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  • Dr. Dwight M. Gunter II District Superintendent dgunter@midsouthnaz.org

    April March

    The Grand Canyon is spectacular … and that is an understatement! All who have visited can verify the overwhelming reality of that remarkable place. Karan and I caught a sunrise there on our first visit back in the summer. It was a holy moment.

    However, the day before we visited the Grand Canyon, we took a little self-guided tour through Walnut Canyon National Monument. Ever heard of it? Probably not.

    Walnut Canyon is a place where “cliff dwellers” from ancient cultures once lived. We walked the trails and saw the remains of their homes, the places where life was lived. It was a culture… a civilization … truly a way of life that is no more. All that remains are the ruins.

    That memory came flying into my mind and crashed in on our culture today. What will be said of our culture, our people, our time? Will there be a record of how we lived and related to one another beyond ruins? Will it reflect love, justice, and peace?

    What will be said of our churches? Will we leave a legacy of holy love?

    As I’m pondering these questions another image slowly emerges. It is an enduring image. One that takes ruins and restores them. It is the image of the cross. The cross looked like all was ruined, but we know differently.

    And, I hear the words of Jesus to Peter — “I will build my church and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it.” All is not lost. All is not ruined. In fact, life happens!

    We don’t really know what culture will be like thousands, even hundreds, of years into our future. In fact, we don’t really know what will happen in subsequent generations to today. But, we do know that Jesus is going to build His church.

    My prayer is that our way of life is one that endures, one of Holy Love for God and our neighbors.

  • Rev. Eduardo Lelli Hispanic Ministries Coordinator elelli@midsouthnaz.org

    MidSouth Hispanic Ministry

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    “To inspire, empower and nurture the development of a “culture of multiplication” of new Hispanic congregations

  • Rev. Crystal Petty SDMI Chairman crystal.petty@outlook.com

    Sunday School

    Make the Connection

    People of Prayer • Engaged in the Word • Making Christlike Disciples

    midsouthnaz.org sdmiusacanada.org facebook.com/MIDSOUTHSDMI

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    DISTRICT CHILDREN’S MINISTRIES For connection and resourcing checkout nazkids.org

    Save the Dates: District Children’s Quiz –Saturday-March 21st Don’t forget to check out the Exodus Material for 2021 WORLD QUIZ INDIANAPOLIS JUNE 2021

    CHILDREN’S CAMPS—Mark your calendars NOW! Early Bird Registration Deadline—April 27

    June 22-26: Tween Camp

    June 29-July 2 : Early Elementary Camp

    Sage Retreat - Due to the recent concerns over the coronavirus the Sage Retreat will not take place at this time. Futher details will be communicated later.

    Memphis Women’s Ministry Winter Break-Away - Memphis Holiness Tabernacle March 21, 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM REGISTRATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 16

    More information can be found at https://www.midsouthnaz.org/womens/

    Spring Has Sprung and we are in the season of Lent!

    Hopefully you found the great resource that The Foundry published called Lenten Postcards, if not check it out and plan for next year. As we prepare for this season and the next take a moment to think of ways you can plan to be intentional with discipleship in your Sunday school, small groups, bible studies, and all areas of worship. To be in prayer, engaging in the word and intentionally making Christlike disciples.

    Don’t forget to make plans... District Family Camp @ CGC May 26th-31st District Assembly with Breakout sessions on May 28th-29th


    Mississippi Magnolia Event– March 21st at DaySpring Community Register at EVENTBRITE.COM search for GROWTH WEEKEND

    Mississippi Oak Men’s Weekend March 21ST @ Foundry Church, Flowwood, MS Register at EVENTBRITE.COM & Search GROWTH WEEKEND

  • Mrs. Becky Farley NMI President beckyjo.farley@gmail.com

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    MidSouth Links family Joe & Beth Heath ----------------------- Joe and Beth Heath love connecting people with what God is doing on the Africa South Field and finding ways that they can be a part. They also enjoy helping to equip, empower and train leaders and potential leaders.

