simple contents yet provide all the complexity.

Endless choice of Colors, Materials, Sizes and Price.

Playing on the nice one is part of the joy.We love BackGammon Board

Board was sacred in ancient Japan

1300 years ago, when a noble woman give a birth, two shaman play backgammon in the next room.

People regarded the board as sacred items.

2 dice = Sun and Moon4 quadrant = Seasons12 points = months30 checkers = days of the month

Change your life

Backgammon can change your life

Especially for young it is dangerous

Meeting a new people always gives another perspective to the world

It changed my lifeAfter I graduated from a high school I wanted something different other than ordinary route but I didnt know what it is.I found the game and hooked up. Played 10 hours a day. A few years later I decided to go to USA to meet stronger players.Slowly I became better and build up the carrier. In 2009 I won the world championship.

BG changes many LivesTobias Hellwag (Germany) Life time professionals travelling all over the world searching for the action. Akiko Yazawa (Japan) She overcome the cancer and won the most prestigious title World Champion in 2014.Matvey Natanzon (US/Israel) Used to eat only falafel and sleep on the bench in the park but became legend after he took up the game.Franois Tardieu (France) Three times European champion with very low error rate. He inspired many people including me.

Lots of Fun

The game is just so much fun. It is the biggest reason.

Fast & ExcitingLots of turn aroundLuck & Skill Win & LoseCruelest game

Backgammon will test you in many ways but you always have to stand up and fight back!

GooD LUCK to ALL Lets meet the Fate!

Recommended SiteReal opponent.Free and Fast.AI (bot) teaches you how to play!Mochy is playing regularly!Download the App from App Store or Google Play, search by BackgammonAce.

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