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Drinking customs around the world are very diversified. In every culture there are not only local liquors, but also drinking customs that can seem very strange. Alcohol, like food, is an invaluable part of every nation’s culture. So before trying to drink with folks of other nationalities, read about HOW to drink liquor and avoid faux pas in different parts of the world. You will find out that you don’t know how to drink tequila after all. Learn why the Czechs don’t approach the bartender in a pub, what is the reason that Hungarians don’t clink glasses while raising a toast, and how to enjoy vodka with Russians. You can further your knowledge here http://blog.travelworldpassport.com/drinking-customs-around-the-world/


  • 15drinks&drinkingcustoms fromallovertheworldtohelpyoupartywithpeoplewhen travelingaroundtheglobe dont forget to www.share.travel
  • Drinkingcustomsaroundtheworldareverydiversified.Ineveryculturethereare not only local liquors, but also drinking customs that can seem very strange. Alcohol,likefood,isaninvaluablepartofeverynationsculture.Andthoughdrinking culturesvaryfromcountrytocountryitissometimesworthhavingadrinkortwo withthelocalpeopletogetthetasteoftheplaceinabitofapartymood. dont forget to www.share.travel
  • dont forget to www.share.travel greeceyoumighthaveouzo&cheer (Yamas) IntraditionalGreektsipourdikosandouzeras serve their shots in sealed 50ml. miniatures, whichmakesbillingeasyfortheserveratthe endoftheeveningtheyjustcountthebottles onthetable.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel DENMARKyoumighthaveakvavit&cheer skaalAquavit is an important part of Scandinavian drinking culture, where it is often drunk during festive gatherings, such as Christmas dinners and weddings. In Sweden, Denmark and Germany aquavit is cooled down and often sipped slowly from a small shot glass. Aquavit arguably complements dark beer well, and its consumption is very often preceded by a swig of beer. Some drink the beer after a sip of aquavit, but purists generally lament this practice, claiming the beer will ruin the flavourand aftertaste.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel romaniayoumighthavepalinka&cheer norocAccording to folk wisdom, plinka gives strength.Taking a shot of plinka in the morning could not be missed among peasant population. Plinka is best consumed at 16-18 C room temperature. Cooling plinka or producing the glass from the freezer will only mask the flaws of the spirit, for a chilled shot looses the essence you would drink it for:the scent and its fruitiness.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel icelandyoumighthavebrennivin&cheer SklBrennivin, also called "Black Death," is Icelands national drink made from fermented potato mash and flavored with caraway seeds. Legend has it that brennivin achieved its ominous nickname during the Icelandic prohibition, which was more lenient than the American prohibition. When drinking brennivin by itself, many prefer it to be ice-cold.You can achieve this by cooling the bottle in the freezer or pouring refrigerated brennivin into chilled shot glasses.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel italyyoumighthavegrappa&cheer saluteGrappaisanItalianalcoholwhichismadeby distilling pomace, the leftovers of winemaking.Thenameisinfactareference to this, as it means grape stems in an Italian dialect. Grappa is traditionally served at a cool temperature, with many people erring on the side of serving it too cold, because it can always be warmed with the handsuntilitreleasesitsricharoma.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel koreayoumighthavesoju & cheer hwanhoWhen it comes to alcohol, always (always!) use both hands.With both hands you accept theglass,drinktheliquor,handtheglassback overandpouralcoholtoanemptyglass.And youwill be asked to pouralcohol, because in Koreanobodyshouldfilltheirownglass.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel croatiayoumighthaverakija&cheer nazdravlje It is a custom to enjoy a rakija aftera meal as a digestive but be careful, this stuff is strong and is not a drink for the weak. There are severalflavors orrakija, such as livovica made of plums, vinjevac from cherries,butforsomethingalittleeasierto swallow, try medicawhich is flavoredwith honey,ororahovacwithalmonds.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel portugalyoumighthaveporto&cheer SadePortugal has a rich wine culture that dates back to the Middle Ages, Portuguese wines are very appreciated around the globe, in particular, the fortified one called Port, known for its sweetness, aroma and bouquets.Port, also known as Porto, Oporto or Vinho do Portois a sweet fortified wine from Portugal, it takes its name from the city of Oporto. It is produced from grapes grown and processed in the region of Douro, brandy is then added to partially fermented grape juice, stopping fermentation and producing a strong sweet wine thatisthenmaturedforyears.