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AUGUST 2011 www.dreamsandmoney.com MONEY DREAMS MONTHLY PAGES Dream Issue 16 1 8 Higher Standards Agents... Higher Results! Perrii Muthuraman MBA; M.Com HomeLife/GTA Realty Inc., Brokerage* * Independently owned and operated www.homelifegtarealty.com Email : [email protected] 416.473.6100 Sales Representative 1711 McCowan Rd., #206 Toronto, ON M1S 2Y3 Bus : 416.321.6969 Dream Home is within your reach LET ME SHOW YOU WHERE AND HOW? LOVE BEGINS AT HOME Appeal on an immigration matter 2 4 11 Email: [email protected] [email protected] www.indiafinancebazaar.com Mobile: 011 91 99625 34431 / 99628 99343 Doha Brokerage and Financial Services Ltd - Associate of Doha Bank, Qatar Director - India Finance Bazaar President - Indian Financial Market Academy President - · Online Investments in Indian Stock Market · Online Mutual Fund Investments · Online E-Gold, E-Silver Investment (24 carat Pure Gold) · Investments in Indian properties · Corporate Fixed Income Deposit M.Shekar Das Narayanasamy Mortgage Broker 416-543-6614 Fax: 1-888-511-8960, E-mail: [email protected] Lic# M08007147 Real Mortgage Associates Licence No: 10464 SERVICE WITH INTEGRITY, DEPENDABILITY AND KNOWLEDGE & IT’S FREE! FREE!! FREE!!! Read our ePaper anytime www.dreamsandmoney.com MONEY MONEY DREAMS DREAMS & that the U.S. debt and fiscal situation is extremely difficult and that they face very difficult choices. He further said, Canada's fiscal situation is significantly better. And his government is committed to taking "some difficult actions" over the next two years to ensure "that we stay on track and we balance our budget and we arper told reporters that don't see anything like the kind of HCanadians should understand situation we have in the United States". Dreams come true 416 858 9239 Buying a Home? Reducing Debts? what else? For right contacts what is your dream? Lakshmi at COMET SERVICES COMMERCIAL www.cometcommercialservices.com We work with licensed professionals s Immigration matters (especially appeals) s Small claims court matters (value of claim up to $25000). s Traffic tickets. s Dispute resolution services (includes acting for parties in an arbitration or a tribunal.) s Book keeping and income tax services (Quick books/Quick tax) s Business Plans s Commissioner for Oaths Professionalism Integrity Reliability CEO Certified: Immigration Counselor (M095456) Arbitrator - Prof Admin Trust and Estate practitioner SADICK KESHAVJEE T: 416 422 3313 E: [email protected] Harper says Canada U.S. type debt crisis will avoid Will fall? sky INSIDE Your life is limited not by opportunities Where The Real Estate Market Is Heading? Mindful eating for better health 13 9 14 Sales success for Business Owners! 10 8 Markets & Volatility Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul 1.06 1.04 1.02 1.00 0.98 0.96 0.94 AD / USD continues to remain factors. One of them is the interest rate Cabove parity. Recently it touched differential between the Federal Reserve 1.060. Currency value can be expressed (Fed) and the Bank of Canada (BoC). either in terms of Canadian Dollar The differential will affect the value of (CAD/USD; It means 1 CA$=x US$) or these currencies when compared to each American Dollar (USD/CAD; It means 1 other. When the Fed intervenes in open USD= x CAD). For example, If 1USD market activities to make the U.S. dollar =0.9499 CAD then 1 CAD=1.0523 stronger, for example, the value of the USD. USD/CAD cross will increase because it will take more Canadian dollars to The USD/CAD is affected by several purchase the stronger U.S dollar. You can observe in the graph that Canada's dollar weakened from almost a three-year high after a Statistics Canada's report showed the nation's inflation rate slowed in June more than forecast. The forex markets are currently treating the Loonie (Can $) and the Aussie(Aus $) as inseparable. According to Mataf.net, the AUD/USD and CAD/USD are trading with a 92.5% correlation. Their value is often linked to the value of the commodities like oil, gold etc. Canadian Dollar appreciated 5.5% in 2010 against the US Dollar, as an encore to a 16% gain in 2009.Volatility in this pair is remarkably little during this period. What will be the future path of this graph? Wait and see. Real Estate Career Night Interested in Real Estate Career? to Register call 416 298 8383 Coming Soon: Real Estate Class Phase I, Phase II & Phase III When: Where: Twice a month 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. 2250 Markham Road, Unit #3 (Markham & Finch) Come and learn: How to become a Real Estate Agent How to earn 6 figure salary How flexible & rewarding Real Estate career is Exchange rate of US dollar for one C$ (July 28,2010 to July 28 2011) July 27 - The political brinkmanship over raising the U.S. debt ceiling continues to weigh on markets. Markets fear that if U.S. doesn't fix the debt ceiling, there could be a massive, double-dip recession. There are fears that the country could default on its financial obligations, which sends shockwaves through financial markets. The United States has until Aug. 2 to reach a deal to increase its US$14.3-trillion debt limit or face not being able to pay its bills. But even if a deal is reached, there are fears the U.S. could still lose its top credit rating, which would lead to much higher interest payments. That's the reason commodity markets are under pressure; it's tied to the interest Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed Qureshi & Associates 416•757•9999 905•232•5678 2155 Lawrence Ave. East Scarborough, Ontario M1R 5G9 1110 Bloor Street East Mississauga, Ontario L4Y 2N7 All New & Emergency Patients Welcome! Cosmetics & Preventive Dentistry Special Interest in rates. Even a breakthrough deal to lift the debt limit might not spare the United States from losing its sterling Triple-A debt rating; a downgrade that could raise interest rates across the already ailing US economy, analysts said. "There has to be a credible plan to reduce the debt burden as well as the deficit levels," said Standard & Poor's president Deven Sharma. simplifies and brings fresh ideas simplifies and brings fresh ideas increase your networth your networth increases with your network increase your networth your networth increases with your network Advertise with us...... Advertise with us...... Ph: 647 352 4945 Ph: 647 352 4945 YOUR ADVERTISEMENT WILL ALSO APPEAR IN E-PAPER FOR FREE MONEY MONEY DREAMS DREAMS & Rising Canadian Dollar - cheers or concern ?

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The August 2011 issue of Dreams & Money, the free financial monthly.


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Higher Standards Agents... Higher Results!™

Perrii Muthuraman MBA; M.Com

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that the U.S. debt and fiscal situation is extremely difficult and that they face very difficult choices.

He further said, Canada's fiscal situation is significantly better. And his government is committed to taking "some difficult actions" over the next two years to ensure "that we stay on track and we balance our budget and we

arper told reporters that don't see anything like the kind of HCanadians should understand situation we have in the United States".

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Harper says CanadaU.S. type debt crisis


Will fall? sky INSIDE

Your life is limited not by opportunities

Where The Real Estate Market Is Heading?

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Markets &Volatility

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AD / USD continues to remain factors. One of them is the interest rate Cabove parity. Recently it touched differential between the Federal Reserve 1.060. Currency value can be expressed (Fed) and the Bank of Canada (BoC). either in terms of Canadian Dollar The differential will affect the value of (CAD/USD; It means 1 CA$=x US$) or these currencies when compared to each American Dollar (USD/CAD; It means 1 other. When the Fed intervenes in open USD= x CAD). For example, If 1USD market activities to make the U.S. dollar =0.9499 CAD then 1 CAD=1.0523 stronger, for example, the value of the USD. USD/CAD cross will increase because it

will take more Canadian dollars to The USD/CAD is affected by several

purchase the stronger U.S dollar.

You can observe in the graph that Canada's dollar weakened from almost a three-year high after a Statistics Canada's report showed the nation's inflation rate slowed in June more than forecast.

The forex markets are currently treating the Loonie (Can $) and the Aussie(Aus $) as inseparable. According to Mataf.net, the AUD/USD and CAD/USD are trading with a 92.5% correlation. Their value is often linked to the value of the commodities like oil, gold etc.

Canadian Dollar appreciated 5.5% in 2010 against the US Dollar, as an encore to a 16% gain in 2009.Volatility in this pair is remarkably little during this period.

What will be the future path of this graph? Wait and see.

Real Estate Career NightInterested in Real Estate Career?

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Exchange rate of US dollar for one C$(July 28,2010 to July 28 2011)

July 27 - The political brinkmanship over raising the U.S. debt ceiling continues to weigh on markets. Markets fear that if U.S. doesn't fix the debt ceiling, there could be a massive, double-dip recession. There are fears that the country could default on its financial obligations, which sends shockwaves through financial markets. The United States has until Aug. 2 to reach a deal to increase its US$14.3-trillion debt limit or face not being able to pay its bills.

But even if a deal is reached, there are fears the U.S. could still lose its top credit rating, which would lead to much higher interest payments.

That's the reason commodity markets are under pressure; it's tied to the interest

Dr. Fayyaz Ahmed Qureshi & Associates

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rates. Even a breakthrough deal to lift the debt limit might not spare the United States from losing its sterling Triple-A debt rating; a downgrade that could raise interest rates across the already ailing US economy, analysts said.

"There has to be a credible plan to reduce the debt burden as well as the deficit levels," said Standard & Poor's president Deven Sharma.

simplifies and brings fresh ideassimplifies and brings fresh ideas

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increase your networthyour networth increases

with your network

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Rising Canadian Dollar - cheers or concern ?

