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<ul><li><p>02 Chairmans Message</p><p>04 Global Excellence Hyosung</p><p>14 Business Areas</p><p>42 Research &amp; Development</p><p>50 Social Contribution</p><p>60 About Hyosung</p><p>Contents 2012 </p></li><li><p>Global ExcEllEncEHyosunG</p></li><li><p>Chairman's Message</p></li><li><p>It is our goal to become an enterprise creating a happy living culture for the future.</p><p>We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers for their enormous interests in and support for Hyosung. </p><p>For over forty years since our establishment, we have been a part of the driving force propelling the growth of the Korean economy, writing a history of challenges and accomplishment in the fields of textile, industrial materials, chemicals, power &amp; industrial systems, construction, trading, and information &amp; communication. As a result, we have been ranked global No.1 in tire cords. We are also competing with world-renowned makers of spandex and heavy electrical equipment. Moreover, we are recognized in both the local and international markets for our high-quality nylon, polyester, carpet, motor, pump, PET bottle, and ATM products manufactured with our excellent technical competence.In addition, we have actively sought to expand our business globally. Today, we have over 70 production and sales centers in almost all continents including Asia, Americas, and Europe, enabling us to provide all our international customers with the best technology, value, and services. Strategic investment in independent technical development of renewable energy, electronic materials, and advanced materials are expected to create more value for our customers in the future. We at Hyosung are committed to serving our customers with the best-quality products and services as well as securing and maintaining customer loyalty and trust. </p><p>As an enterprise realizing the future dream, Hyosung genuinely aims to be your trusted partner that enhances your quality of life.</p><p>S.R. Cho,Chairman and CEO</p><p>GloBAl ExCEllEnCE HyoSunGCHAIRMAnS MESSAGE</p><p>0203</p></li><li><p>GLOBAL EXCELLENCE HYOSUNG We aim to create higher values for humankind. </p></li><li><p>We at Hyosung have a global network consisting of 39 manufacturing entities, 8 trading entities </p><p>(including 3 affiliated branches), and 19 trading offices, totaling to over 70 operation centers of all over </p><p>the world, including the US, China, and Europe; through which we are pursuing Value Management </p><p>through Global Excellence.</p><p>We produce our world No.1 products tire cords, spandex, seatbelt yarns, and airbag fabric as well as </p><p>transformers, ATM units and PET bottles through our global production sites in the Americas, Europe, </p><p>and Asia. We will serve the globe as a first-class business operator by continuous R&amp;D investments for </p><p>new product development, active services targeted in enhancing customer satisfaction, and various </p><p>global marketing strategies.</p><p>0405</p></li><li><p>World Best _ Spandex</p><p>Enjoy a comfortable lifewith functional fibers.Athletes who constantly challenge their physical limits and records know what advanced scientific technology truly means. Behind the innovations in the field of sports and livingware spurred by the advancement of highly functional wear is the technology of Hyosungs functional fiber. </p></li><li><p>0607</p></li><li><p>Global N0.1 _ Tire cordS</p><p>Wherever the best tires go,youll find Hyosungs tire cords.Tire conditions spell victory or defeat for a racer. The tires performance is determined by tire cords. Hyosungs tire cords are necessities for the best-quality tires with the highest speed and best skills and performance.</p></li><li><p>0809</p></li><li><p>Global Leader _ po</p><p>wer</p><p> SyS</p><p>TemS</p><p>Hyosungs power system technology to light up the world.The Petronas Twin Towers have changed the night skyline of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The brilliant lights emitted by these gigantic buildings are made possible by Hyosungs transformers, which supply stable electric power 24/7 thanks to the worlds best electrical equipment technology.</p></li><li><p>1011</p></li><li><p>Excellent Partner _ a</p><p>Tm</p><p>Hyosung ATMs offer fast and easy financial transactions.Hyosungs advanced ATM units facilitate convenient and fast financial transactions around the clock at locations in 30 major cities worldwide including New York. </p></li><li><p>1213</p></li><li><p>Hyosung is growing into a global leader with its excellent technologies and services in the business </p><p>sectors of textile, industrial materials, chemicals, power &amp; industrial systems, construction, trading, and </p><p>information &amp; communication. Guided by our management philosophy of Global Excellence, we </p><p>endeavor to provide higher values for our customers all over the world. We shall to continue challenging </p><p>ourselves and to innovate, while securing and maintaining customer loyalty and trust.