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  • 1. Prelude http://video.sina.com.cn/ent/v/m/2009-12-26/193560958.shtml24 April 2010 China study lecture series1

2. Dreamof the Red Mansion Presented by Emily Rose24 April 2010 China study lecture series 2 3. Cao Xueqin One of the greatest literary giants in the Chinesehistory Born in 1715 into a very established family oflords and ladies Died in 1763 in poverty24 April 2010China study lecture series3 4. The NovelThe love story between Baoyu, Daiyu and Baochai as the plot line1 emperors favorite royal concubine2 stately homes Rongguofu, and Ningguofu4 generations of lords and ladies12 beautiful Jinling ladies32 dreams108 beautiful girls on 9 Lists of the Beloved120 chapters with the first 80 written by Cao Xueqin and the next 40 by others975 characters, 732 named, 243 not24 April 2010China study lecture series 4 5. The Story Line1. The stone Baoyu and his6. Daiyu lost her dad and jadebecame depressed2. Daiyu lost her mum and met 7. Yuanchuns royal visit and Baoyu Daguanyuan3. Baochai met Baoyu who loved8. Daiyus death and Baoyus Daiyu marriage to Baochai4. Baoyus dream the fate of9. Yuanchuns death and the fall the girls of the four clans5. Qin Keqing and her death 10. Baoyu left the family tobecome a monk24 April 2010China study lecture series5 6. Key Characters- Baoyu - The most spoilt The ladys man The rebel Historical similarities to Werther as in Die Leiden des jungen Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)24 April 2010China study lecture series 6 7. Key Characters - Daiyu - The orphan Baoyus only love The image oftalents, purity andkindness24 April 2010 China study lecture series 7 8. Key Characters- Baochai - The model lady of her time Baochais love for Baoyu The destined as well as the abandoned24 April 2010China study lecture series 8 9. Love vs. Marriage Marriage and politics Love not allowed death of Daiyu Relationships between Baoyu and the servantgirls - Xiren, Qingwen, and Jinchuan Qin Keqing and her father-in-law Wang Xifeng toyed Jia Rui to death Yuanyangs suicide Yuanchun, Yingchun, Tanchun and Xichun24 April 2010 China study lecture series 9 10. Respect for Authorityin a Hierarchical Society The role of Mm Jia as head of the family the revering of the elderly Yuanchuns influence on the family her role as the daughter of the family and as the royal consort to the lords Expectations of Baoyu to secure the family fortunes Baochais aspiration to be enrolled into the palace The repression of individualism, freedom, love, and equality24 April 2010China study lecture series 10 11. Power and Corruption Men and political power Women and domesticpower Wang Xifeng vs.the team of Tanchun,Baochai, and Li Wan Jia Yucun vs. Jia Zheng 24 April 2010 China study lecture series 11 12. The Lack of Sustainability In politicalcorrectness changeof emperors In family fortunes In individualism childhood vs.adulthood24 April 2010 China study lecture series 12 13. 24 April 2010 China study lecture series 13 14. Cao Xueqins Time Worldwide American literature The first novel, William Hill Browns The Power of Sympathy published in 1789 European literature The Age of Enlightenment Enlightenment Romanticism24 April 2010China study lecture series 14 15. English literature1) Historical background A period of comparatively peaceful development Industrial Revolution The struggle of the bourgeoisie against feudalism. 2) Main writers and their works: Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe; Moll Flanders Jonathan Swift - Gullivers Travels William Blake - Songs of Innocence; Songs of Experience Robert Burns - A Red, Red Rose Richard Brinsley Sheridan - The School for Scandal; The Rivals24 April 2010 China study lecture series15 16. The 18th Century Country House The golden age of the English country house Time period of Jane Austen (1775-1817)s stories The separations between the classes the politesociety would stay within their circle Improved roadways meant that they could mingle duringthe London season, then head down to Bath and travelto stay at the various country houses of friends orstrangers24 April 2010China study lecture series 16 17. Chatsworth & Mr. Darcy24 April 2010China study lecture series 17 18. International Interests Russian sinologist, VPVasiliev (1818-1900),and his collection of the manuscripts German sinologist, Franz W. Kuhn (1884-1961),his Baoyu way of life and the first Germantranslation French-speaking Swiss sinologist, PaulDemieville (1894-1979), and his monkey Lin Daiyu in Shakespeares Eyes24 April 2010China study lecture series 18 19. Relevance to Today Old habits die hard the world hasnt changedthat much The lessons we can learn from the rise and fallof the lords The inspirations from the rebels The continuous pursuit for freedom, love andequality24 April 2010China study lecture series 19 20. The End http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTUyNDU5MDA0.html24 April 2010 China study lecture series 20