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    Dr. Priyanka M Jadhav (nee Priyanka B Ingle)


    CRC Pharma LLC, 333 Littleton Road, Suite 302, Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA

    Phone 352.870.0178; 973.928.8563- Ext 125

    E-mail: priyanka.ingle@crcpharma.com ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0001-6545-5530

    Objective & Summary

     A Physician Researcher with Pharmaceutical Medicine training experienced in

    immunology, synthetic- peptide and natural product research, clinical practice, clinical

    research spanning from clinical trial planning, design, conduct, regulatory submissions

    and procedures, development & validation of assessment scale and pharmacovigilance

     Experience of over 7 years in drug discovery and development methods

     Trained in immunology and pathology focusing autoimmune diseases (Sjogrens disease

    and Type 1 diabetes), infectious disease models and methods involved viz-a-viz in-vitro

    & pre-clinical methods including techniques like flow cytometry, RT-PCR, single-cell

    analysis, etc

     Experienced in grant writing, medical writing, pharmacovigilance, data monitoring and


     Involved in DCGI Zonal center at Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital as Clinical research

    trainee and Pharmacovigilance monitor, monitoring and conduct of trial

     Mentored Master’s students of Pharmaceutical medicine and involved in training with

    teaching experience of 3 years

     Managerial capabilities like planning, conducting and raising funds for conferences and

    workshops as a part of State University program

    Professional Experience

    Managing Member and Chief Scientific Officer CSO (2019- till date): MJI Therapeutics

    LLC, 333 Littleton Road, Suite 302, Parsippany, NJ.


     Utilize transdisciplinary approach, to develop novel, innovative therapies and systems

    for current health challenges in communicable and lifestyle diseases as well as for

    maintenance of good health

     Harness the traditional knowledge in conjunction with contemporary medicine to

    develop innovative molecules which are safe, effective and affordable

     Focus on optimal resource management, adopting repurposing methods for much faster

    solutions to current health needs

    Principal Partner & Translational Clinical Pharmacologist (2016-till date): CRC

    Pharma LLC, 333 Littleton Road, Suite 302, Parsippany, NJ.


     Oversee and contribute to management, direction and growth of CRC and its projects

     Currently working as Clinical regulatory consultant for six IND molecules in domain of

    dermatology, cardio-metabolic diseases, autism, etc.

     Formal FDA communications for Pre-IND discussions, INDs application preparation

     Clinical trial disclosure and lay language summary drafting and review

     Provide Clinical Regulatory expertise, commercialization inputs and portfolio expansion


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     Early drug development: Translation from discovery to development phases

     Lead as Clinical regulatory scientist for innovation in areas of immunology and

    infectious diseases, oncology, diabetes and autoimmunity

     Product concept development

     Strategic planning and designing of protocols for lead molecules

     Foster scientific communication by providing support for broad spectrum of medical


     Designing training material and courses in domain of pharmacovigilance (GPP), clinical

    trials (GCP), and Ayurveda system/Natural product drug development

    Post-Doctoral Research Associate (2014-2016): Diabetes Center of Excellence, Department of

    Pathology, Immunology, and Laboratory Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Florida,

    Gainesville, Florida, USA.

    Summary: Working under aegis of Dr. Mark Atkinson, nPOD-JDRF, to understand the

    pathogenesis of type 1 diabetes in pancreatic samples from cadaveric donors

     Understanding the cell plasticity in human pancreas and variability with age

    progression. Histopathological staining – bright field, confocal and immunoflourescent,

    Digital pathology tools- including Aperio, Imagescope and Graphpad Prism

     Grant writing, research publication, presentations and networking with other


     Screening of phytopharmaceutical compounds/ generally regarded as safe(GRAS) (based

    on principles of Ayurveda) compounds in NOD mice model, in-vitro models, islet

    isolation and estimation of activity using techniques like flow cytometry, RT-PCR,

    proliferation assays, others

    Maternity leave 2012- 2013

    Research Scientist (2011 –2012): Infectious Disease and Pathology Department, College of

    Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA.


     Understanding pathophysiology of Sjogrens disease via animal models and in-vitro


     Development and setting up of single cell analysis lab, including automated

    epifluorescence microscope equipped with a motorized stage and phase contrast,

    preparation of chip and hybridization methods

     Analyzing animal tissue using flow cytometry and microengraving technique

     Maintaining SOPs, lab records, research publications

    Assistant Professor (2008 –2011): Department of Infectious Diseases, Maharashtra

    University of Health Sciences, at Seth G.S.Medical College & K.E.M. Hospital, Parel,



     Teaching and training students of MSc Pharmaceutical Medicine for subjects like clinical

    research, ethics, pharmacovigilance, drug discovery and development and regulatory

    affairs, medical writing

     Mentoring them for the research projects for the final dissertation and research


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     Arranging and conducting conferences and workshops for State University and applying

    for grants and raising funds for the same

     Conducting pharmacovigilance activity under DCGI zonal center at KEM hospital,


     Conducting and collecting data for acute febrile illness in the major hospitals in and

    around Mumbai, analyzing the data and submitting to State university for further


     Writing quarterly and annual reports and presenting the papers and reports at various


    Consulting Physician (2005- 2010): Private practice, Navi Mumbai, India


     Examining and treating patients at OPD level

     Consulting for pure Ayurvedic treatment with emphasis on Panchakarma and shaman


    Educational credentials 1. American Medical Writer’s Association (AMWA) certification : Certified MWC (Jan


    2. Ph.D. (Pharmaceutical Medicine) (2009−2013)

    Department of Infectious Diseases and University Department of Interdisciplinary Research &

    Technology, Maharashtra University of Health Science, Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital, Mumbai,



     Based on principles of Ayurveda- symptom correlation- Interdisciplinary approach towards

    first phase of drug discovery & development by searching lead molecules from traditional

    medicine based on previous experience and guidance and optimizing the methods for further


     Diversification of skill set by undertaking in-vitro & preclinical experiments in various

    models for viral and parasitic diseases

     Underwent training and conducted research for in-vitro work of anti-HSV drug at Piramal

    Research Center, Mumbai

     Collaborated with Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai for preclinical screening

    of leads for anti-malarial molecule

     Worked with Serum Institute of India for in-ovo studies for anti-influenza (H1N1) drug

     Tied up with and mentored by Pharmanza Herbals Pvt, Ltd for extraction, standardization

    and authentication of the drugs used in the study

     Presented papers and posters of the research studies and won awards for the same

     Published manuscript and a book resulting from the experiences of the research work

    3. Masters in Pharmaceutical Medicine (2006-2008) graduated summa cum laude, in honor

    rolls of MUHS

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    Department of Infectious Diseases and University Department of Interdisciplinary Research &

    Technology, Maharashtra University of Health Science, Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital, Mumbai,



     Underwent rigorous training for 2 years to understand the drug discovery and development

    process including clinical research

     Conducted, completed and published 2 clinical observational studies, wrote 3 complete

    protocols including ICF, PIS, CRF, etc and presented the paper and won award for the same

     Participated in a Phase 2 clinical trial at Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Seth GSMC &

    KEM Hospital, Parel, Mumbai, assisted in informe