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AIR-WICK In-Company Training 2013 Gabriele Meloni (with others)

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AIR-WICKIn-Company Training 2013

Gabriele Meloni(with others)

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agenda NOTE: These are sections taken

from the original presentation and do not represent the final work

Air Care in Italy Positioning Media: TV

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►In 2012, air care’s sales decreased by almost 7% compared to the previous years (2010-2011).►The air care market is highly concentrated. In Italy 75% of electric air fresheners operate using plug-in

format while battery fresheners are a new feature. Manufacturers are promoting candles not only as home decor but

also for some additional properties. In 2013 the trend in fragrances was toward oriental and exotic-

tropical ones.

AIR care in Italya sector analysis

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Air care market is expected to decline. Electric air fresheners will decrease by 2% each year until 2017.

Consumers in general will opt for newer products (flameless candle) and sprays with new technology.

Declining value of sales of car, electric and gel air fresheners will be compensated by a stable trend in standard spray and by a strong growth in candles.

Drugstores are likely to continue to be successful across many home care categories.

AIR care in Italyforecast

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positioningWork on:► Point of Difference ► Point of Parity

Guidelines for our Positioning► Deliverability► Desiderability

Aim: to offer costumers a product capable to arouse emotions through fragrances which will stimulate all the senses

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home decor



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Number of Days 2 (Sat-Sun) 2 (Sat-Sun) 1(Wed)

Location 40 Mini-iper & Superstores

20 Iper, Mini-iperstores 15 Universities

Average cost breakdown Without picture corner With picture corner With picture

corner3*2 metres spot at superstores’ entrance 1.500-2.000€ 2.500-3.000€ 1.500-2.000€

Stand and electronic materials, samples, shooting booth

1.500€ 1.800-2.000€ 1.800-2.000€

Representatives 150-200€ 500-600€ 500-600€Total per booth 3.150-3.700€ 4.800-5.600€ 3.800-4.600€Total per day 126.000-148.000€ 96.000-112.000€ 57.000-69.000€

Total event 252.000-296.000€


57.000-69.000€ESTIMATED TOTAL: 550.000€

Event Example

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Leverage on the Existing Castrignano’s “Cambio casa, Cambio vita”, Sunday 18.40► 10’’ Spots 2 times each episode, 2 months (48.000€)Aim: Focus on Rivitalizing through the new fragrances, in line with the Program message.

What’s New? Paola Marella’s (Sky + Digital Terrestrial)“Cerco casa… Disperatamente”, Thursday 21.10 ►10” Spot , 2 times each episode, 2 months (91.600€)Aim: Same as above but reaching an untouched, much broader audience.

Media channel: TV

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Real Time is a 25-54 women focused channel, it already holds double the audience of LA5 and is costantly growing: it will be easier to establish a partnership.►Product placement

focus on Real Time

► 10 spots (10”) distributed strategically over a working-day on Real time only, 3 days a week (Mon-Wed-Fri) over 1 month

(404.800€). Intensive commercial pressure to boost mainly Brand Recall

and regain Top-of-Mind status over consumers.

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