• 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    N O T E SU N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W IT H IN

    "When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itselj, art cannot manifest,strengthcannotfyht wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied."

    H E R O P H I L U S


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    H o w T OPROD U C E W H A TY ou R E A L L Y W A N TF o rresultstolast long-termand for us tohavetheabilitytoadaptto newi n form at i on ,environments,and circumstances, taking action is not enough. Wemust understand thecorephilosophiesor organizing principles behind these

    actions thatareshapingandcontrollingtheresults produced.Ifyou have a falseorganizing principle, it will cause you to take actions thatconsistently produce a result other than what you desire. At the same time, if you haveeffective organizing principles, you will not only take the right actions, but you willaccelerate the pace at which you can achieve theresults.

    Basedonthis understanding, what would be theideal sourcetostudyifyouwantedtobecome healthy?

    T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth



    C5J"Thefuture d e p e n d s on what we do in thepresent."

    M A H A T M A G A N D H I

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    T H E 1 2 C O R E Q U E S T I O N SO F A V I T A L L I F E :T H E P H I L O S O P H Y OF H E A L T H

    Whenis thelasttimeyouspent thetime to think throughyourphilosophy toward health? How did you develop your beliefs aboutwhatcauses disease much lesswhatcreates optimal vitality?What is thebasisofyour strategyforcreating health?TI I h emost important decisionyou canmakeisyour philosophy toward health.Few

    I of us,however, have takenthetimetoexamine whereourcurrentphilosophy_1_ an dbeliefs really comes from,much less if itevenmakes sense based o ncurrentinformationand practical results. Thus, be f or ewe delve into the principles that createo ptima lhealthandvitality, let's firstexamineourcurrent beliefsand theirorigins.

    Q U E S T I O N iWhat are theprimary beliefs thatoursocietyhas conditioned mostof us tobelieve about whatittakestoavoid diseaseandexperience health?

    EXAMPLE Wemust eat threesquaremeals a daybalanced from

    eachof the four food groups. Anapplea daykeeps the

    doctor away. Starve a cold; feed afever.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth



    T he challenge w ith most o f ou r cu rrent beliefs is that they are oftendevelopedu nconsc iou sly, or w ithou t direct, critical thinking o n o ur part. I t 's really easy forpeople to b e influenc ed by w ell-intentioned family members , advertisers,m e d ic a lprofessionals, or government, without really thinking through the origin or motivesof th e information w e receive. Fo rex ample,is the information aimed at preventingdjse_ase or truly o ptim izing health? Is i t amarketingattem pt to givepeople th e'quickfix' fo r losing weightvs. an ongoing lifestyle chan ge that might b e m o r e effective,bu t less chic?I sthereapossible financial motive by drug c ompanies o r governmentagencies that are presenting the inform ation to us? Info rm atio n is an incredib lyvaluable resourc e,but it m u s tbe b a la n c e d w i t h c o m m o n s e ns eand p r o v e nresultsto truly serve o u ru l ti m a t e o u t c o m e .W em u s t be the source of the solution and takec harg e o f ou rdecisions about w hat t ru ly supports ou r health and vi ta l ity .

    A S K Y O U R S E L F W hat beliefsand/or convictions do Ihold in the areao fheal th?D othese convictions truly serve m e?W hat benef i tsan dtransf orm ationsmig ht I be ableto experienceif I'm willingto le t g o ofthese con vic-t i ons and expand the options and inf o rma tio n available to me tom a k enewchoices?

    "There are two ways to slide easily through l i f e . - to believeeverything orto doubteverything; botb ways save us from thinking."

    A L FRE D K O RZ B S K I

    U N L E A S H T H F P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    T H E P O W E R O F B E L I E F SQ U E S T I O N 2

    Whatare two of themostlimitingbeliefs you'vehadaboutyourhealthin the past?

    OarW fL e C Q /fa&i

    Whatare two of the mostempoweringbeliefs you have about your health thathavehelpedyou? Sg^jfa_ju< /ay

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    "All truthgoes through three steps:first it is ridiculed. Second it iviolently opposed- Finally it is accented as self-evident."