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel polandyoumighthavemidpitny&cheer nazdrowie In the Polish language mead is called mid pitny, meaning 'drinkable honey'. It is one of traditional Polish alcohols, yet not the most popular one. It is produced by fermentation of lime honey.Many flavorings of meads are get through seasoning it with fruit juices (she so called 'miody owocowe', what means 'fruit honeys') or with spices ('miody korzenne' and 'miody korzenno-ziolowe' - 'spice honeys' and 'spice-herbal honeys' respectively). Most oftentimes spice-herbal meads are made with: hop, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, pepper, juniper, vanilla, rose petals, mint leaves, almonds, lemon and the orange peel.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel germanyyou might have beer & cheer prostInGermany,whenraisingaglass,youshouldlooktheperson youdrinkwithintheeyes.Ifyoudontoneoftwocompletely different things might happen. 1. You might offend your companion as well as his family and ancestors or 2. You might suffer from bad sex for the next 7 days. The repercussionsmightseemdistantandweird,butI,naturally, have my own theory how to combine them both: you offendedthepersonyouroseyourglasswithandheorshe cursedyousothatyouwillhavebadsexforaweek.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel hungaryyou might have tokaji & cheer Egeshegedre Tokaji Aszu, which comes from the Tokaj region, is Hungary most famous wine and is even mentioned in the Hungarian national anthem.Hungarians avoid clinking glasses.And the reason forthat you can find in history. In 1848 Austrians celebrated defeating Hungarians by raising their glasses and clinking them.So as the proud nation they are, the Hungarians promised themselves not to dowhat theirenemies did for the next 150 years. If you can count quickly enough, youve probably noticed already, that this period ended in 1998, but the behaviour is still unwanted and ifyou do something like that, you might doafauxpas,sobecarefuloutthere!
  • dont forget to www.share.travel russiayoumighthavevodka& cheer ZazdarovyeRussians are very specific when it comes to drinking. When drinking vodka, Russians usually use shots glass (ryumka), but on occasions (hardcore level) they use regular glasses (stakan) as well.Young people in Russia have a shot and then they bite a lemon to kill the taste (pretty similar to drinking tequila, right? Wrong! But more on that later). Also, there is a habit of giving long, story-like toasts with a punch line, that is often a wordplay ora joke.Although a simple za zdarovyewill do aswell.Remembernot to put emptied bottle back on thetableitsplaceisunderthetable.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel mexicoyoumighthavetequila & cheer saludAlthough you might be tempted to to follow the example of whatyouseeinthemoviesandmakealick-sip-suck(lickingthe salt, taking a shot, sucking a piece of lime) attempt on tequila, you shouldnt. In Mexico you would instantly be labelled as estpido turista. In order to earn locals respect, take a neat shot of tequila. If youre not as hardcore (its ok, if youre not) takeitwithsangrita,whichisanon-alcoholicdrinkconsistingof orange, pomegranate and lime juices, chilli and some spices. Oftenthereisalsotomatojuiceinvolved,butmanylocalsstate that tomatowas nevera properingredient.What you dowith sangrita is you take a sip of it a while after taking a shot of tequila.Nowyoucansit,relaxandfeellikeatrueMexican.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel georgiayoumighthavechacha&cheer Gagimardschoss Chachaistraditionallyaclear,strongliquor,whichissometimes called"vinevodka","grapevodka",or"Georgianvodka/grappa". It is made of grape pomace (grape residue left after making wine).ThetermchachaisusedinGeorgiatorefertoanytype ofmoonshinemadeoffruits,thoughitmostcommonlyrefersto grape distillate. It may be also produced from unripe or wild grapes.When alcoholic drinks are served then be prepared to followtheprotocol,thetamadaortoastmaster,willpouroutthe drinks which should not be drunk until he makes a toast. It is possibletoaskpermissiontoaddtothetoast,thenyoushould drinkyourglass.Thiswillbere-filledandtheprocessrepeated.If youdonotwishtodrinksomuchjusttakeasmallsiponly.This will be accepted-you can also symbolically raise your glass at eachtoasthavingpreviouslyexplainedyoudonotdrink.
  • dont forget to www.share.travel chinayoumighthaveHuangjiu&cheer (gan bei)Huangjiu (literally "yellow wine" or "yellow liquor") is a type of Chinese alcoholic beverage brewed directly from grains such as rice, millet, or wheat. Unlike baijiu, such liquors are not distilled, and contain less than 20% alcohol, due to the inhibition of fermentation by ethanol at that concentration. Huangjiu is either drunk directly after being cooled or warmed, or used in Chinese cooking. Major producers

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