Page 2: Dreams & Money, August 2011 Issue



ccording to statistics recently Mortgage interest rates also rose in released by The Canadian Real April and May, which may have moved A

Estate Association (CREA), home sales some home buyers to the sidelines.activity over MLS® Systems of A total of 245,170 homes have traded Canadian real estate Boards climbed in hands via Canadian MLS® Systems in June 2011 compared to May. the first half of 2011. Year-to-date sales

Highlights: activity is running in line with the ten-year average, with monthly sales Ÿ Sales activity climbed from May activity having come close to the ten-to June, with a big year-over-year year average from January to June this gain reflecting falling demand in year (Chart A). This highlights the June 2010.relative stability of demand this year

Ÿ Year-to-date sales remain in line compared to the past three years, when with the ten-year average. activity swung significantly above and

Ÿ The number of newly listed below average monthly levels.homes also rose from May to The number of newly listed homes June. also rose nationally by 1.8 per cent from

Ÿ National housing market remains May to June. Gains in Toronto, firmly entrenched in balanced Vancouver, and Ottawa contributed territory. most to the national increase. The rise in

new listings will be especially welcome Ÿ National average price still being news for home buyers in Toronto, where skewed upward by the value of listings have been in short supply sales in expensive Vancouver relative to demand this year.neighbourhoods, with price gains

in other markets providing additional loft.

Seasonally adjusted national home sales activity rose 2.6 per cent in June 2011 compared to the previous month. Two-thirds of local markets posted month-over-month gains in June.

Activity remained stable in Toronto while declining slightly in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. Major markets that saw gains compared to May included Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, London, Hamilton, and Victoria.

“Canadian housing demand remains resilient, thanks to low interest rates, job growth, and home buyer confidence in the economy,” said Gary Morse, CREA's President. “That said, local housing market trends often differ from national trends, so buyers and sellers should consult their local REALTOR® The national housing market to understand how the housing market is remains firmly planted in balanced shaping up where they live.” territory. The national sales-to-new

listings ratio, a measure of market Actual (not seasonally adjusted) balance, stood at 52.6 per cent in activity came in 10.8 per cent above June, little changed from 52.2 per June 2010 levels, but this largely cent in May.reflects falling sales activity last June.

This was also the case for the year-over- About 60 per cent of local year increase in activity in May. Year- housing markets in Canada were over-year comparisons in July may also balanced in June. Almost half of the be stretched by falling activity one year remainder can be classified as ago, since July 2010 marked the low sellers' markets, based on a sales-point for activity last year. to-new listings ratio above 60 per

cent.“The Canadian housing sector remains on a solid footing,” said The seasonally adjusted number Gregory Klump, CREA's Chief of months of inventory stood at six Economist. “The rise in monthly home months at the end of June on a sales activity at the end of the second national basis, holding steady compared quarter, upbeat business sentiment and to May. The number of months of hiring intentions, and signs that the inventory represents the number of Bank of Canada is in no rush to raise months it would take to sell current interest rates bode well for home sales inventories at the current rate of sales activity and prices going into the second activity, and is another measure of the half of 2011.” balance between housing supply and

demand.National sales activity was down 4.7 per cent in the second quarter compared The national average price for homes to levels in the first quarter. This in part sold in June 2011 was $372,700, up 8.7 reflects how new mortgage rules per cent from the same month last year. announced in January and implemented The national average price is becoming at the end of March pulled sales forward less affected by the overall number of into the first quarter at the expense of sales in some expensive Vancouver sales activity in April and May. neighbourhoods, but is still being

Toronto, July 18, 2011 – During the damper on home sales," said Toronto first 14 days of July, Greater Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) President REALTORS® reported an increase in Richard Silver. sales and the average selling price Tight market conditions in the GTA compared to the first two weeks of July drove a strong rate of price growth 2010. The number of sales through the through the first two weeks July. The Toronto MLS® system was up 35 per average selling price was $464,277 – up cent to 3,609, compared to 2,672 last 9.6 per cent compared to the average of year. $423,773 in July 2010.

"Low mortgage rates, rising incomes “Enhanced competition between and good news on the jobs front have home buyers continued to drive strong kept consumers confident in purchasing price growth through the first two weeks a home in the Greater Toronto Area. In of July," said Jason Mercer, TREB's fact, home buyers are much more Senior Manager of Market Analysis. confident than they were this time last "While new listings were up year-over-year when concerns around the HST, year in the first half of the month, seller's interest rate hikes and new mortgage market conditions were sustained as lending rules had temporarily put a sales grew at an even greater rate."

pitched higher by the value of those gains in June. This includes Toronto, sales. Activity in these neighbourhoods where price gains reflect a tight balance has eased from levels reported in between supply and demand.

The information contained in this n e w s r e l e a s e combines both major market and national M L S ® s a l e s information from the previous month.

CREA cautions that average price information can be useful in establish-ing trends over time, but does not indicate actual prices in centres comprised of widely divergent

February and March, while sales neighborhoods or account for price elsewhere across Canada have risen in differential between geographic areas. line with normal seasonal trends. As a Statistical information contained in this result, property sales above $1 million report includes all housing types.in Vancouver West, West Vancouver, MLS® is a co-operative marketing and Richmond now account for a system used only by Canada's real estate smaller but still elevated share of Boards to ensure maximum exposure of national activity. properties listed for sale.

While the effect of Vancouver T h e C a n a d i a n R e a l E s t a t e activity on the national average price Association (CREA) is one of Canada's has begun to wane, broadly based price largest single-industry trade associa-gains in other housing markets are tions, representing more than 100,000 holding the national average price aloft. REALTORS® working through more Close to 80 per cent of local markets than 100 real estate Boards and posted year-over-year average price Associations.

Greater Toronto REALTORS® report an increase in sales

Sales Average Sales AveragePrice Price

City of Toronto ("416") 1,400 $ 481,200 1,085 $ 455,756Rest of GTA ("905") 2,209 $ 453,551 1,587 $ 401,908GTA 3,609 $ 464,277 2,672 $ 423,773

Summary of TorontoMLS® Sales and Average PriceJuly 1st - 14th

2011 2010

416 905 Total 416 905 TotalDetached 410 1,319 1,729 720,808 531,727 576,564Yr./Yr. % Change 15% 46% 37% 12% 10% 9%Semi-Detached 144 231 375 514,351 372,260 426,823Yr./Yr. % Change 20% 41% 32% 8% 11% 8%Townhouse 169 361 530 394,909 344,136 360,326Yr./Yr. % Change 17% 18% 18% 10% 15% 13%Condo Apartment 668 242 910 351,040 281,714 332,604Yr./Yr. % Change 50% 38% 47% 5% 17% 8%

Toronto MLS® Sales & Average Price By Home Type July 1st - 14th

Sales Average Price

Source: Toronto Real Estate Board

The Toronto Real Estate Board is Canada's largest real estate board.

Canadian home sales pick up in June

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man whom we picked up from the drain, half eaten with worms, and we brought him to the home. I have lived like an animal in the street, but I am going to die like an angel, loved and cared for. And it was so wonderful to see the greatness of that man who could speak like that, who could die like that without blaming anybody, without cursing anybody, without compar-ing anything. Like an angel — this is the greatness of our people. And that is why we believe what Jesus had said: I was hungry — I was naked — I was homeless — I was unwanted, unloved, uncared for — and you did it to me.


Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the action that we do. It is to God Almighty. How

Let us thank God for the opportunity And this I appeal in India, I appeal much we do it does not matter, that we all have together today, for this everywhere: Let us bring the child back, because He is infinite, but how gift of peace that reminds us that we and this year being the child's year: much love we put in that action. have been created to live that peace What have we done for the child? At the house. Then we were talking about that How much we do to Him in the person

beginning of the year I told, I spoke they had been to the home for the dying. …….............................................. that we are serving.everywhere and I said: Let us make this We have a home for the dying in

I never forget an opportunity I had in Some time ago in Calcutta we had year that we make every single child Calcutta, where we have picked up more visiting a home where they had all these great difficulty in getting sugar, and I born, and unborn, wanted. And today is than 36,000 people only from the streets old parents of sons and daughters who don't know how the word got around to the end of the year, have we really made of Calcutta, and out of that big number had just put them in an institution and the children, and a little boy of four the children wanted? I will give you more than 18,000 have died a beautiful forgotten maybe. And I went there, and I years old, Hindu boy, went home and something terrifying. We are fighting death. They have just gone home to saw in that home they had everything, told his parents: I will not eat sugar for abortion by adoption, we have saved God; and they came to our house and we beautiful things, but everybody was three days, I will give my sugar to thousands of lives, we have sent words talked of love, of compassion, and then looking towards the door. And I did not Mother Teresa for her children. After to all the clinics, to the hospitals, police one of them asked me: Say, Mother, see a single one with their smile on their three days his father and mother brought stations — please don't destroy the please tell us something that we will face. And I turned to the Sister and I him to our home. I had never met them child, we will take the child. So every remember, and I said to them: Smile at asked: How is that? How is it that the before, and this little one could scarcely hour of the day and night it is always each other, make time for each other in people they have everything here, why pronounce my name, but he knew somebody, we have quite a number of your family. Smile at each other. And are they all looking towards the door, exactly what he had come to do. He unwedded mothers — tell them come, then another one asked me: Are you why are they not smiling? I am so used knew that he wanted to share his love.we will take care of you, we will take the married, and I said: Yes, and I find it to see the smile on our people, even the child from you, and we will get a home …….............................................. sometimes very difficult to smile at dying one smile, and she said: This is for the child. And we have a tremendous Jesus because he can be very demanding You must come to know the poor, nearly every day, they are expecting, demand from families who have no sometimes. This is really something maybe our people here have material they are hoping that a son or daughter children, that is the blessing of God for true, and there is where love comes — things, everything, but I think that if we will come to visit them. They are hurt us. And also, we are doing another thing when it is demanding, and yet we can all look into our own homes, how because they are forgotten, and see — which is very beautiful — we are give it to Him with joy. Just as I have difficult we find it sometimes to smile at this is where love comes. That poverty teaching our beggars, our leprosy said today, I have said that if I don't go to each, other, and that the smile is the comes right there in our own home, even patients, our slum dwellers, our people Heaven for anything else I will be going beginning of love.neglect to love. Maybe in our own of the street, natural family planning to Heaven for all the publicity because it family we have somebody who is The other day I received 15 dollars has purified me and sacrificed me and ……..............................................feeling lonely, who is feeling sick, who from a man who has been on his back for made me really ready to go to Heaven. I is feeling worried, and these are difficult One evening we went out and we twenty years, and the only part that he think that this is something, that we days for everybody. Are we there, are we picked up four people from the street. can move is his right hand. And the only must live life beautifully, we have Jesus there to receive them, is the mother there And one of them was in a most terrible companion that he enjoys is smoking. with us and He loves us. If we could only to receive the child? condition — and I told the Sisters: You And he said to me: I do not smoke for remember that God loves me, and I have