    A R T H U R S C H O P E N H A U R

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    W H A T is H E A L T H ?Q U E S T I O N 3

    Ifwewantto study healthto become healthy let'sstartbyaskingourselveswhatishealthin thefirstplace? H ow would youdefineit?-

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    H E A L T H Y C E L L S :T H E K E Y T O A H E A L T H Y B O D YQ U E S T I O N 5

    Whatdo cellsneedto survive... andthrive?

    B ecause cellsareliving organisms vitaltohuman life,they have basicneedsfortheirsurvival. Essentially, there arethreethingscells needto notonlysurvive,T H R E E T H I N G S C E L L S N E E D T O S U R V I V E

    _ is the sourceof allenergyin thebody.This energy,in turn, drives the metabolic processes in the body, such as assimilation(absorption), elimination of wastes, respiration, circulation, and digestion.

    __ is themost abundant substancein thebody.Inside cel ls specifical ly,water isused for thebreakdown o fsubstances, as amedium fo r

    chemicalreactions,and for the d i f f u s i o n and osmosisofsubstances.|Theabilitytoeliminateitsown_

    "Your rangeof available choicesnV/fct nowf's limitless."C A R L F R E D E R I C K

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    T H E I M P A C T O F D E C R E A S E D O X Y G E N O N C E L L SH o w L O N G W I L L A C E L L L I V E ?Q U E S T I O N 6

    How do weknowthatacell needs oxygen,water, nutrients,andtheabilitytoeliminate its waste?

    T H R E E C L A S S I C E X P E R I M E N T SD E M O N S T R A T E W H A T C E L L S N E E D :QCell respirationDr.OttoW a rb u r gWinnerof the1931NobelPrizefor hisstudiesincell respiration,Dr.W a rb u rgbelieved that thereis adirect correlation between aperson's health

    and the level of oxygen in his or her bloodstream. To test his theory, he putra tcellsinbell jars with both normal an d 6 0%below normal oxygen levels.In thej ar swith lower oxygen levels, some cells weakened ordied,whileothers mutated.QL a c k o fo xygen destroys cells D r.H a rry G o ld blat t

    Hisstudiesat the RockefellerInstitute supportedthehypothesis thatalackofoxygen destroys cells.Heduplicated Dr.Warburg's experiment, thenreinserted thecells back intothe rats.Theratswho gotoxygenatedcellssurvived; thosewhoreceived under-oxygenated cells developed cancer.jcl Cells can liveforever Dr. Alexis CarrelA two-time Nobel Prize winnerfo r hiswork at theRo ckefellerInstitute,D r.Carrelachieved startlingresultswithchicken cells that hekeptalive indefinitelyinpetri dishes, provinghistheory that cells will liveforever ifthey're giventheir basicneedsand are notpoisonedby theirown environment.

    U N I E A S l i T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    T H R E E W A Y SH E A L T H Y C E L L S C A N D I EQ U E S T I O N 7

    Ifcellslive forever what causes themto die?HThemost commonkilleris alackof

    Anydisturbanceto the f . ' tAnyphysical f

    ofcellscan killthem.mceiiscana]soynthem.

    T H E S ix B A S IC C A U S E S O F C E L L U L A R A T ROPH YCellsshrinkingis due to alossofcelisubstance.Atrophy is anadaptiveresponse.Accordingto Dr.StanleyRobbins* ofHarvard M edica l School.Thereare sixcausesofatrophy:1.Decreased2. & A f \) a3.Diminished WCC^4. Inadequate T u i V v f v M5.Lossof ewJiaaii^L Stimulation16.*Vy

    T H E E N D O C R I N E S Y S T E M *'Thehormones produc edb ythissystem a f f e c t growth,development,rateo fmetabo lism, functioningof thereproductiveor^-in * . ' X L U I ]i-lwactcristics, personality development, higher nervous functions, theabilityof thebody to meet conditions of stress, and resistance to disease.T he glands included in the endocrine system are thepituitary,pineal, thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal,gonadal,a ndhypothalamus.E ndocrine homesare released intotheblood or thelymph an dcirculated throughou tthebody. E ndocrine disordersinclude:acromegaly, abnormal sexdevelopment, absorptiono fbone, diabetes,dw arfism,gigantism, goiter, tumors.

    o :sj3Msuy)U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    T wo V I T A L S Y S T E M SQ U E S T I O N 8

    Whatis theprimarymedium that delivers oxygen and nutrientstothebody?

    o'Qg( is theriverofl ife. B lo o dtransports oxygen andnutrientstothebody'stissues and eliminates w a ste .

