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    Center for Environment and Water

    Research Institute

    King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

    KFUPM Box 756

    Dhahran 31261

    Saudi Arabia

    Tel.: (013) 860-4492 (KFUPM/RI)

    Fax: (013) 860-1205

    Mobile: 0566777724

    Email: mqurban@kfupm.edu.sa



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    Name : Mohamed Ali Qurban

    Date of Birth : 10 September, 1965

    Place of Birth : Taif, Saudi Arabia

    Marital Status : Married

    Citizenship : Saudi

    Native Language : Arabic

    Other Language : English

    Present Address : King Fahd University of Petroleum &


    KFUPM # 756

    Dhahran 31261

    Saudi Arabia

    Tel. : (013) 860-4492 (KFUPM/RI)

    Fax : (013) 860-1205






    mqurban@kfupm.edu.sa, mqurban@gmail.com


    Ph.D. in oceanography (2009), University of Southampton (SOTON),

    School of Ocean and Earth Science (National Oceanography Center),

    Southampton, UK. Ph.D. thesis entitled "An investigation of factors

    influencing the spatial and temporal distribution of surface phytoplankton

    in the English Channel and Bay of Biscay in 2003 and 2004".

    Advanced courses audited at SOTON:

    Chemical oceanography

    Applied Marine Biogeochemistry and Pollution

    Ecological Modeling

    Multivariate Analysis

    M.Sc. in marine science (2000), Florida Institute of Technology (FIT),

    Melbourne, USA. M. Sc. thesis entitled "The population dynamic and life

    history of Bittioulm varioum".


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    Advanced courses attended at FIT:

    Marine Biology

    Numerical Analysis Data

    Biology and ecology of Sea grass

    Marine Benthos

    Reproductive and Larval Ecology of Marine Invertebrate

    Marine Botany

    B.Sc. (1988), King Faisal University, Hafuf, Saudi Arabia. Specialization in

    Aquatic Wealth Development.


    Employment History:

    1988 - 1996

    Scientist, Center for Environment and water, Research Institute, King Fahd

    University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

    1996 -2000

    Research Assistant, Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Fort Pierce,

    Florida, USA. A scholarship for Masters studies in Marine Environment

    Biology in the USA was awarded by the King Fahd University of

    Petroleum and Minerals.

    2003 2008

    Research Assistant, National Oceanographic Center, Southampton, UK. A

    scholarship for PhDs studies in Oceanography in the UK was awarded by

    the King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

    2009-September 17,2010

    Research Scientist, Marine Studies Section, Center for Environment and

    Water, Research Institute - KFUPM.

    September 18, 2010 - Present

    Manager, Marine Studies Section, Center for Environment and Water,

    Research Institute - KFUPM.

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    Assistant Professor, Earth Sciences Department, College of Sciences,


    General Expertise and Research Interests:

    Nutrient uptake potentiality of phytoplankton, motile microalgae and

    their estimation of primary productivity. Biogeochemical cycle of

    nutrients related to fisheries ecosystem through understanding

    nitrification/denitrification process, ecosystems nutrient budget.

    Identification, size fractionation and culture of phytoplankton, benthic


    Transplant techniques for sapling mangrove trees

    The biology and ecology of seagrass

    Invertebrates population dynamic and histological techniques

    Environmental impact assessment for seawater

    Oil Spill Remediation for Habitats and Resources in the Arabian Gulf.

    Preparing technical proposals for local, regional and international


    Preparing and conducting several technical and commercial

    presentations to the clients.

    Dealing with financial issues of projects and proposals.

    Conducting projects kick-off and progress meetings with companys


    Supervising and following -up the Environmental Monitoring Programs

    Monitoring of the marine biological resources and seawater analysis

    Sampling and analysis of various pollution sources.

    Laboratory analysis and data processing.

    Modeling studies for seawater quality.

    Computer Expertise:

    Have basic Knowledge of IBM-compatible PC computer operation

    including word processing, spreadsheets, database management, surfer

    and statistical analysis software, (SAS).