take care of the other three, I take of this one week, and I send you this money. It I was surprised in the West to see so an opportunity to love others as he loves one that looked worse. So I did for her must have been a terrible sacrifice for many young boys and girls given into me, not in big things, but in small things all that my love can do. I put her in bed, him, but see how beautiful, how he drugs, and I tried to find out why — why with great love, then Norway becomes a and there was such a beautiful smile on shared, and with that money I bought is it like that, and the answer was: nest of love. And how beautiful it will be her face. She took hold of my hand, as bread and I gave to those who are Because there is no one in the family to that from here a centre for peace has she said one word only: Thank you — hungry with a joy on both sides, he was receive them. Father and mother are so been given. That from here the joy of life and she died. giving and the poor were receiving. This busy they have no time. Young parents of the unborn child comes out.

is something that you and I — it is a gift are in some institution and the child I could not help but examine my If you become a burning light in the of God to us to be able to share our love takes back to the street and gets involved conscience before her, and I asked what world of peace, then really the Nobel with others. And let it be as it was for in something. We are talking of peace. would I say if I was in her place. And my Peace Prize is a gift of the Norwegian Jesus. Let us love one another as he These are things that break peace, but I answer was very simple. I would have people.loved us. Let us love Him with undi-feel the greatest destroyer of peace tried to draw a little attention to myself, I vided love. God bless you!today is abortion, because it is a direct would have said I am hungry, that I am

If you have liked this page, you would also war, a direct killing — direct murder by dying, I am cold, I am in pain, or I never forget some time ago about like similar page (Popular Speech) in the the mother herself something, but she gave me much more fourteen professors came from the previous issue. To see the July issue, please

— she gave me her grateful love. And United States from different universi- visit: www.dreamsandmoney.com……..............................................she died with a smile on her face. As that ties. And they came to Calcutta to our

Some of the performing ETF’s in the eyes of Dreams & Money Fund Performance as at May 31, 2011 For information only and no recommendation is made. ETF Name Ticker Fund Family Index MER YTD 1-Month 3-Month 6-Month 1-Year BMO Emerging Markets Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF ZEF BMO Funds Barclays Capital Emerging Markets Tradable USD Sovereign Bond Index CAD Hedged 0.550 3.1 1.4 3.6 2.8 11.4 BMO Equal Weight REITs Index ETF ZRE BMO Funds Dow Jones Canada Select Equal Weight REIT Index 0.550 12.7 1.3 5.9 14.1 32.4 BMO Equal Weight U.S. Health Care Hedged to CAD Index ETF ZUH BMO Funds Dow Jones U.S. Large-Cap Health Care Equal Weight Total Stock Market Index Canadian Dollar Hedged 0.350 15.8 1.8 9.6 22.9 31.8 BMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETF ZUT BMO Funds Dow Jones Canada Select Equal Weight Utilities Index 0.550 2.0 3.2 3.2 4.0 18.8 BMO Global Infrastructure Index ETF ZGI BMO Funds Dow Jones Brookfield Global Infrastructure Index 0.550 9.3 3.9 7.0 10.5 31.6 BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weighted Banks Index ETF ZEB BMO Funds S&P/TSX Equal Weight Diversified Banks Index 0.550 10.0 0.1 2.0 10.2 19.2 Claymore Advantaged High Yield Bond ETF CHB Claymore Barclays Capital US High Yield Very Liquid index 0.50 5.8 0.2 1.8 8.3 19.1 Claymore Balanced Income CorePortfolio ETF CBD Claymore The Sabrient Global Balanced Income Index 0.25 4.4 0.8 2.5 6.6 15.9 Claymore Equal Weight Banc & Lifeco ETF CEW Claymore Not Applicable 0.55 8.0 0.3 0.4 12.2 16.0 Claymore Global Real Estate ETF CGR Claymore Cohen & Steers Global Realty Majors Index 0.65 6.1 2.6 3.5 9.0 22.5 Claymore S&P Global Water ETF CWW Claymore S&P Global Water Index 0.60 3.4 1.1 5.6 8.7 22.9 Claymore CDZ Claymore S&P/TSX 0.60 6.9 2.8 3.0 9.2 24.8


Selective portions of a popular speech delivered on December 11, 1979 at Oslo, Norway.

Lord, make a channel of Thy peace

that, where there is hatred, I may bring love;

that where there is wrong, I may bring the spirit of forgiveness;

that, where there is discord, I may bring harmony;

that, where there is error, I may bring truth;

that, where there is doubt, I may bring faith;

that, where there is despair, I may bring hope;

that, where there are shadows, I may bring light;

that, where there is sadness, I may bring joy.

Lord, grant that I may seek rather to comfort than to be comforted,

to understand than to be understood;

to love than to be loved;

for it is by forgetting self that one finds;

it is forgiving that one is forgiven;

it is by dying that one awakens to eternal life.St. Francis of Assisi

s we have gathered here together to thank God for the Nobel Peace Prize I Athink it will be beautiful that we pray the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi which always surprises me very much.

by Mother Teresa

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e are all aware of what 3. Space provides us with potential.Whappens when we spend more 4. Space provides us with freedom.than we can financially handle.

5. Space provides us with Most of us have a fairly good grasp Space deprivation on public transit at relationships.

of budgeting and balancing our income rush hour.6. Space provides us with self-with our expenses/savings. Because the Not only is one's Space limited when discovery.consequences can be so dire when we squished together, so is one's freedom. 7. Space provides us with perspective.don't manage this area of our lives, we Just think of it. You are not free to sit our possessions. Hoarder Exposés show

will take action fairly quickly to restore 1. Space provides us down, despite how tired you might be. the degree of Space annihilation to stability. with movement.You certainly can't fling open your which some individuals will go for their

We also know what happens when paper and browse the sports section. things. In the extreme of self- As we have seen in the examples of we eat more than our bodies can process r u s h - h o u r t r a v e l a n d p r i s o n through normal daily life, given our confinement, we need Space to move. lifestyle and exercise level. There is a Although individual ranges of wealth of information available to assist movement may vary and change with us in fine-tuning this relationship, either our life stages, the Space must allow for 'amping' up our energy output, or paring us to extend to our capabilities. down by dropping useless or non- Obviously a brand new baby has fewer nutritive foods. For most of us, we will Space requirements than a six year old, not let this get too out of hand, starting and a thirty-something may have more some kind of program within a 5-10 lb. activities than an advanced senior. weight gain. Nonetheless the Space should exceed,

(albeit slightly) the amount of In either case, the message is the movement within.same – you have to work within the

limits of what you have. 2. Space provides us with growth

This same principle applies to Space Forest trees need a certain amount of Management. We do know what it is like Space in which to grow. If too dense, the to experience Space deprivation, taller, stronger trees will crowd out the although we may never actually call it weaker ones, blocking their light and And, no matter how small your latest destruction, they are similar to the that. Anyone who has ever sat in rooting for water/minerals. The result is gadget is, using it is hard if one arm is morbidly obese or the financially gr id lock on the h ighway has some trees die. hanging from a grab strap, while the reckless.experienced what happens when the Grow or die, and growth needs Space other clutches your daily commute So let's talk about Space. Is it just an number of objects in a Space exceeds – to work, to sleep, to eat, to play, to bag(s). But we usually grin and bear it, empty vacuum to be filled?the capacity of that Space to process the relax, and for expansion opportunities. as we know this restriction is temporary. movement of the objects through it. Ancient wisdom, (and modern If there were no extra Space beyond Soon we will reclaim our personal Nothing moves. In contrast, when the physics) would disagree. which we already occupy, where would Space.number of vehicles is few, we flow Space is actually a resource, a we expand?But, what about Space Management through effortlessly, enjoying the road commodity. Businesses/Real Estate I will continue discussing the at home?as it was meant to be enjoyed, (as shown measure Space by dollar value per benefits of Space and how this applies at in car commercials) and in a much better Well, to start with, once you cross square foot. If our Space were to be home in my next installment. In the mood. And, the luxury of interior your thresh hold, somehow the Laws of reduced drastically, as in a prison term, meantime, I suggest you take some time automotive Space was spawned, at least the Universe change. For instance, after we would certainly notice its absence. to observe if you actually have sufficient in part, by the experiences of previous thirty days, any objects within your