    Q U E S T I O N 9Whatis theprimary mediumforeliminating wastes?The JtW systemworks closelywith thecirculatorysystemas itcleans

    andreturnstissue fluidto theblood and destroys toxins that enter thebody.Yourbodyhas 3 more tim es lymph than blood.

    T H E P O W E R O F L Y M P HThe lymphaticsystemis one of themostimportant circulatory systemsin thebody.I t is criticalto managing th e eliminationo ftoxins from th e bo d y and is the body'sprimary immune defense a nd w aste el iminator system.I tco ntains ov er6 00lymphn o d e s and has a network o fco llecting vessels that is more extensive thanth ev e n o u ssystem. T he lymph systemis responsible fo rcarryingdiseasefigh ting materialsto cells,transporting dead germs away, and supplying protein-rich plasma fluid back to the heart.W h e n this systemisblocked,w e become defenseless against a ttacksbyv i ru s , f u n g u s ,a ndbacteriaspecifically, infection fightingmaterialisprevented fromdestroying germsandcellno u rishing elements are prevented from reachingo u r blood.W e must keep o u r l y m p h system clean and f l o w i n g b yeliminating th eexcess w aste b yproviding o u rbo d y w i th th eright vital nu trients, water, and most importantly deep,diaphragmic breath.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    T H E T R U E S O U R C E O F D I S E A S EQ U E S T I O N 10

    What is the truesourceofdisease?Q:I fo u rbodiesaresostrong,then whatcausesus tobecome ill?A:Theaccumulationof P ^ H - S inyourbloodstreamis theprimarycause

    of illness.Q U E S T I O N 11Butaren'tourbodiesdesigned toeliminate toxins fromthebloodstream?Yes Thisis why Dr.I s aacJenningshassaid thatthecauseof anindividual disease maybeisolated to agiven circumstance (i.e., bacteria)but thesourceof theproblem beginsin those activities that drain o u rbody o f life force.

    Thus, d J is th? hndy s tcure itself. T)iseaseis_ttie_cure_. Diseaseis due to a rffAtxWy,

    nf JfftiL11 - ol

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    T H E B O D Y 'S R E S P O N S E T O T O X I N SOneof thefirst responses thebody makes to lowered nerveenergy and decreasedfunctional efficiency is theelimination oftoxins from the system

    T H E R E A R E F O U R A V E N U E S F O R E L I M I N A T I N G T OX I N S :Q SkinQ Lungs/respiratorytractQ Bowels3 Urinary Tract

    T H E R E A R E T H R E E C A U S E S F O R T H E S E T O X I N S T O B U I L D U P I NT H E B L O O D S T R E A M :J Takinginmore thanyou can .This canoccur as aresult o fbeing in astateofdiminished nerve energy frommaking constantdemandson

    th ebody without allowing it to fully recover. and/or wasteand animalproductssubstancesyour body cannotuse.

    | Anoverly acidic thatallowthe micro-organisms(yeasts, molds, funguses, etc.) within your bloodstream to pr o l i fer a te a l lofwhich produce their o w nwaste (Mycotoxins)adding to the toxicity o fyour system.

    (J31p 'S3

    U N L E A S H T H EP O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    A V IT A L U N D E R S T A N D I N GRemember Cause a nd

    Source are N ot the Same.


    eg"Natural f o r c e s within us are the true haters o f disease."

    H I P P O C R A T E S

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    T H E B O D Y ' S R E S P O N S E T O P O I S O N SHow does your body respond whenyou putpoison intoyour bloodstream ?* jointpaint * low energy

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    A V I E W O F M A J O RD I S E A S E S A N D T H E I R S Y M P T O M SAdditionalsymptoms

    I , r-Vi "



    Inflamed lymph nodesWeightloss/gainParesis/paralysis


    UrinarydifficultiesMjscie pain



    C o u g lVomiting

    Throat irritationFatigue/malaise


    Any Similarities?U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    N O T E SU N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W IT H IN

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    fas-lev r

    T H E G E R M T H E O R YA R E G E R M S T H E T R U E S O U R C E O F D I S E A S E ?

