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  • Dominant ImageThe dominant image in the spread is of the lead singer, Gerard Way, performing in a recording studio. This supports the topic of the article that they were working on new material. The lack of colour in the images reflects the bands stereotypical image and helps contrast with the text.CaptionsThe captions for each photo brings together the article and tells us what is happening in each photo, with a touch of humour. It also brings the magazine together.Pull QuotesThe main title of the magazine is a pull quote from the interview they did with Kerrang!. It is bold and much larger than the rest of the text to make it more eye catching. It reveals a little about the article to the reader.Article TitleThe article title is a pull quote from the main article and is visually appealing. The title is red and white; the red being the lesser important parts of the quote and the white being most important. The size is much larger than the rest of the article text which makes it more eye catching. The font style is bold which makes it stand out more against the background and contrasts with the lower case writing used for the rest of the article.StraplineThe strapline informs the reader of who the article is about by making the writing extra bold to stand out. It offers a promise of exclusive information about the new album which the magazine witnessed the creation of. This draws in the reader to the article and encourages them to listening. KickerThe hook for the article could be either of two things. First the words WORLD EXCLUSIVE which would excite a reader, regardless if they liked the band or not. Also, the band name MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE may draw attention as their readership mainly like their music and would be interested in article because of the subject.Colour PaletteThe colours used in the image are mostly dark, using the imagery of the band being dark with the red standing out the most on the spread.Overall CompositionIn the top right corner, there is a promotion for the magazine along with the kicker. This is the first thing people see when they open the double page spread and will generate initial interest. Below that is the main image which takes up the rest of the page, except the space with a smaller image in the bottom right.

  • Dominant ImageThe dominant image in the spread is of the subject of the article, Lana Del Rey. The image used takes up a full page and draws the attention of the reader. The image uses blue and red contrasting colours to make it eye catching and visually appealing.CaptionsThe image doesnt have a caption, but it doesnt need one as it is obvious who they are interviewing as they state it on the next page.Pull QuotesThere are no pull quotes used in the magazine but they use some quotes in a larger paragraph as an introduction to the article.Article TitleThe article does not have a title but uses an introductory paragraph to give an overview of the article and larger letters to introduce the start of the article.KickerThe first thing people would notice about the article is the giant letter which is eye catching. It also has the name of the subject in the top right corner, in larger writing. Colour PaletteThe colours used the article are plain black and white with parts of it being red and blue, similar to the photos colour palette.Overall CompositionOn the first page the entire page is an image of the subject with a small part left blank at the bottom for the magazine logo and page numbers with a web address. In the top left corner of the other page there is a large letter S and a paragraph taking up the rest of the left side of the page. On the right there is two more paragraphs, the bottom using a larger letter A as a separator for the two paragraphs.Font ChoiceThe font is the same throughout and is easy to read. They use various different text styles (Italics and Bold) to emphasise certain quotes or points made in the article.

  • Dominant ImageThe dominant image is a photograph of the subject taking up the entire of the left page, leaving only the right page for the article.CaptionsThe article /image has no caption but it is made clear who the article is about in the top right corner where they include her name in a large font.Pull QuotesThere are no pull quotes.Article TitleThere is no article title but they do use an intro blurb to introduce the article.KickerThe kicker would be the photo taking up an entire page or the giant L which presents the only colour in the article.

    Colour PaletteMost of the colours used are black and white, with the image been edited to match the colours used. The only other colour used is red which is the main colour of the magazine.Overall CompositionThe entire left page is taken up by the only image, which would catch the readers attention. The subject name is in the top right corner and the article spread over 3 columns with 2 larger letters to show a change in the theme of the article. Overlaying the entire article is a red L which stands out against the rest of the article.Font ChoiceThe font mainly stays the same throughout the article, however the size changes sometimes to emphasize the change of topic.