With what does Space provide us? Space in your environment. Stay tuned generations scrunched together during envi ronment ac tua l ly v isua l ly Among other things: for Part 2.long road trips, while trying to enjoy a disappear, merging seamlessly with the

Janine Gwendoline Smith is available for vacation. Some of you might remember 1. Space provides us with movement.existing field. And for some strange coaching, consultation and organizing those pre-SUV days. reason, we will tend to decrease our 2. Space provides us with growth. services. She can be reached at: 416-694-

need for personal Space, deferring it to 7070 E-mail: [email protected] might have had a sampling of


Janine Gwendoline Smith


ecently, a client came to me In the case of sponsorship of parents, with a matter to appeal on. My sometimes there can be problems with R

discussions with him made me realize income of the sponsor which has to be at the need to share my experiences with Y o u s h o u l d a minimum, failing which the people in this regard. therefore keep all application can fail.

copies of phone Many individuals sponsor new There is a case where the husband records, letters and e spouses or other family members to did not have enough of an income. The mails received, hotel come to Canada without understanding good news is that during appeal he b i l l s f o r t r i p s the process clearly. The result is succeeded because by then he had the together either whilst rejection of many applications. requisite income. This is the exception, courting or after Understand that the sponsorship process rather than the rule. marrying.is complicated. Know if your The moral behind this is that make

sponsorship application is rejected you There was a case sure all your ‘ducks are in a row” as the must file an Appeal within a time limit where a couple was saying goes before sponsoring your or you will lose your appeal rights. It is a refused because their spouse or other family member.lengthy process. marriage, in the

The appeal process can be very home country was First and foremost, you must have a stressful, and in the event that a not consummated, valid case for appeal. Sometimes, a professional is hired, make sure he or (i.e. they did not live couple even though validly and Even in arranged marriages, though she is licensed. It is often a good idea to as man and wife) before the husband left genuinely married, do not produce you have not met your spouse prior to request a retainer agreement. It is also a for Canada to sponsor the wife.adequate proof to satisfy the concerned getting married, at least you must good idea to request a partial “refund” authorities. This could have caused the The reason was that their respective satisfy the authorities that you know clause in the retainer agreement, in the necessity for appeals. parents did not want them to live as man certain important basic facts about your event the application fails

and wife until she arrived in Canada. We respective families. The immigration officer is looking Sadick Keshavjee is a licensed had to prepare several statutory for evidence of a legally valid, genuine The authorities also need to satisfy immigration counsel, and also does declarations to show it was only because marriage. You can satisfy this themselves that you were properly appeals in the Immigration Appeal of cultural sensitivities, that their requirement through marriage photos introduced, that you were in constant Division, as well as IAD’s theremarriage was not consummated. I was and other documents including touch, and you went on a proper He can be contacted at 416 422 3313 or happy to note that they now live happily communications exchanged. honeymoon. email : [email protected] as man and wife in Toronto. www.cometcommercialservices.com

Appeal on an immigration matter

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he TTC could be facing a $100-Tmillion budget hole next year and is scouring for new ways to fill the gap.

The cash-strapped TTC has increased the amount of space available for advertising on its subway trains, buses and streetcars. It has awarded advertising rights throughout its system to Pattison Outdoor, with a new contract for 12 years effective January 1, 2012. The new contract covers al l advert is ing opportunities on and in subway stations, trains, buses and streetcars. The stations will be updated with new poster frames featuring local business improvement area (BIA) names. Pattison will also be able to wrap more buses and trains than were previously permitted. The minimum guaranteed payment to the TTC over the first 12 years is $324 million.

The Toronto Public Space Initiative has raised voice against this contract. According to TPSI Project Manager Rami Tabello, “a large increase in high-tech, flashy, all pervasive, and intrusive ads will make the TTC less enjoyable to use. It could even irritate customers. Toronto's identity and public spaces have a value. We should manage them more like the Swiss bank and less like the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.”

Jayme Turney, Executive Director of TPSI opines that our public spaces reflect the vibrant history and diversity of the City and they should not be for sale.

“How are these buses going to fit in with the city's street beautification program?” enquires a concerned citizen. “The city has spent many millions of dollars putting in flower boxes, shrubbery, and trees on some streets. All the plants have been colour coordinated and placed into a pattern designed by some landscape architect. Now into this harmonious picture we see twenty colour clashing billboards on a moving bus. Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?”

“If the money can actually be directed towards improvements and expansions, I don't mind. I think the TTC is in a desperate state, which calls for this d e s p e r a t e m e a s u r e . ” A n o t h e r Torontonian reflects perhaps the majority view.

Corporate sponsorship is also in the cards - and companies could re-name entire lines as well as individual stations. Dundas would be used as a pilot project that other stations could copy; Ryerson University president Sheldon Levy confirmed the university's interest in attaching its name to Dundas Station in order to he lp pay for s ta t ion improvements.

TTC assured critics the commission will have the final say on any serious sponsorship proposal, and the public will have an opportunity to express its views.

The terms of the contract stipulate that the TTC has “sole discretion” over

the sale of naming rights on its property. single theme — remains limited to four However, Councillor Janet Davis raised stations: Finch, Union, Eglinton and St. concerns about a clause that says George, but an unlimited number of bus proposals “may” come back to the backs are available for ads, up from 50 commission for approval. Councilors now.Davis (Beaches-East York) and Augimeri What are your thoughts? It is your (York Centre) unsuccessfully tried to city. Voice your opinion. Selected stop this deal from going through. opinions will be published in the next

The new advertising contract issue. increases the number of buses or streetcars that can be “wrapped” in ads from 35 to 50 (out of about 1,800 buses and 245 streetcars) and doubles the number of subway cars to 24 (out of about 700 cars).

Station domination — an advertiser covering a station from top to bottom in a

Beauty and valueof public place

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Dream come true is truly an inspiring story. It touched my heart. I prayed for that young man.

Louise Forrest, Toronto

I read your articles on wine with interest. I have not tasted it so far. For health reasons, can I start it now?

Rajan, Scarborough

The very first tip on moderate drinking says, "if you don't drink, there's no need to start now." (refer page 8 of July issue)

Chief Editor

Borrow & live happily ever after. Interesting! I learnt some new information. Trust me. I am going to follow your advice.

Rani Cyril, Mississauga

I enjoyed reading "Management by Prioritising" It is very practical and highly informative.

Lawrence Frank, Ajax

You said it!Your mails!


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Jayme, Dreams & Money negative and makes no financial appreciates your public initia- sense if you look at the big tives. Whether it is TTC or any picture. other corporation, at the end of How do you manage funding for the day, surplus money is needed your public initiatives?to run the business successfully.

We rely on donations, In this instance, raising the fare volunteers, and efficiency and beyond a point is ruled out. So,

are thankful for all of the support we in your opinion, what is the option for the have.Mayor, who is elected on the promise of

not taxing the people? What is the reward for you for spending your time and energy for a public cause? I value efficiency and sound manage-

ment as much as much as the Mayor. Nor It's personally fulfilling and enjoy-do I want to see the average person pay able. I think the issues we deal with in more than their fair share of taxes. Over public space relate to broader concerns the last 30 years or so we've burdened the around democracy and community poor and middle class with regressive building and I'm happy to do it for its own taxes and with wage stagnation. This has sake.helped corporate profits but it's not fair, Finally, what is your message for our and it's bad for our economic fundamen- readers?tals.

Our organization has a stake on the The best solutions for Toronto's issue and whether majority people agree

troubles call for strong leadership, effort with us or not I think we can all agree that and creativity. For example, many have local communities should have a say in pointed out that we don't need to hire what their parks, streets, community highly paid police to guard constructions centres, and subway stations are named. sites in this city. It's estimated that This is about our civic identity. This is taxpayers paid $7.8 million in 2009 for even about home values, which can be 'guard duty'. I think this alone is a lot affected by a street name and presumably more than what we'll get from selling off a nearby park name if it sucks badly. Even naming rights and from selling more ad our medical associations raise concerns space on our streets, subways and in our about too much advertising and the effect parks under the new policy proposals. on children. Meaningful public consulta-

We can even fundraise in the commu- tions are necessary to debate all of these nity. The fantastic Museum station re- issues but our politicians don't seem to design was partly paid for by partnering want to hear your voice, they just want to w i t h t h e To r o n t o C o m m u n i t y sell and do it quickly before you can say Foundation. no. Make your voice heard and contact

your local councillor now.Selling out our public spaces is

Executive Director of Toronto Public Space Initiative (TPSI)INTERVIEW WITH JAYME TURNEY

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Page 8: Dreams & Money, August 2011 Issue



his joke reminds me how people devote time to eating.T

Adults in the United States and Canada devote an average of 1 hour and 12 minutes per day to eating, yet spend between 2½ and 3 hours per day watching television.