    Q U E S T I O N 1 2W h a t does the medical profession teach today?

    Here is an excerpt from Robbins Pathologic Basis o fDisease,a curre n t t e x t bookin use atHarvard Medical School:

    Knowledge o r discovery of the prim ary causeo fgerms remains the backb one on w hich a diagnosiscan be made, a disease understood, or a treatment

    developed.The concept,however,of oneetiologic agentto one d is ea se d evel op ed from th e s t u d y o finfectionsor single-gene disorders is no l on ger s u f f ic ie n t . Geneticfactors are clearly involved in some of the c o m m o nenvironmentally induced maladies, such as atherosclerosisandcancer,and theenvironmentmayalsohave profoundinfluences on certain genetic diseases.StanleyL.Robbins, M.D.Professor ofPathology, Harvard Medical SchoolReprinted from Robbins Pathological Basis o f Disease, 6 th Edition, W . B. Sa unde r e,Title o fC opyright 1998, withpermissionfrom Elsevier.

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    T H E F L U F A L L A C YAJanuary12,1990,article in USA Today reported on the ominousfluepidemic.

    Seriousflustrain hits early,hardA T L A N T A Anasty fl u v i r u s p a r t i c u l a r l yj making fasttracks across the U S A b u t it'sto osoon to predict if this wil l bea m ore de adl y fl u season thanmost, officials say. There's beena dramatic increase in the pastweek, says W alter Gunn, anepidemiologist with th e FederalC enters for D isease C ontrol ,A tlanta.A s o f T h u r s d a y , fl uo utbr ea k s w e re w i de spre ad i n10 states, regional in 14 states,an d sporadic in 20 states. It'searlier definitely ah e ad o f lastye ar , G u nn says. And it'sdifferent. It's a m ore dange rous

    which ha s been associated withsevere flu seasons in the past.In a typical year, about20,000 p e o p l e die of fluc o m p l i c a t i o n s s u c h a spne um oni a. A s o f J a n u a r y 3 ,

    the CDC had received reportsof w i de spre ad out b re aks onl yfrom Mont ana.S ince then,it'shithard from A rizona, C onne ct icut ,Georgia, Mississippi, N ebraska,N e w Y o r k , T e x a s, U t a h , andW isconsin.T h e H o f f m a n - T . a R o r h eFl u Tr a ck C e n t e r . N u t l e y . N e wJersey, reports widespread flu-

    ; (sometimes causedby other kinds of viruses) in 68of 7 1cities. T ests ba ve confirmedflu viruses in A tlanta, D enver,Ph oe nix, B al t im o re , D al las ,D etroit, Fargo, H ou ston,S t.L o u i s,Salt Lake City, San Francisco,Kansas City, L ou isville, Miami,a n d N ew Y o r k.

    Only 30 % of those most atriskf o rcomplications,s u c has theelderly,have been immunized,Gunn says. I f y o u ' r e no t sickyet ,it's not too lateto get asho t.(Emph asi sadded.)

    t 1990. U S A Tuiluv. Reprinted with perm

    T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    OnJanuary 5, 1994,anotherarticle in USATodayreportedtheseconcernsaboutthe yearlyfluoutbreak.

    FluMisery:It'sbuggingalmosthalfof the USAB yAnitaManning

    U . S . B la m e the Beijing virusfor theachesa ndpainsthatdecktheholidays.W elc o m e to 1994. Now, getright backtobed.If you're like thousands o fothers, you got more than youasked fo r during the season o fgiving. While you and yourfamily gathered around thep u n c h bowl, yo u shared morethan good cheer.And now youh a ve aches and pains. Chills.A sore throat. Maybeaqueasyt u m m y . Y o u haveth eflu.It's rampant on the land,fellinghealthy men andwomenlike oaksJo the a x and leaving