    The MidSouth District not only has the privilege to support them as one of our Links families, but we are so honored to have them touring our district on deputation in Mississippi this month THEN as speakers at The MidSouth District Assembly at the end of May!

    Below is their deputation tour schedule. Please support them by attending any of the following services! You will be so glad you did!

    • Sunday, March 22 11 a.m. Pearson Chapel COTN, 512 Co Rd 24, Houston, MS 38851

    • Sunday, March 22: 5 p.m. Mission Area Rally at Rosebloom COTN, 8666 Cascilla Road, Cascilla MS 378920

    • Monday, March 23 7 p.m. Mission Area Rally at Meridian Fitkins COTN, 1110 Dr. Charles Johnson Ave, Meridian, MS 39307

    • Tuesday, March 24 . 6 p.m. Mission Area Rally at Hattiesburg First COTN, 3501 Broadway Drive, Hattiesburg, MS 39402

    • Wednesday, March 25 6:30 p.m. Mission Area Rally at Crossroads COTN, 6150 Firestone St, Ocean Springs, MS 39564

    • Thursday, March 26 6:00 p.m. Mission Area Rally at Gloster COTN, 933 Captain Gloster Drive, Gloster, MS 39638

    • Saturday, March 28 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. KidsJam at DaySpring Comm. COTN, 1100 Business Park Dr., Clinton, MS 39056

    • Sunday, March 29 10 a.m. Bridgepoint COTN, 148 Michel Street, Brandon, MS 39042

  • Rev. Jeremy Byler NYI President jeremybyler82@gmail.com

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    Wow! The Winter has gone and Spring is about to break out in front of our eyes in no time! I hope and pray that this newsletter finds you well and eager to embrace all that the next season has in store for you and the students in your family, church, and community.

    NYI Convention - Save the date! april 22 @ 7PM Due to some scheduling conflicts with District Assembly and our desire to see participation in this event grow; we are stepping outside of the box and hosting a Digital Convention for the first time!

    Our goals in hosting a digital convention are to give voice to and include as many of our churches and NYI delegates as possible. We hope that by holding our convention in a digital format, you will be able to gather with your local NYI or join with a church or two in your area in order to be digitally present to see Recap Videos, Receive the Presidential and Finance Reports, and to participate in the voting process that will elect our MidSouth NYI Council for 2020/21 and our delegates to the General Assembly/Global NYI Convention in 2021.

    Much more information will be coming your way soon. For now, we want you to: • Mark this date on your calendar • Let us know that you are interested in “Hosting” the convention at your location and if you are planning to partner with any churches close to you. • Make sure we have a Valid Email address so that we can communicate these details and get you set up for the actual convention.

    We look forward to having you and your students involved in the First Digital MidSouth NYI Convention, so please, communicate with us so that we can help make sure that you don’t miss out.

    QUIZZING Congratulations to our MidSouth Quizzers who completed their District Quiz in February at Concord Community Church!

    The team from Nashville Grace are the Experienced League champions for 2019/20 and the team from Erin are the 2019/20 champions of the Novice Division.

    We are very proud of the incredible work that these students have put into studying the word of God and look forward to having even more teams involved in Bible Quizzing next year!

    CAMP Start planning now to be part of this INCREDIBLE time of worship, fun, and MIDSOUTH FAMILY!!

    High School Camp- June 1-5 Middle School Camp- June 8-12

    Due to the global and local concerns from COVID-19, TNU and the TNT executive council are postponing TNT@TNU and pursuing alternative dates and options.

  • Rev. Finley Knowles CGC Executive Director finleyknowles@midsouthnaz.org

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    New for 2020 Multi-Generation Family Retreat: A Respite Weekend

    A laidback weekend where the main event is time to spend with your family, friends, and/or yourself. Meals are provided. Opportunity for activity and games are on your schedule. Devotional times for spiri