</p><p>With Customers, With the World - Hyosung is your trusted partner. </p><p>Business Areas</p></li><li><p>Financing &amp; other Affiliated Companies </p><p>Information &amp; Communication </p><p>trading </p><p>Construction </p><p>Power &amp; Industrial systems </p><p>Chemicals </p><p>Industrial Materials </p><p>textile Spandex PU Nylon Polyester Fiber PU FabricDyeing PU </p><p> Tire &amp; Industrial Reinforcements PU Technical Yarn PU Global Safety Textiles Interior PU Aramid Business Division Carbon Fiber Business Division </p><p> PP/DH PU Film PU Packaging PU TPA PU Neochem PU Optical Film PU </p><p> Power Systems PU Industrial Machinery PU HYOSUNG GOODSPRINGS PU Wind Energy Business Division </p><p> Construction PU Hyosung EBARA Engineering PU Chinhung International, Inc. </p><p> Steel &amp; Metal Products PU, Chemical Products PU Hyosung Trans-World PU </p><p> Nautilus Hyosung PU Hyosung Information Systems PU L-Business Development Division Hyosung ITX Co., Ltd. Galaxia Electronics Co., Ltd. Galaxia Communications Co., Ltd. Galaxia Device Co., Ltd. </p><p> Hyosung Capital PU The Class Hyosung Co., Ltd. Hyosung Toyota Corporation The Premium Hyosung Co., Ltd. </p><p>GloBAl ExCEllEnCE HyoSunGBuSInESS AREAS</p><p>1415</p></li><li><p>TextilePerformance Group</p><p>creora, the best global brand ranked No.1 in terms of world spandex market share. </p><p>The government of Korea selected creora as the No.1 spandex brand for the world market. </p><p>Hyosung is continuously developing and supplying innovative products to facilitates our customers </p><p>businesses such as the eco-friendly creora eco H-550, yarn produced at a lower temperature level than </p><p>conventional spandex with less energy use and CO2 emissions, creora highclo H-350S, with the highest </p><p>level of chlorine resistance is known for the excellent resilience when used in swimsuits, and black solution-</p><p>dyed creora H-300D/350S that carries a far deeper and more sophisticated color when compared to </p><p>conventional spandex. This is the very reason why global business leaders have consistently chosen </p><p>creora and why it has enjoyed the biggest share of the global market. </p><p>In addition, the creora Fabric Libraries located in Seoul, New York, Milan, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, the </p><p>worlds top fashion cities, display our customers fabrics to major brands. Our regular creora workshops </p><p>provide our customers with consulting services to help them enhance their competitiveness, forming part of </p><p>our unique marketing activities aimed at mutual development. Our local production plants in China (Jiaxing, </p><p>Zhuhai, and Guangdong) as well as Turkey, Vietnam, and Brazil are part of our intercontinental production </p><p>network, which ensure timely service and stable supply for optimal services.</p><p>Spandex (creora) creora eco creora highcloTM creora black creora steam settable creora performance </p><p>nylon Fiber Business divisionKoreas best nylon fibers.</p><p>Development of the worlds first fibers recycled from fishing net waste.</p><p>Development of the worlds first microfibers. </p><p>As the undisputed market leader in Korea, our company, particularly, our Nylon Fiber Business Division </p><p>produces a wide variety of highly functional fibers that incorporate our 40-year history in the industry, </p><p>including TOPLON, which is used to manufacture sophisticated lingerie, sportswear, and industrial materials, </p><p>MIPAN fine &amp; soft (micro fine-denier), MIPAN XF (N/P compound yarn), MIPAN magicsilver-nano </p><p>(antibacterial yarn), MIPAN corona (conductive yarn), MIPAN glurex (bonding yarn), MIPAN colorist (CD yarn), </p><p>MIPAN robic (highly robust yarn), and MIPAN air (hollow yarn). We also focus on developing advanced </p><p>material that help our customers retain their business competitiveness. </p><p>nylon Polyester FIber </p><p>Performance Unit</p><p>sPAndex Performance Unit</p><p>Hyosungs spandex and creora brands are recognized for their international competitiveness in technology, service, and quality.</p></li><li><p>Hyosungs textile products include creora, a spandex brand chosen by world-renowned lingerie, swimsuit, and nylon makers. Our nylon, polyester yarns, fabric, and dyed products are represented by our comprehensive textile brand lineup including creora, aerocool, and askin. </p><p>In particular, our MIPAN regen, which is recycled nylon used for apparel manufactured from fishing net </p><p>waste, helps reduce the consumption of fossil fuel, preserves natural resources, and cuts down energy </p><p>consumption and greenhouse gases. This product was recognized by GRS (Global Recycled Standard) of </p><p>CONTROL UNION, Netherlands for its various ecological benefits.</p><p> MIPAN regen MIPAN fine &amp; soft MIPAN magicsilver-nano MIPAN robic MIPAN air MIPAN colorist MIPAN glurex </p><p>polyester Fiber Business divisionWe have developed RegenTM, Koreas first yarn recycled from PET bottles.</p><p>M2, Aerocool, and Askin have been selected as the worlds best products.