    offices bereft of workers. Fluhas been reported in 42 states,is widespreadinFlorida, Maine,an dOregon an dparts o f adozenother states, says the nationalCenters fo r Disease Control an dPrevention. It's apretty good assumptionthat we're startingtopeak now,saysSteve Jegler, brand managerfo r Sucrets, whose parentc o m p a n y gmiihKline Beecharnsponsors a weekly Flu A l e r t

    personnel in 70 regionalmarkets, researchers projectthat 107,630,000 people43%o f _ th e _US. po p u l a t io n h a veilu__s^mptojns_jighLn-QW .. Mostc o m m o ncomplaints: cough an dcongestion.TellthattoL isaV allella. A f t e rafamilys kiweekinTaos, N.M.,the2 1 -year-old Penn State seniorflewbackhome toMount L eb a nno n,Pa. S helookedforward to awildand crazyNew Year's Evewithfriends. It w as not to be.That last day, o n trie airplane,I was feeling reallybad, shesays. Then, it was NewYear'sE v e ... I got to the partyand Iw as j u s tmiserable. M y m o m h a dto come pick me up and Iendedu psittingin bedwithm yparents,watching David Let terman.It was afamily flu. My momwasn't feeling well an d neitherw as my dad. I think we allgot sick. We alljust looked ateachothera ndsaid,'HappyN ewYear.'S u s a n Heinberg, 2 6 , a N e wYork City marketing executive,feelsmuch better now, thank you,but her holidays weren't whatshe'dexpected, either. Sheknew

    sh ewas introubleassoonas sheset out for herparents' home inM c L ea n, V a. I got on the planeon the 23rd and realized I wasgetting sick.On Christinas Day, as friendsbegan to arrive,shesays, I feltI should help entertain, but byth e time Mom served dinner, 1knew Iwouldnot be ableto sitat th e table- S hewent upstairsand crashedjoined the nextday by her father,whoalsogotsick. S he spent the next weekin bed,being mothered by hermother, who putabell on mybedside table an d brought m etea. Heinberg headed back toN ew York thinking she had au ni q u etaletotell. H a. Almost everyone I workedwithhad thesame thing happento them over theholidays, shesays.These sa dtalesare nosurpriseto C D C epidemiologist NancyArden. It'snotuncommon afterth e holidays to see(flu) activityincreasesharply, shesays.Type^A (B eijing),accounts fo rg9-plug _pgrcgnt of thisyear'sillness, she, says _Last _yeajyj{w as Type B ,_ which Joo_k5_and

    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    Flu Misery continued)feels j u s t about th e same. T he. i i l 'K-v n ee: When Inf luenza Bi - . p r e d o mi n a n t , w e tend tohavem o r e schools i n v o l v e d . Ardensavs. Ithits childrenandvounga d ul t s . Whereas this's all age g r o u p s , including

    For the elderly, /lu canb e dangerous; says CDCepidemiologist LawrenceSchonberger. With th e typeof virus we've seen this winter,i t ' s common to see(the numberof deaths) go up higher thanaverage.Those w ho got_ flu_ shotsearlier in the season should b eprotected, he says, We got theright antigens into th e vaccineof a euessirii? game. For this

    Scientists monitor fluinternationallya nd u s e w o r l dw i d epatterns to help make theirpredict ions. We'renow tryingtomake decisions on what goesinto the vaccine for next year,

    doses,so it has to bedone eark* B v the end ofF e b r u a r v . w ewill

    h a v e made al l the derisionsh e savs. It's no t a l w a y s easvan d predictable. Obviouslv, thecloser w e are to b e i n g a c c u r a t e .the more protection vouhaveFighting b a c k with rest, fluids,patience.Flu strikes 24-18 hours afterexposureto thevirus,say doctors.And when it hits, it canknockyo u flat. It can start all of a sudden,s a ys D r .PalmaFormica, ageneralp r a c t i t i o ner in Old Bridge,N . J . , an d board member of theA m e r ic a n Medical Association. Usually, you're feeling well,then s u d d e n l y your head aches,youhave muscle aches,youfeelmiserable. Some people havecoughing and upper respiratorysymptoms. Y o u think you'regoingto die a nd ^ o u ' r e_s o r r yyouJiHivt?