So, what is required? My answer is The speed at which you eat isn't the mindful eating. Eating mindfully means only problem. As multi-taskers, you eating with awareness. Mindful eating is often pair eating with other activities, being present, moment by moment, for such as driving or working at your 5. Focus on each mouthful. Think each sensation that happens during desks. It is rare that you're simply eating about the flavor, texture and even the eating, such as chewing, tasting and when you're eating. If the mind is multi- sound of the food in your mouth. Focus swallowing. If you've ever practiced tasking, critical signals that regulate on how much you like, or dislike these mindfulness in any way, (such as

sensations.meditation, relaxation or breathing exercises) you are familiar with how 6. Chew. Make sure you chew your easily your minds wander. The same food enough around 15-20times per bite happens when you eat. If your mind is so that it is well broken down before you drifting off the experience of eating, swallow. gently bring it back to the awareness of 7. Use cutlery and put it down that taste, chew, bite or swallow. between mouthfuls. It's much easier to

How to master the art of take smaller portions when using a mindful eating: knife and fork

1. Start small. Like all new habits, 8. Talk and share. One of the joys it's best to set realistic expectations. of eating is sharing a meal with loved Choose one meal or snack each day and ones. It can be challenging to incorpo-commit to focusing on mindful eating at rate mindfulness in a social situation but that time. not impossible. Turn the focus of the

food intake may not be received by the conversation onto the meal like sharing 2. Stop multitasking at meal times. brain, when eating. If the brain does not the experience in terms of flavors and It's really difficult to focus on eating if receive certain messages that occur textures, likes and dislikes. you're doing other things. Set aside time during eating, such as sensation of taste

for eating without other entertainment. 9. Go for quality not quantity. By and satisfaction, it may fail to register choosing smaller amounts of the best the event as "eating". This scenario can 3. Only eat at the table. Another food you can afford, you will not only lead to the brains continuing to send out way to minimize mindless munching is processed.enjoy it more, you're far more likely to additional signals of hunger, increasing to get into the habit of only eating when This is the conclusion. Mindful be satisfied without having to over eat. the risk of overeating. The other major you are sitting down and able to give the eating is a kind of meditation. Enjoy and

problem caused by mindless eating is food your full attention. No more 10. Make time to prepare your own practice it .In turn, it will reward you obesity. If the mind is tuned out during snacking on the run. meals, preferably from fresh ingredi- with better health, image and self-mealtime, the digestive process may be ents. The cooking process can be as 4. Appreciate the appearance. esteem.30% to 40% less effective. This can relaxing and enjoyable as eating if you Taking the time to notice sets the scene Uma Palaniappan MS.RD is a registered contribute to digestive distress, such as let it. Think also about the places and dietitian at Kaiser Permanente San Jose CAfor mindful eating.gas, bloating and bowel irregularities. people associated with the food to be

By Uma Palaniappan MS.RD

Mindful eating better health forA man says to a friend, ''My wife is on a three-week diet.''

''Oh, yeah? How much has she lost so far?'' ''Two weeks. ”“

Male FemaleMale FemaleMale Female

Term 10* age 30 age 40 age 50

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$ 100 000$ 500 000

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$ 12$ 21

$ 13$ 40

*The most preferred rates. Rates may vary based on your health and smoker status.To Save Money & Buy Peace –Talk to , your trusted advisor**. **Representing Manulife, RBC Insurance, Canada life, Industrial alliance and many others

Perrii Phone: 416 473 6100

Protect your most valuable asset - yourself and your loved ones Buy term insurance buy peace. Price: cup of coffee a day or even less.Save money. Compare our rates with Banks' Mortgage insurance rates.

Ginger has been used as a natural remedy for many ailments for centuries. Now, science is catching up and

A review of several studies has effective remedy for the nausea associ- given the positive effects ginger has researchers around the world are finding concluded that ginger is just as effective ated with motion sickness. upon the digestive tract. that ginger works wonders in the

5. Reduces Pain and Inflammation 8. Migraine Relieftreatment of everything from cancer to migraines. Here are ten health benefits One study showed that ginger has Research has shown that ginger may of this powerful herb. anti-inflammatory properties and provide migraine relief due to its ability

1. Ovarian Cancer Treatment is a powerful natural painkiller. to stop prostaglandin from causing pain and inflammation in blood vessels.6. Heartburn ReliefGinger may be powerful weapon in

9. Menstrual Cramp Reliefthe treatment of ovarian cancer. A study Ginger has long been used as conducted at the University of Michigan a natural heartburn remedy. It is In Chinese medicine, ginger tea with Comprehensive Cancer Center found most often taken in the form of brown sugar is used in the treatment of that ginger powder induces cell death in tea for this purpose. menstrual cramps.all ovarian cancer cells to which it was

7. Cold and Flu Prevention and 10. Prevention of Diabetic applied.

Treatment Nephropathy2. Colon Cancer Prevention

Ginger has long been used as a A study done on diabetic rats found A study at the University of as vitamin B6 in the treatment of natural treatment for colds and the flu. that those rats given ginger had a

Minnesota found that ginger may slow morning sickness. Many people also find ginger to be reduced incidence of diabet ic the growth of colorectal cancer cells. helpful in the case of stomach flush or nephropathy (kidney damage).4. Motion Sickness Remedy

3. Morning Sickness food poisoning, which is not surprising (Source : healthdiaries.com)Ginger has been shown to be an

Modern research Grandma knows discovers what

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A message from the

seasons greetings!Dentist:Are you looking for a dentist? Let us introduce ourselves in the area of

Scarborough/Mississauga. We consider your comfort and oral health

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re you planning to buy or sell the close to 4,500 transactions involving homes? Looking for some foreign money over the past five years A

advice? Listen to Canadian Banks were above the $1 million mark, with an before you make up your mind. Here are average purchasing price of just under selected portions and main points from $600,000. In fact, foreign money May also pushed some home buyers to Banks' reports on housing (real estate) accounted for only 2.6% of all sales the sidelines, while expectations of trends and forecast in Canada. (mostly condominiums) during the higher rates to come have also cooled

same period—hardly a dominant force. the market.However, that could be a serious

C I B C E c o n o m i s t , underestimate, as it is based on where Benjamin Tal recently released Canada's housing market property tax assessments are mailed,

an interesting report examining the is poised for a "moderate and would exclude offshore buying on possibility of a housing bubble in correction" over the next behalf of children or other local proxies. Canada. Some quotes from the report. two years, with prices and resales due to Moreover, foreign buying is probably

slow because of subdued household "So is it a bubble? Glancing at much more dominant in specific income growth and rising interest rates.popular metrics such as the price-to- parts of the city, such as the west

income ratio or the price-to-rent ratio, it side." Fewer first-time home buyers are is tempting to conclude that the housing expected to enter the market. Stiffer market is already in clear bubble rules for insured mortgages were

Canada's housing territory and a huge crash is inevitable. implemented earlier this year. Still, the market is "in transition" and Tempting, but probably wrong. When it key drivers of housing demand will

resale and pricing will cool comes to the Canadian real estate remain supportive over the rest of the over the next year in a signifi-market at this stage of the cycle, any year, but will become less favorable cant slowing from the boom years in the statement based on average numbers over 2012-13.

market. In fact, removing properties that previous decade. can be hugely misleading. The truth is The booming market, which had are above the $1 million mark reveals a buried in the details—and there the Resales in Canada would rise just 0.9 raised fears about growing household much more moderate price appreciation picture is still not pretty, but much less percent in 2011 to 451,200 homes, and debt levels, is now widely expected to and reduces the average sale price by alarming " remain unchanged in 2012. cool gradually.$220,000 to just over $590,000. So what "Take Vancouver out of the picture Flat resales trends would contrast makes Vancouver abnormal is the high Resale activity is expected to decline

and this rate slows to 5.6%. Exclude starkly with average annual increases of end of its property market. 15.2 percent, while prices are estimated both Vancouver and Toronto and the 6.6 percent in the seven years that to fall 10.2 percent, over the next two And in this context many, including price increase is only 3.7% " preceded the 2008 market downturn and years. Vancouver and Toronto, the Governor Carney, point the finger at recession."Zooming in on the high profile country's priciest markets, are forecast foreign—mainly Asian wealth—as the Vancouver market, we see that the gap We're more likely to see at least over to have larger than average declines.main driver here. Data on the extent of between average and median prices is the next couple of years, very flat that role is quite limited. Our analysis of No market is likely to experience a a p p r o a c h i n g a n a l l - t i m e activity and fairly subdued growthdata obtained from Landcor Data housing boom over the medium term.high—indicating a highly skewed Corporation suggests that only 10% of Higher mortgage rates in April and




Turn Pg.11

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very business owner wants to Ÿ In which stage your market is? increase his sales for the months Innovators stage? early adaptors E

to come and most don’t even have a clue stage? or is it a mature market? what to do. Here are some Tips and Different strategies are required suggestions that you can put into for different stages.practice. Ÿ You cannot sell a regular product

to the innovators and an innova-tive product to a general audience.Ÿ First understand that all businesses

need products and services to Ÿ Understand whether the product – market and as a business owner market fit happens. When it you need to understand the happens, think of the ways to difference between selling a expand it to the next level, if you service and a product. are in the innovators or early

adopters stage in particular.Ÿ Find your target audience for your product. The best way is to first understand your target group Ÿ The general assumption is that before you narrow down to your most sales guys think that market-product. ing is separate from the product.

Ÿ First don’t try selling your product But in reality, product is part of rather try understanding your marketing.customers. Ÿ Continuous refinement of product

Ÿ Customers demand = opportunity. should go hand in hand along with marketing efforts.

Ÿ Remember that, there is a market-ing component to every product.Ÿ You need to understand your

market. Given below is the Ÿ Try Creating a Purple Cow! general cycle for your understand-ing.

Ÿ Be creative when you create offers

What to do to increase sales?

Product is part of Marketing

Which stage of the Marketare you in?

Be Creative, be realistic!

Technology Adoption Life Cycle ModelMainstream Market



Visionaries(Early Adopters)

Pragmatists(Early Majority)

Conservatives(Late Majority)


and marketing campaigns, but at the same time be realistic.