</p><p>Our Polyester Fiber Business Division develops and supplies a wide variety of new materials required for the </p><p>development of hi-tech functional products that exceed the limits of the current lifestyle with our unparalleled </p><p>technologies as clearly shown by the highly functional products. </p><p>Enhancing the quality of life and creating new demands, the business divisions differentiated products </p><p>include the following: M2, which was recognized by the government of Korea as one of the worlds best </p><p>products (microfiber combining the high functionality of polyester and emotional value of natural fiber); </p><p>Aerocool (functional yarn that quickly absorbs liquids and dries fast); Askin (cool-feeling, UV-blocking, and </p><p>non-see-through yarn); Aerosilver with silver elements that prevent germs and odor (anti-bacterial yarn); </p><p>Aerowarm that controls humidity in clothing with sweat-absorbing, quick-drying functions (light warm yarn); </p><p>Aerocool Prizma that combines Aerocool with excellent dyeing function and color fastness (dyed colorfast </p><p>yarn); Firex, which has been successfully tested by advanced countries for its fire retardant function (fire-retardant </p><p>yarn), and; Xanadu, which is highly elastic with stable shape and durability (latent and potential crimped yarn).</p><p> In particular, the business division made special efforts to develop ecological fiber materials and launched </p><p>RegenTM, a recycled polyester yarn made from waste PET bottles for the first time in Korea. Regen has </p><p>been GRS-certified by Control Union, an environmental certification organization, as well as JEA-certified in </p><p>Japan. It has also earned an Eco-Mark.</p><p> Regen Askin Aerocool Aerosilver Aerowarm Prizma Firex Xanadu M2 </p><p>GloBAl ExCEllEnCE HyoSunGBuSInESS AREAS</p><p>1617</p></li><li><p>Fabric Unit Provide various fabrics including functional wear, protective wear, and cleaners.</p><p>Finestar representing cleaner products using microfiber. </p><p>Hyosungs Fabric Unit boasts of an integrated production system that covers yarn production, fabric </p><p>weaving, dyeing, and post-processing and focuses on developing highly functional and hi-tech products for </p><p>customers. The units main products include garment fabric, workwear fabric, and non-garment fabric. </p><p>Garment fabric include waterproof and water-permeable, ultralight, sweat-absorbing and fast-drying, </p><p>ecological, cooling, light and thermal, elastic tricoat, and fire-retardant fabrics. Workwear fabric include highly </p><p>durable and functional worksuits that are often subject to the industrial washing process, fire-retardant </p><p>products such as aramid and modacrylic, highly durable surgical suits and drapes, dust-free garments worn </p><p>in clean rooms, highly robust nylon, and protective wear and military fabrics made of para-aramid.</p><p>Fabrics for non-apparel products include Finestar, a comprehensive cleaner lineup using microfiber. The </p><p>unit manufactures and sells lens and display cleaners, clean room wipers for semiconductor and other </p><p>electronics manufacturing, and domestic cleaners. In addition, our highly robust fabrics for bags </p><p>incorporating RobicTM and highly durable and protective case fabrics incorporating HyskinTM form part of </p><p>our development and supply activities.</p><p> Garment fabric Workwear fabric Non-Garment fabric </p><p>dyeing UnitMonthly capacity of 700K yards of nylon 2-Way spandex and 2.5 million yards of dyeing.</p><p>Hyosungs Dyeing Unit leads the Korean dyeing and processing industry and has the best integrated dyeing </p><p>plant in Korea which dyes 2.5 million yards of fabrics. In particular it can also process 700K yards of nylon </p><p>2-Way spandex monthly, which is a highly difficult process. In addition to our dyeing process for nylon 2-Way </p><p>spandex, polyester 2-Way spandex, cotton union cloth, and polyester fabrics, we provide a variety of </p><p>additional processing steps including buffing, sanforizing, and singeing.</p><p> Spandex fabric Mixed fabric Polyester fabric </p><p>FAbrIC dyeIng Performance Unit</p></li><li><p>Global ExcEllEncE HyosunGbusinEss arEas</p><p>From advanced functional yarn to eco-friendly yarnHyosung provides a wide range of products for a pleasant and comfortable life.</p><p>1819</p></li><li><p>Industrial Materials Performance Group</p><p>Produced Koreas very first nylon tire cords in the 1960s.</p><p>No.1 market share of polyester tire cords globally.</p><p>Supplies 40% of the worlds passenger car tires. </p><p>The Tire &amp; Industrial Reinforcements PU is the worlds only tire reinforcements maker that supplies all kinds of </p><p>tire reinforcements covering fiber tire cords made of polyester and nylon as well as steel cords, and bead wires. </p><p>In particular, our polyester tire cords section, which enjoys the largest market share in the world, concluded a </p><p>350-million-dollar, long-term supply contract with Michelin, followed by a 3.2-billion-dollar contract with </p><p>Goodyear in 2006, the worlds largest bid ever through which we were recognized for our excellent product </p><p>quality as a global tire maker, securing a stable, long-term corporate growth. Moreover, we are diversifying our </p><p>production bases by establishing local production facilities in China, Vietnam, US, Brazil, and Luxembourg other </p><p>than our Ulsan Plant in Korea to supply products stably and serve our global customers in a timely manner. </p><p>Thanks to our advanced technologies and reliable quality in steel cords, we signed a 650-million-dollar </p><p>contract with Michelin in 2005 and a 1.8-billion-dollar, long-term contract with Goodyear in 2011; thus </p><p>providing ourselves with a stable selling basis. In addition to our E...</p></li></ul>