    Here's whatthedoctor orders:1 .G o tobed. Y o uneed rest, asm u c h sleep as possible. Don'ttr y t o b emacho. Getting u p a ndgoing out too soon can lead torelapse, Formicasayg.2. Treat symptoms. Keep aswarm as possible if you havechills,and when fever develops,take a non-aspirin fever-reducer

    such as acetaminophen oribuprofen. Don't give aspirinto children because it can causeReve's svndrome. A coughmedicine with anexpectorantc anhelp break up the congestion.Antibiotics don't help, but ifco m p li ca t i o n ssuch asbronchitiso r pneumonia develop, se e adoctor.

    3. Drink plenty of fluids. Herbteas, warm broth and chickensoup all help keep the bodyhydratedand soothe the soul.'4. Ride it out. Realize it'sgoing to be pretty miserablef o rawhile, Formica says,but in 48t o 7 2 hours, th e ma jo r symptomsstartsubsiding.5 .Takeiteasy. Whent he virusleaves the system, you start tofeel better but are still fatigued.If yo ustartrunning afever againan d are coughing up a lot ofcruddy-looking phlegm that isgenerally not clear yellowish o rgreenishthenseethedoctor.Oratleastcallth e doctor.

    (Emphasis added.)


    U N L E A S H T H E P O W E R W I T H I N

  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    AJanuary7,2000,articlein USATodaytellsof an intenseexplosion of the flu.

    Flu'sBluesByAnitaManningThey struggle into emergencyrooms looking like wet cats:bedraggled, shivering, hacking.Flu season 2000 is hitting theU S A w ith aferocity thath as filleddoctor's offices , o v e r w h e l m e dhospital e me rge nc y rooms and

    head of the W ashington (D.C. jH o s p ita l C en ter 's e m e r g e n c yd ep a r tm en t , w her e p a t ien t afterpatient w as bein g w heeled inThursday, many of them very ill. People ar e sicker this yearthan last year. W e 'v e seen morepatients, and the patients aresicker than in previous years.M y impression is this is a moreO n Sun d a y , his em er g en c y

    room had its busiest da y everwith 2 05patients.The scope of the epidemicnationwide is difficult to g a ug e.T h e disease c o u n t e r s at theCenters for D isease C ontrol andP rev en tio n (CD C ) in A t l a n t aha v e n um ber s o n ly thr o ug h Dec .18 and are expected to releasen ew n um ber s to d a y .B u t anc-cdotally. th e sceneis much the same across thecou ntry. Fo r thelast three w eeksw e've been overwhelmed, saysW a ll y G hu rabi, director of thee me rge nc yrooma tSantaMonica-U C L A M ed ic al C en ter . W ho le

    families have been coming intogether.Do c to r s ha v e seen fevers of105, G hu rabi says. H e has putin ho urs of overtime. H ospitaladmissions, most of them causedby complications of the flu, an dtraffic in the emergency room ar eup 2 0% to 3 0%, he says, primarilybecause of the flu. M o s t affectedare older people who can'thandle th e fever as well.Fo r the elderly or those withchronic illnesses, the flu can bedangerou s. I t can w ear downth e immune system and leadto ba c ter ia l illnesses s uc h aspneum onia or bronchitis . B uteven younger people say thisyear'sflu is especially bad. T he pains w ere aw ful, l ikesomebody took your body an dstarted to tw ist i t, says N ancyA c a m p o r a of Queen s , N . Y. , w hobecame ill on C hristmas D ay. Ifelt like somebody w as beatingme up.P hy sic ia n A id a B en n et t , aninternist at a clinic o n StatenIsland, N . Y. , w o k e up at 2 a.m.a few w e e ks ag o feeling so a w f u lthat Itho ug ht I was dying. I feltso bad all of asudden.Be n n e t t says she had chills an dw as shaking like a leaf. I hadthe most horrible headache, m ychest w ashurting me, my jointsw ere hurting me.B e nne t t a n d A c a m p o r a eac h