    Multivariate software (PRIMER)


    Ocean Data View (ODV)

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    Received distinguished service award specialized staff KFUPM


    Received Excellence in Leading a Research Project of the Research

    Institute RI/KFUPM 2011/2012.

    Received Distinguished Research Team Award for the project:

    Environmental Impact Assessment for Arabiyah-Hasbah Platforms,

    Power, and Subsea Pipelines RI/KFUPM 2011/2012.

    Research and Projects Involvement:

    Participated in two weeks program sponsored by MEPA (Meteorological

    and Environmental Protection Agency) for the protection of marine

    turtles during the summer 1987/88 in Karan Island, the Arabian Gulf,

    served as a Member.

    ARAMCO sustaining research project conducted by the Research

    Institute for SAUDI ARAMCO. Study the effect of pollution on marine

    organisms (Mangrove, seagrass, phytoplankton, and zooplankton),

    served as a Member.

    Member of the marine pollution task formed by the Research Institute,

    KFUPM and other organization during 1991 oil spill.

    Heavy Metals project Conducted by Research Institute. Study the effect

    of heavy metals of the seashells, served as a Member.

    MEPA cleanup monitoring. Study the cleanup techniques in salt marshes

    affected by the 1991 Gulf Oil Spill, served as a Coordinator. A scientific

    publication has resulted from this project.

    Participation in leg IV of the 100 day Oceanographic Cruise of NOAA

    ship Mt. Mitchell in ROPME sea area, 1992. Study the distribution and

    environment status of algal mat and zooplankton after the 1991 Gulf Oil


    Participation in three oceanographic cruises to Atlantic Ocean funded by

    the National Science Foundation, USA, served as a Member. Culturing of

    the embryos and larvae of deep see (3000 ft) echinoderms, analysis of

    deep-sea 3000 ft sediments, 1998-2000.

    Participation in work with deep-sea submersibles funded by Harbor

    Branch Oceanographic Institution. Making 5 submersible dives to depth

    3000 ft, 1998-2000.

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    Participation in Marine Biological and Oceanographic Database

    Development project, 2001-2002.

    Preliminary Ecological Study of the Corridors of Qatif Producing, Abu-

    Safah Downstream and Inter-QGOSP Pipelines, served as a Member,


    Environmental Impact Assessment for Abu Safah offshore, served as a

    Member. Study and determine the potential level of impact on the

    marine environment of the construction and operation of various

    elements, 2002.

    Project Coordinator for the Investigation of Pollution Problems in

    Dammam Corniche Water, served as a Coordinator, 2002.

    Participation in 25 oceanographic cruises using the FerryBox system in

    English Channel and Bay of Biscay, studying the variation in

    phytoplankton speciation and growth due to hydrodynamic and

    chemical drivers between coastal and open ocean waters, served as a

    Coordinator, 2002-2005.

    Participation in Charles Darwin cruise CD173, 2005, responsible for the

    measurement of dissolved nutrients, served as a Task Leader This

    involved work with a Skalar Auto-Analyser measuring samples

    collected while the ship was underway and from water bottles on CTD

    casts. The target of this cruise was the better understanding of the

    biogeochemistry and hydrodynamics controlling blooms of plankton in

    summer conditions.

    Marine Environmental Sustaining Research Project V conducted by the

    Marine Studies Section, Center for Environment & Water, Research

    Institute for SAUDI ARAMCO 2007-2012., served as a Project Manager

    Oceanor MINI-BUOYS Work Service, additional work with the study of

    the Assessment of Ras Tanura Marine Environment and

    Bioaccumulation Monitoring along the Saudi Coastal Waters of the

    Arabian Gulf 2007-2011, served as a member

    An Annual Environmental Monitoring Survey: Marine Ecological

    Survey and Bioaccumulation Studies and Groundwater Quality Survey

    of the Petro Rabigh Site 2009-2010., served as a member.

    Environmental Impact Assessment for Dredging (Category III) for

    Upgrade of Electrical Power Supply to Abu Ali Plants., served as a

    Project Manager

    Conduct LC-50 Drilling Fluid Sampling and Toxicity Testing 2009-2011,

    served as a Project Manager.

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