Ÿ Study competitors and your industry benchmarks, as external sources add more information to your creativity.

Ÿ More than the ability to sell / persuade, one should understand

Ÿ Understand that customers come the market. Should understand first. Creativity comes second. what customers buy? And why

they buy?

Ÿ If you know the market, you can easily narrow down target groups

Ÿ Lead generation is the key to and strategize your approach to

sales success. Without proper fit to your target groups.

leads there can not be good number of sales.

Ÿ Understand that most of the Ÿ The time spent for Lead genera-businesses are seasonal and few tion should be more than the sales months of the year the business presentations that you do, would be up and in few months it because without proper leads will be down.there would be no sale.

ŸWhen it comes to delivery mecha-Ÿ Take time to investigate the nism - Use all kinds of methods

previous year’s trends and from direct marketing to web understand facts, market reali-marketing for lead generation.ties.

Ÿ You cannot expect miraculous Ÿ Strategize and plan your market-results within a short duration,

ing efforts earlier. Plan it for all always marketing activities fetch quarters.you results only in long term.

Execute it as per Plan!Ÿ It takes more than 27 times to see an advertisement before a customer decides to enquire Barath Surendran lives in India. Currently

Heads a Training company Techemate about the product.Leadership Academy. Contact for consulting

Ÿ So, sales guys should do lots of and training: +91 9444063345, +91 repeated sales calls to prospec- 8122219316 [email protected]

tive leads.

Understanding the market is the key!

Customers come first

Lead Generation is the life

blood of all sales.

Is your business seasonal?

Investigate the previous Use all kinds of methodsyears trends

Go Long term!Plan your marketing efforts

About the Author:

By Barath Surendran

Sales success Business Owners! for

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hen a young salesman met his untimely end, he was informed W

that he had a choice about where he When the tour ended, he was sent back up would spend his eternity: Heaven or where the angel asked him if he had reached a final

Hell. He was allowed to visit both places, and then decision.make his decision afterwards.

"Yes, I have," he replied. "As great as Heaven "I'll see Heaven first," said the salesman, and an looks and all, I have to admit that Hell was more of

angel led through the gates on a private tour. Inside it my kind of place. I've decided to spend my eternity down there."

The salesman was sent to hell, where he was immediately thrown into a cave and was chained to a wall, and he was subjected to various tortures. "When I came down here for the tour," he yelled with anger and pain, "I was shown a whole bunch of bars and parties and other great stuff! What happened?!"

The devil replied, "Oh, that! That was just the Sales Demo."

was very peaceful and serene, and all the people there were playing harps and eating grapes. It looked very nice, but the salesman was not about to make a decision that could very well condemn him to a life of musical produce.

"Can I see Hell now?" he asked. The angel pointed him to the elevator, and he went down to the Basement where he was greeted by one of Satan's loyal followers. For the next half hour, the salesman was led through a tour of what appeared to be the best night clubs he'd ever seen. People were partying loudly, and having a, if you'll pardon the expression, Hell of a time.

Salesman Hell chooses

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If you're planning to stay in a hotel the phone anyway.sometime soon, keep an ear out for fishy "You don't give out the credit card phone calls in the early morning. number to someone over the phone

The Better Business Bureau issued a unless you initiated the call and you nationwide alert due to an increase in know who you're calling."hotel phishing scams involving credit The BBB says most hotel employees cards. won't call your room after 9 pm.

According to reports from several Stevens says if you get a call asking for victims from a hotel in Dallas, someone card information, tell them you'll meet called their hotel room late at night or them in person.early in the morning posing as a front "The first thing you do in the event desk employee. They'd say that the you get that phone call, you say 'Ok, I'll computer system in the hotel had be right down to the front desk,' and you crashed or glitched, and they needed hang up the phone and go down to the credit card and personal information in front desk...and the front desk will look order to charge for their room. at you and say 'What are you talking

The victims, often half-asleep and about? We didn't just call you,' and groggy, gave the credit card info without you'll know it was a scam."knowing what was going on. If you do fall victim to one of these

Tom Stevens, president of the Better scams, it's important to cancel your Business Bureau of Northeast Florida, credit card right away, as well as calling says as a rule of thumb you shouldn't be to report fraud and identity theft.giving out that kind of information over (source : http://www.wokv.com/)

ladies (or gents with fake names of ladies) are also active in this fraudulent business and they do attach photos of ladies (?) with the message to impress the recipients.

If you are interested to know more about these scams, here are links about these fraudulent business operators:

http://www.met.police.uk/fraudalerbank charges, lawyers fees, courier fees,

www.crimes-of-persuasion.comtaxes payable for lottery winning,

http://www.fraud.org/insurance charges etc. If you remit them money in the hope of receiving "mil- http://www.fraud.org/internet/inttip/intlions of dollars", they vanish after tip.htm getting your money. http://www.snopes2.com/inboxer/scam

The operators of fake lottery s/nigeria.htmcongratulate you for winning millions http://www.crimes-of-of Dollars/Pounds/Euros in their fake persuasion.com/Nigerian/lotteries.htmlottery (for which you never purchased

http://www.fraud.org/tips/internet/swetheir lottery tickets!!!) and then they epstakes.htmrequest your personal details including

your bank account details and also ask http://www.lottery.co.uk/info/scams.asyou to pay them various charges. They pnever ask you to remit the money http://www.lottery.co.uk/genhtml/?pagthrough proper banking channel, but e=scam8

request you to send money through http://www.lottery.co.uk/genhtml/?pagWestern Union or Money Gram. In e=scam5some cases, as per news report, http://www.snopes.com/crime/fraud/nithey have withdrawn from the geria.aspbank accounts of internet users

after receiving latter's bank Whenever you receive such fake and account details. fraudulent e-mails, you should com-

pletely ignore such e-mails and delete It is needless to say that all these them..types of e-mail messages are fake, false

and fraudulent. Never pay attention to these messages and never provide your personal and your bank account details, otherwise you will have to regret. Some

Mr.Qasim Abbas is a writer and educator with a mission. He writes for various newspapers in Gujarati, Urudu and English published from North America and Pakistan.

ow a days fake and fraudulent e-mails regarding, WINNING N

O F L O T T E R Y, B U S I N E S S I N V E S T M E N T P R O P O S A L S , TRANSFER OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS, CHARITY GIVING, all the cases, they also request you to ASSISTANCE FOR RELEASING pay in advance some charges to be paid BOX CONTAINING MILLIONS OF at their end to release the money to be DOLLARS, APPOINTMENT OF transferred (?) to your bank account. COLLECTION AGENTS etc. etc. are These charges represent, as they say, being sent to various internet users by some imposters mainly from African countries. These cheaters and imposters introduce themselves as lottery opera-tors, bank officers, retired servants, lawyers of deceased celebrities, lawyers of sick millionaires, widows of assassi-nated political heads, etc. etc. Often, they use the prominent corporation's names and logos such as Yahoo, Microsoft, Toyota, Volks Wagon etc.in their fake e-mail messages

In all such cases, these conmen ask you for your personal details including your bank account in order to remit you so called millions of Dollars. In some cases they ask you to come to their country or to another country in order to arrange the transfer of millions of Dollars to your bank account. In almost

From Pg.9 two notable exceptions: Pricey Vancouver (-1.7%) and heated Toronto WHERE THE REAL ESTATE...(-0.4%). Both of these cities also saw

Scotia Banknew listings rise about 2.5%, which, at

Canadian real estate, least in Toronto, took some momentum though it has retreated out of prices—average Toronto prices

from its highs of 2005 through 2007, is fell a seasonally-adjusted 1.1% in June, still supported by steady job creation but are still up nearly 10% y/y as the and still attractive borrowing costs. But local market appears to be one of the a tightening of mortgage rules, coupled tightest in Canada. In Vancouver, prices by higher interest rates expected to (+22.9% y/y) continue to be skewed by come, are keeping first time buyers out sales at the very high end of the market, of the market now. though CREA notes that activity in

areas like West Vancouver and It is anticipated relatively flat sales Richmond has eased since February, volumes and average prices through the somewhat reducing the impact on latter half of the year.average prices. BMO

Conclusion: Maximum fall in prices Canada's housing market is predicted by TD only.TD expects appears well balanced, with prices to fall 10.2 percent, over the next sales running in-line with the two years. Vancouver and Toronto, the average of the past decade, and country's priciest markets, are forecast certainly no abundance of new listings. to have larger than average declines. Stricter mortgage rules and declining Time will tell which prediction is true. affordability appear to be taking at least In the meanwhile exercise caution; buy some momentum out of prices, a trend or sell if you need it. Don't speculate.that could continue if the Bank of

Perrii Muthuraman is a realtor with Canada resumes its tightening cam-HomeLife/GTA Realty Inc.,Brokerage. He

paign in the fall. helps clients to take informed decisions. If you are planning to sell or buy, you can Regionally, the vast majority of contact him at 416 473 6100.cities saw sales increase in June, with

Qasim AbbasEducator

Caution! Caution! Caution! Financial fraud through fake e-mails

" Someone's personal and financial details are like a licence to print money for the modern fraudster. Whether they were obtained digitally or physically, the fact that over a half of all frauds in some way relate to the misuse of other people's personal details clearly underlines the severity of this threat".

Source: The Telegraph 2011-07-26

"It's OK to hang up and be rude ... If you have doubts about the caller, get rid of him.".