    t ook one of the new medications,Tamiflu and Relenza, which areavailable for the first time thisyear. B oth say their sym ptom simproved within a c o up le o fdays, they aren't the only onesseeking the newdrugs. W e've gotten slam me d. saysw h o w o r ks a t H a pp y Harry^D i s c o u n t D r u g Store outsjdeW ilmington. D el. i t s tartedN ew Year's Eve, and ever sincethen it's been relentless.L a s t w e e k was the busiestw e e k ever, he says. C ustom ersfill th e store, l ining up fo rpre sc ri pt i ons and advice ono v e r - t h e - c o u n t e r m e d i c a t i o n sto ease the symptom s. Relenzaand Tamiflu. which shorten th ed u r a t i o n and ease the symptomsof f l u , areflyingo ff th eshelves^he says.Sales of the two d r ug s ha v ebeen stellar, spokesmen o fthe manufacturers say. In th ew eek befo r e Christmas, 51,000prescriptions fo r Relenza and45,000 fo r Tamiflu w er e s o ld .Supplies are running low in some

    We'rea w a reofsome shortagesstarting to o c c u r and we'rew o r k in g w ith p ha r m a c ies tom o v e p r o d uc t to areas inneed,says Lisa B e h r e n s o f G l a x o -W e lco m e , m a k e ro fRelenza. W e're not seeing shortages as

    Copyright2000, USA T o d a y . Reprinted w i th pern

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    Flu'sBlues(continued)muchas high consumer demand.We have ample suppliesnationwide, it'sj u s t amatterofrestocking, says Charles A l f a roof Roche Pharmaceuticals, whichmakesTamiflu.A Christmas Giftof Misery

    The CDCs last count, for thew e e k t h a tended D e c .18,showedthat the flu had hit 19 states.H u t d u r i n g the holidays, whenpeople carried their germs alongwithholiday gifts to vis i t farawayf r i e n d s and relatives, the flu

    It hit me on Christmas Eve,saysDeniseM a l lo yofBoothwyn,PA. And it h i t s you fast. Itstartedaround6, and by 10 wehad to leavemy parents' home.Andthatwasit.

    Forsix days, Malloy was downfo r thecount. First, Ithoughtitwas just a cold. I was sneezing,sniffling. Then, when you can'tget out of bed and everythingonyour body hurts you.

    Malloy,aprogrammer analystfo r a steel company, draggedherself into work. It was theyear end, and Y 2 K , but I try tostay away from peopleandwashmyhandsalot.

    Twoco-workers alsocamedo wnwiththe flu on thesame day,shesays. They blame another co-worker. Now Malloy's husbandhas it. He lost awhole week'swork.Hospital emergency rooms inHouston, Philadelphia, and othercities have been soclogged withpatients with a variety of upperrespiratory illnesses t h a t they'vehad to divert patients to otherhospitals. Some are postponingelective surgery and admittingonly traumapatients, or treating

    only those who don't require ahospitalbed,becauseno beds area v a i l a b l e .'I just feel bad I can t doanything'

    AtRush-Presbyterian-St.Luke'sM e d i c a l Center, on Chicago'snear West Side, doctors are in themidst of the firstwave.

    About 20% of the hospital'semergencyroom patients haveit,a higher-than-usual proportion,doctorssay. This past Sunday,164people visited theemergencyroom; usually about 1 00 a daycome in says Jerrold Leikin,associate director ofemergencyservices.Most of the flu casesinvolverespiratory ailments amongyoungeradults, Leikinsays.

    Hesays he expects the numbersof flu-stricken people to climbbut saysit'snot too late to geta flu shot, especially if a secondwavecomes around inMarch,asitdid ayear ago.Vernita Bostic, 57, of Chicagowas among those being treatedThursday atRush-Presbyterian-St.Luke's. 1just wantto get itover with, B o s t i c says. I justfeel bad. 1can't do anything.She says she spent the holidays coughing ... and sweating.

    Holiday flu-sharing maybe only a prelude of what's tocome, says Flor Munoz of theInfluenza Research Center atBaylor U n i v e r s it y College o fMedicineinHouston. Wewereexpecting this week would beworse, because everybodyisb a c kto work, backtoschool;thevirusgets a chance to spreadaround.

    One reason colds and flu arerampantin thewinter,shesaysisthat people congregateinairtight

    o ff ices, schools, and homes,sharing germ-filled space. Butthat'snotall.

