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Dozen SEO Tips

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Page 1: Dozen Seo Tips

Dozen SEO Tips

Page 2: Dozen Seo Tips

In the highly developed web world, it has become very important for every business to have a website. A business having a great website bears no significance if it doesn't has good amount of traffic, and a website bears great significance if more and more people visit it. Whether your website gets little or huge amount of traffic greatly depends on how much effort you have put in to optimize your site. Search engine optimization is the best method to draw traffic to your site, increase its ranking and gain brand recognition.

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Quality content: Provide quality and unique content with best key words; the content should be easily spreadable. If you consistently write good content and update it, the possibility of more and more people visiting your site increases and as result more and more people find interest in your business.

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Proper keyword research: Do proper key word research before you build a site. Select apt and striking key words as they are building blocks of SEO. Also, don't just focus on single key words, use key word phrases. It would be good if you keep your keywords and key word phrases limited to a dozen.

Page 5: Dozen Seo Tips

Title and H1 tags: Use key words in the title tags. It is very important to include most of your main keywords here. Also, create a H1 tag. You can convey to search engine what you consider to be the most important word or phrase in your website. Remember to include key words even in header tag.

Page 6: Dozen Seo Tips

Use Keywords in Domain: Remember that a website is ranked higher if the domain contains main keywords. Be smart and careful while choosing a domain. So, if you have not selected your domain, you have a great opportunity now to take advantage of this secret.

Page 7: Dozen Seo Tips

Develop smart navigation structure: This technique helps in building lots of internal links. Try to build your site in such a way that search engines could easily navigate through the site.

Page 8: Dozen Seo Tips

URL submission: Submit your URL to Google, Yahoo, MSN and other web directories. This helps in attaining lots of backlinks, which increase your search engine ranking.

Page 9: Dozen Seo Tips

Start Blogging: Start writing blogs and participate in conversions. Things that appear interesting to you may also appear interesting to others (customers) and result in creating a community, which eventually drives more traffic.

Page 10: Dozen Seo Tips

Avoid Unethical Optimization Methods : Avoid links to link farms, phishing, web spammers, gambling, hacker, scam and porn sites. Remember efforts made to fool search engine crawlers will get your website penalized.

Page 11: Dozen Seo Tips

Article Submission: Your site needs to acquire all types of important backlinks to achieve high search engine placement. Writing and submitting articles to article directories is one such method that generates quality backlinks. Also, the author of the article will have the opportunity to exhibit his expertise in a specific field.

Page 12: Dozen Seo Tips

Press release: Press release is one the effective methods to get one-way links from high traffic news sites. It is a simple and easy method to make people know about your website and push your marketing campaigns over the Internet.

Page 13: Dozen Seo Tips

Avoid excessive reciprocal Links: Avoid joining link schemes, excessive link exchanging or excessive reciprocal links and link exchange web rings. This may create ambiguity.

Page 14: Dozen Seo Tips

Repetition: This is the key to success. Keep repeating all the aforementioned tips, support and augment all the processes that work and eliminate that does not.

Page 15: Dozen Seo Tips

Remember SEO is not a one-time effort and success cannot be achieved overnight. It takes a considerable period of time, patience and commitment to succeed. All the aforementioned tips may not push your website to the top most position but if applied effectively will definitely bring closer to it.

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