Source: Regina Leader-Post 2011-07-26

Better Business Bureau warns ofcredit card phishing scam

Page 12: Dreams & Money, August 2011 Issue


ong ago in India, there was a boy everything made of iron. The shapes and named Sveta-ketu (shway-ta- names we use for convenience. The L

kay-too). He was already twelve years reality is just the gold, or the iron."old, but he had not yet gone to school.

"Yes, Father," said Sveta-ketu. Probably he had no brothers or sisters

"Surely my revered teachers did not and there was so much work for him to

know this; why did they not tell me? So, do at home, helping his parents, that

you please tell me about that."there had been no way for him to go to the house of a learned teacher, which is His father agreed, and the instruction where the pupils studied in those days. A he gave his son, remembered by him and boy had to live with the teacher and passed on to generations of students, study with him the various branches of takes up a large part of one of the knowledge that were taught at that time. Upanishads. Let's hear the beginning

and a few other portions of that teach-The father of this boy said to him one

ing.day, "Sveta-ketu, go to school. You are a brahmin, of a wellborn family, and no "In the beginning, my boy," said the one in our family line has failed to live father, "there was just Being and up to that. A brahmin must be educated nothing else. Some people said there and learn how to behave nobly in every was Nonbeing and nothing else, and that respect." Being came out of that. But they were

foolish! How could Being b e p r o d u c e d b y NonBeing?"

"It was just the opposite, son: in the beginning, there was just Being and nothing else. That Being felt lonely. It thought, 'Well, let me become many. Let me produce other things.' And so It produced the different elements of this universe, one after another." In this way, Sveta-ketu's father went on to explain to him the various stages of creation.So Sveta-ketu went off to the local

teacher's house and studied the great "There is more to growing up than books, called The Vedas, and similar you may think. Facts, gathered from subjects, for twelve years. In that time, books and teachers are all very well, but of course, he had been able to master wisdom is to know that they all come many things, so he had quite a good from one source."opinion of himself. He walked proudly

You are That!and smiled very little. When, at the age of twenty four, he had come back to his Sveta-ketu's father continued:parents, they were very happy to have

"Every night, when they go into a him home again. But his father noticed state of dreamless sleep, all creatures the proud attitude in the boy and decided enter again into that Being from which that there was only one word for Sveta-they have come. Then, why do they not ketu: conceited!know it?"

One day he said, "Well, my boy, "When the bees make honey by since you consider yourself a very

collecting the nectar of different trees serious person and well educated and reduce them all to one juice, these indeed, let me now test your knowledge. nectars cannot say, 'I am the nectar of an Did you ever ask your teacher for that orange blossom,' 'I am the nectar of a instruction by which one hears the mango blossom,' etc. In the same way, unhearable, perceives the unperceiv-

able, and knows the unknowable?"

"How, sir," the young man answered, very much surprised, "can there be any such instruction?"

"Why, in this way, my boy: by knowing the nature of one lump of clay, we can know the nature of everything made of clay, can we not? The shapes of other things, such as a pot, a toy ele-phant, etc., are just names, given to help us talk about them. The reality in them is just the clay, is it not?"

"By knowing the nature of a nugget of gold, the nature of all gold things is known; likewise, by knowing the structure of a nailfile, we understand


SHORT STORIES "Dad, everyone is looking for

happiness. But what is meant by happiness?" This was one of the must listen carefully to what I say and questions a wise boy in India, Sveta- think deeply about it:ketu, put to his father many centuries

"When a person sees that nothing ago.and no one is separate from him, that he

"One of the signs of happiness, son, is one with all the people, animals, and is that a person who has it becomes objects in the universe, when a person active. A person who does not find sees and hears and knows nothing else -- happiness does not feel like being that is the Infinite.active. His mind is cramped, his will is

"But, if one sees or feels some other weak. What is vast and infinite brings thing, obstructing him, separating him, happiness. There is no true joy in what is then that is the finite. He has not yet small or finite. I can tell you that the found the Infinite.Infinite alone is happiness; but you must

desire to understand this Infinite, my "The Infinite never passes away; it son." lasts forever; but what is finite will pass

away.""I want to understand it, Dad," said Sveta-ketu. Chhandogya Upanishad

"Good," said his father. "Then you

my boy, all these creatures, though they “No, sir, there is nothing inside."have entered that Being, they cannot say

"Sveta-ketu, just because you cannot what they are. When they return again to

see it, that does not mean that there is not the waking state, whatever they are in

a fine principle at work in the seed, this world -- a man, a tiger, a wolf, a

which is the cause of the whole fig tree. boar, a worm, a fly, or a mosquito -- that

Believe me, my boy, the Self of this is what they become again. They do not

whole universe is the same as the tiny know that they have come back from

seed from which it came. And you are that Being."

That!""Suppose there is a hidden treasure

Now Sveta-ketu was puzzled and of gold lying buried in a field. People

had a doubt in his mind: if some princi-who do not know about it will walk

ple, called Being is the cause of all this again and again over that treasure and

world, why do we not see that? So, he will not find it. Just so, all of us go, day

asked his father, who replied:after day, into the embrace of that divine Being but do not realize it. The Self of "Here is a lump of salt. Put this lump this whole universe is the same as the in a vessel of water, and I will see you Seed from which it came. And you, O again in the morning." His son did so. Sveta-ketu, are That!" Next morning, when he came, his father

asked him to bring him that lump of salt. "But, sir," asked the son, "that Being

Sveta-ketu looked into the vessel, but of has no name or form. So, how could this

course the salt had dissolved.universe, with all its objects having all these names, come out of that?" "Taste some water from the surface

of the vessel," said his father, "and tell "Bring me a fig from our figtree," his

me how it is."father suggested. Sveta-ketu went out and came back with a fig from the tree. "Salty," Sveta-ketu said.

"Now break it." "Now taste a little from the other side and tell me how that is."

"Yes, it is broken.""Salty, Sir."

"What do you see now?""Now carefully pour off most of the

"Seeds -- hundreds of them."water and try a little from the bottom of

"Now break one of the seeds, son." the pot." This done, Sveta-ketu replied that it tasted salty too.

"That is difficult, sir. But here, it is done." "You could not perceive the salt with

your eyes, you had to apply the sense of "Do you see anything inside?"

taste. So, also, in this body of ours -- that Being is not perceived by eyes or tongue or any of the senses, but it is here nevertheless. It has to be discovered by a different means."

( Later he will explain the means: meditation and discrimination.)

"The Self of this whole universe is the same as the tiny seed it came from. And you, O Sveta-ketu, are That!"

Chhandogya Upanishad

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Source: http://www.vedanta-atlanta.org/ stories/index.html

Sveta-ketu goes to school Happiness

Like a person who walks on the ground but does not

Know the gold that lies underneath, day after day

We come in touch with the Lord in deep sleep,

But we do not know him.

The Self dwells in the lotus of the heart and for this

He is known as the Lord of the heart. A sage knows this

And in meditation he visits this temple in the heart,

Day after day he enjoys the kingdom of heaven inside.Chandogya Upanishad

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Indian Market view

Market declined after a continuous rally on the first day of the month on interest rates by a quarter of a percent- may remain decent to high due to profit booking. However, the first full age point to 1.5%, but the Bank of commissioning of projects. As per week of the month ended positive as England kept its key interest rate at a reports, capital expenditure projects foreign institutional investors, who record low 0.5% as worries about the worth a whopping Rs 8 lakh crore are have been waiting in the sidelines so far lacklustre recovery outweighed any expected to be completed in the year this year, seem to be coming back to concern about above-target inflation. ending March 2012. Many of these Indian markets. During the second The European Banking Authority tested projects have rolled over from the week of the month, market declined on 90 European banks; only eight had previous year. Investors will growing fears about the spreading of the failed the "stress tests" performed to continue to watch the progress of the euro-zone debt crisis to large European determine if they could withstand a long monsoon ra ins . The June -economies such as Italy and Spain. recession.. The EBA said 16 banks September monsoon season brings Impasse over debt ceiling in the US and narrowly passed the stress tests. ab out 70% of India's annual rainfall back-to-back warnings by Moody's and Expectations were for up to 15 banks to and is crucial for crops as about S&P on US debt also weighed on the fall short; hence this also boosted the 60% of the country's farmland is sentiment. Market for the third week market sentiment. European Union rain-fedclosed positive on good monsoon officials hammered out a new aid The Indian economy has been reports and easing food inflation. package recently for Greece and plans on a continuous growth curve. Upbeat earnings by some companies to prevent the spread of the sovereign This will provide NRIs to lifted sentiment and Greece bail out debt crisis. explore multiple options to news by European Union improved risk Market outlook invest their funds in appetite for equities. Nifty declined their home country. Market for near term may continue 0.24% during the month to 5633.95 and The returns from to trade volatile following global cues. Sensex declined 0.66% to 18722.30 to India are consider-Bailout package announced by till date 22.7.2011 ably higher than European official will support the

Meanwhile, the reports have not those from other market trend. RBI's monetary policy been encouraging from the weather developed countries. review meeting on 26th July 2011 department. The pickup in the annual Many opportunities would also be watched for further monsoon rains has improved crop are available for direction of the market. The central prospects. Rainfall between July 14 and NRIs to invest in bank may raise its key lending rates by July 20 was 7% above the long-term I n d i a n m a r k e t . 25 basis points to tame inflation, which average. So far, 12% of the country has Indian economy has remains much above the central bank's in India. Risk free option will be Fixed had below-average rainfall, while 88% given a feel good factor to the NRIs. . perceived comfort level of 5% to 6%. Deposits in Banks, which are very safe had normal or excess showers. Food Many avenues are being created as well

and yield up to 8.5% interest annually. As the crucial corporate earnings inflation eased on the back of cheaper as schemes being fashioned for them to The options are many but, ensuring season gathers steam, investors will vegetables, pulses, potatoes. Annual maximize investments from abroad.compliances with related to regulations closely watch the quarter results to be inflation in the Food Articles group Both Mutual Funds and Equity of those investment opportunities and declared by companies. Indian firms declined to 7.58% in the week ended 9 investments are attractive as they offer monitoring investment portfolio are witnessing cost pressures amid July 2011, from 8.31% in the previous good return potential. For bigger regularly would be a tedious job. We rising interest rates, staff costs and a week investment, NRIs are permitted to invest provide professional services to our hike in transportation costs.