    We think it's an i n t r i n s i cproperty of the viruses tocirculate in thewinter, she says. Theflu isverypredictable; it hasa a seasonality. Fluepidemicsdon't last more than 10 w e e k s .Onceyoustart seeinga fewcasesin a commu _it peaks ands q u i c k l y as itcame.

    Many microbes can causeupper respiratory illness, andthey circulateallyear round,shesays. Other viruses (besidesinfluenza)cause s i m i l a rillnesses,and you can catch one a f t e ranother.L a b tests throughout thecountry indicate t h a t the straincirculating this year. Jype A /

    H3N2. is onethat is covered by the i n f l u e n z avaccine. B u t , h e a l t h o f f i c i a l ssay, that is a a p a r t i c u l a r l ynastystrain.

    When thisstrain isdominant,as it hasbeenfor f o u rconsecutiveyears, d e a t hratesarehigher thanwhenotherstrainsaredominant,Carolyn B u x t o n Bridges of theCDC says. So this will be a badseason.

    At least there are new drugsto treat it, and at WashingtonHospital Center, Smith saysnewtools allowquick diagnosis.

    B u t thebest offense against f lu ,he says, is a good defense. Ifyouhaven't had theflu,get a flushot.

    Contributing: Matt Baron,Robert Davis, Marlyn Elias inChicago


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  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


    avian flu with garde n-vari e t yi nf lu e nza ' s ability to spreadthrough coughingandsneezing.Meltzer says it is v i r t u a l l ycertain there will eventuallybeanother lethal pandemic. W h at istheprobabilitythatH 5 N 1isgoingto be i t?That's hardtojudge. Still,says University o f Minnesotainfectious-disease epidemiologistMichael Osterholm, this lookslike th efirstchapterin the new flupandemic. Even with moderatetransmission and fatality rates,thiscould do in less than ayearwhat H IVtook 3 0years todo.Since no one would be:)' immune, all 6.4billion people

    on theplanet would needashot.B u t o n l y 3 00 million fl u shotdoses are produced each year, acapacitythat could stretcht o 50 0million or so doses in the caseof a single-strain pandemic. Inlate; A special vaccine wouldprocess that involves incubatingchickeneggs. Itwillgoaroundtheglobe,andnothing will stopit, says Klaus S t o h r,head of theW o rl d Health Organization's

    Global I n f l u e n z a Program. A tbestw e c a nslowdown th espreadto give u s a little more time toproduce more c c i ne supply isp a r t i c u l a r l y vulnerable, n o wdown to a single main flu shotm a n u f a c t u r e r , Sanofi-Aventis,a f t e r factory snafus this fallco n t a m i n a t e d th e entire supplyat Chiron Corp., the other bigproducer.A f t e r giving li p service to theinfluenza threat fo r years, th eg o v e r n m e n t is final ly gettingserious. Federal spending onfl u research, surveillance a n dv a c c i n e procurement zoomedto $283 m i l l i o n this year from$3 9million in2001. B u t 2 0statehealth departments still don'thave pandemic response plans,and half don't have an onlinereportingsystem compatible withthe CDC's national database,says Trust fo rAmerica's Health,an advocacy group. Assumingthat a pandemic hits once every30 years, economist Meltzerc alc u lat e s that $700 million tofo r vaccine development a n dresponseiseasily j u s t i f i ed .

    TheJed&Jiave contracted withboth^S anpfi-A ventis_ and Chiron_fn_pmH_iirp a prnfQypp_ayjan-flu

    vaccine fo r large-scale trials t h a tare expected to get under wayv e r ysoon with healthy adults.I t isnotknownhowmuch protectionthe vaccine might provide. Thegovernment alsoplans toawardcontracts this year to accelerateth e development of a new cell-culture technique that wouldal low vaccineto begrowninvatsinstead of in chicken eggs; suchmethods are now used fo r polioand other viruses and mightmore easily be scaled up in ane m e r g e n cy .I tm aytake years before vaccinep r o d uct i o n i s sufficiently primed.Meanwhile, in Asia, the fluvi r u s continues to mutate. S a ysepidemiologist Osterholm; Wehave yawned at influenza yearafter year. W e a re going to h a v ea rude awakening. [Emphasisadded]

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  • 8/13/2019 Unleash the Power Within Part 4-PhylosophyOfHealth


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