European Central Bank raised in partnerships or proprietary concerns clients.The near-term economic growth


M.ShekarIndian Market view & Market Outlook

S&P/TSX Composite indexFROM JUNE 28 2011 TO JULY 27 2011

Source : www.ca.finance.yahoo.com

Emotion is the crux of the problem. I believe many investors are reacting to short-term noise – er … news – and been in full retreat.letting fear and greed get the better of Canadian investors are uniquely them. Volatility in the marketplace positioned to take advantage of the breeds uncertainty. Investors, large and global equity market. The Toronto small, are in a panic and rethinking their Stock Exchange recovered smartly in investment strategies. Looking back at 2009 and 2010. Today, despite short-past markets, some of the best returns term volatility, Canada’s leading have been realized by objective, exchange is not far from its 2007 record disciplined investors, buying when trading high.most other market participants have


Source : www.advisor.ca

Put not your trust in money, but put your money in trust.

Never invest in any idea you can't illustrate with a crayon.

An investor without investment objectives is like a travelerwithout a destination.

The safe way to double your money is to fold it over once andput it in your pocket.

October: This is one of the peculiarly dangerous months to speculate in stocks. The others are July, January, September, April, November,May, March, June, December, August and February.

Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richestpeople in America. If I'm not there, I go to work.

The key to making money in stocks is not to get scared out of them.

~Oliver Wendell Holmes

~Peter Lynch

~Ralph Seger

~Frank Hubbard

~Mark Twain

~Robert Orben

~Peter Lynch

Page 14: Dreams & Money, August 2011 Issue

“Imagination is more important than knowledge,” said Albert Einstein. How is it relevant to every day life?

In every day life, you come across site of dead-end or blocked thinking. It unlimited obstacles; problems one after is creative and solution oriented. It another. How to overcome all that? moves us forward and frees us from the

Many times you believe that what traps of pessimistic, and negative you know is the complete truth and thinkers.refuse to understand that there are If anything is possible, what can you alternatives or other possibilities. look forward to happening in your life?

“We do not see the world as it is, we That depends on the choices you make see the world as we are. That limits our and the actions you take. Each day, no, possibilities.” Said some one. each hour, each moment, you decide

your fate by the decisions you make and I am reminded of a story I read years the path you choose to follow. At times, ago.small decisions can have profound

A frog lived in a well. It had lived effects.there for a long time. It was born there

What is your Goal in life?and brought up there, and did not see the outside world. Well, one day another It could befrog that lived in the sea came and fell

Ÿ Debt reduction.into the well. asked, ‘Is your sea so big?’ Positive thinking and possibility

Ÿ Children’s educationNow look at the conversation thinking are relevant to overcome our ‘What nonsense you speak, to

Ÿ Buying a homebetween the two frogs. obstacles and problems.compare the sea with your well!’Ÿ Saving for retirement‘Where are you from?’ asked the Positive thinking is the mindset and ’Well then,’ said the frog of the well,

well frog ability to avoid negativism, to use Ÿ Saving for emergencies.‘nothing can be bigger than my well; affirmation at all times, to rise above ‘I am from the sea.’ there can be nothing bigger than this; Ÿ Better jobnegativity. Positive thinker is not giving this fellow is a liar, so turn him out.’‘The sea! How big is that? Is it as big up easily and he continues to explore the Ÿ Business development.

as my well?’ and he took a leap from one That’s the attitude and approach of alternatives and opportunities. Or any otherside of the well to the other. many people, when they are confronted Possibility thinkers aren’t concerned with various obstacles and problems. Whatever it is, it is better to know ’My friend,’ said the frog of the sea, about what they are, but what they can that your life is not limited by opportuni-‘how do you compare the sea with your Often times, our thinking is similar be. They are not concerned about the ties but by your imagination. You need little well?’ to the thinking of well frog. Don’t we battles they have to face, but with the not ACCEPT a fate imposed upon you. have to keep our mind open? possibilities they will uncover. Then the frog took another leap and Rather, you can CREATE your fate.

Possibility thinking, then, is the oppo-



By Gnani

Your life is limited not by opportunities; but by your imagination

A local United Way office realized that the organization had never received a donation from brother, a disabled veteran, is blind and

the town's most successful lawyer. The confined to a wheelchair?"person in charge of contributions called

The stricken United Way rep began him to persuade him to contribute.to stammer out an apology,

"Our research shows that but was interrupted again.out of a yearly income of at

"or that my sister's least $500,000, you give not husband died in a traffic a penny to charity. Wouldn't accident," the lawyer's voice you like to give back to the r i s ing in indignat ion , community in some way?""leaving her penniless with

The lawyer mulled this three children?!"over for a moment and

The humiliated United replied, "First, did your research also Way rep, completely beaten, said show that my mother is dying after a simply, "I had no idea..."long illness, and has medical bills that

are several times her annual income?" On a roll, the lawyer cut him off once again, "So if I don't give any money to Embarrassed, the United Way rep them, why should I give any to mumbled, "Um ... no."you?"

The lawyer interrupts, "or that my

The Generous Lawyer

A doctor, and engi- "The world was neer, a rabbi and a lawyer created in 6 days were debating who was from nothing.

the world's first professional. Do you know what a master The Doctor said "It must engineering feat have been a doctor. Who else that must have could have helpd with the been to create world's first surgery of taking a

t h e w h o l e rib from Adam to create Eve, the world into an first woman.orgnan ized

"No," said the rabbi. "It must civilized place from utter have been a rabbi, since the Lord choas?"needed someone to help preach

"And WHO created the his message to Adam and the chaos?" sa id the world.lawyer.

“Wait," Said the engineer

On a plane bound for New York, the flight attendant approached a blonde sitting in the

first class section and requested that she moves to coach since she did not have a first class ticket. The blonde replied, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to New York, and I'm not moving." Not wanting to argue with a customer, the He went to the first class section and flight attendant asked the co-pilot to whispered in the blonde's ear. She speak with her. immediately jumped up and ran to the

coach section mumbling to herself, He went to talk with the woman "Why didn't anyone just say so?"asking her to please move out of the first

class section. Again, the blonde replied, Surprised, the flight attendant and “I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to the co-pilot asked what he said to her New York, and I'm not moving." that finally convinced her to move from

her seat.The co-pilot returned to the cockpit and asked the captain what he should do. He said, "I told her the first The captain said, “I'm married to a class section wasn't going to New blonde, and I know how to handle this." York."

Two women that are dog owners are arguing about which dog is smarter....

First Woman : "My dog is so smart, every morning he waits for the paper boy to come around and then he takes the newspaper and brings it to me.

Second Woman : "I know..."

First Woman : “How?"

Second Woman : "My dog told me."

A group of friends who went deer hunting separated into pairs

for the day. That night, one hunter returned alone, staggering under a hugh buck.

"Where's Harry?", asked another hunter.

"He fainted a couple miles up the trail," H a r r y ' s p a r t n e r answered. "You left him lying there alone and carried the deer back?"

"It was a tough decision," said the hunter. "But I figured no one is going to steal Harry."

The World's first Profession

Flight to New York

Smart Dogs

Where is Harry?

Page 15: Dreams & Money, August 2011 Issue



* In




y o


ed a






immediately if youare a seller or buyer


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HomeLife/GTA Realty Inc.,5215 Finch Ave. E. Suite 203 Toronto, ON. M1S OC2 Bus : 416.321.6969


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Perrii Muthuraman MBA; M.ComCommercial & Residential Sales Representative

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LocationEllesmere Rd/Orton Park Rd

List: $ 324,900Bedrooms: 3+1

LocationSt Clair / Old Weston Rd

List: $ 379,000Bedrooms: 3+1

LocationVic Park/St. Clair

List: $ 389,900Bedrooms: 2+1






Jane/ Sheppard

Markham Rd/Painted Post

Weston & Finch

Davenport/ Old Weston


List: $ 299,900

List: $ 310,000

List: $ 349,900

List: $ 385,000

List: $ 395,000

Bedrooms: 2

Bedrooms: 3

Bedrooms: 3+2

Bedrooms: 3+1

Bedrooms: 2+3






Birchmount / Eglinton



Scar Golfclub/Lawrence/Markham

Dufferin & Eglinton

List: $ 299,900

List: $ 314,900

List: $ 369,900

List: $ 386,745

List: $ 399,000

Bedrooms: 3+1

Bedrooms: 3

Bedrooms: 2+1

Bedrooms: 3+1

Bedrooms: 2+1







Eglinton / Caledonia


Ellesmere & Meadowvale


List: $ 287,000

List: $ 324,000

List: $ 379,000

List: $ 389,000

List: $ 510,900

Bedrooms: 4+1

Bedrooms: 2+1

Bedrooms: 3+2

Bedrooms: 3

Bedrooms: 3+1

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