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Making Drupal Agile, Agile project management issues and their mitigations.


Making Drupal Agile

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Making Drupal Agile

AgendaIntroduction What is Agile ?Why Agile ?General issues

3Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)Mitigation strategiesWhy Agile for Drupal ?Know you are not AgileTop Learning's

3IntroductionRenzil Dsilva

Project Manager in Solutions Delivery

in.linkedin.com/in/renzildsilva24Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)4

What is Agile ? - DefinitionAgile Development is an term used for iterative and incremental development methodologies

Various methodologies in AgileScrumExtreme Programming (XP)CrystalDynamic Systems Development Method (DSDM)Lean DevelopmentFeature-Driven Development (FDD)

Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)5

What is Agile ? Process & TerminologyDrupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)6

Why Agile? - Popular CustomersPromises Speed Apparently cut costs on Discovery or Design Client in chargeCan take in Change

SuppliersGood fit for Open SourceFluid TransparentCollaborativeMethodology Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)7

What is Agile ? - ExampleDrupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)8 Project: To build a extension to a house with a Kitchen and Bedroom

Build it the Agile wayGeneral Issues in AgileDrupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)9Not applicable to all projectsOwnership of project (Product Owner)Prioritization of RequirementsCost impacting iterationEstimation & sizingCommunication & Co-location Roles & Responsibility definitionClarity Delivery Plan

9General Issues in Agile cntd..Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)10Ownership of project (Product Owner)Attitude -Does not want toAuthority - Does not have itAptitude- Does not know how toCant write storiesCant Say no or stopThink estimate is GuaranteeBad judge of business value

Educate, Communicate (Stake holder management), Train and Experience10General Issues in Agile cntd..Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)11PrioritizingFixed requirements All have to be done. Finite requirements with visible

Cost impacting iteration Fixed budget Can not bring in iteration

All requirements can be broken down into smaller finite requirements and then be given prioritySprint feedback /retrospective bring in change related element in Agile

11General Issues in Agile cntd..Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)12Estimation & SizingUser stories are not clear for estimation.

As a Business Owner I need to see a carousel on my home pageTaskEffort UnitsModule integrate2Theme1Test2Total512

General Issues in Agile cntd..Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)13

DeveloperProduct ownerGeneral Issues in Agile cntd..Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)14Estimation & Sizing

All requirements can be broken down into smaller finite stories and every development activity needs to be broken down as task based storyAs a Business Owner I need to see a carousel on home pageAs a business owner I need to have the look and feel themed as per the Website UIAs a business owner I need to have a 3-D look and feel to the carouselAs a business Owner I need to ..As a developer I need to make use of Jquery to bring in the 3-D look and feel..

14Mitigation StrategiesDrupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)1515Mitigation Strategies cntd..Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)16Operational AgilitySOWs & ContractsCommunication planProject management systemCustomer involvement & trainingProject plan Process Team work

16Mitigation Strategies cntd..Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)17Technical AgilitySource controlGITPuppetModule strategy using module libraryAutomated testing like SeleniumHosting services like AcquiaAutomated deployment management

17Mitigation Strategies cntd..Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)18Tactical AgilityChoosing correct Agile methodology Defining Agile rolesMaintaining and keeping up to date backlogDefining daily Standup AgendaResolving vertical communication challengesAvailability management of resources & stakeholdersGeographical diverse communication strategyCo-location management with time zone over lap

18Why Agile for Drupal ?Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)19Drupal is Agile in Nature

Projects are Web related Faster delivery/Commercial in Nature / Open to changesQualities of Drupal that support AgileMost extensive modular frameworksReusable functionalities/Modules (advantage for initial sprints)Supports PrioritizationModule development: Community centric development (modular community code) decouple with consistent design

The core concept of drupal is simple - you can represent a "content type" as a bundle of information including a title, a body, and links to that body's type, author and publication metadata. This bundle of information is known as anode. A generaltheme(made up of one or more CSS pages and one or more PHP-based templates) let you establish the presentation aspect of the node.

One significant aspect of such nodes is that each node can be shown as a RESTful URI. For instance, all nodes can be represented in the form http://www.myserver.com?q=node/n, where n is the node identifier number, or nid. In some servers (and with the right support on the server) you can even dispense with the query string notation altogether, so that the node would be given as http://www.myserver.com/node/n.

19Know you are NOT AgileNo BacklogNo prioritization of requirementsNo team inputNo daily standupNo retrospectiveCustomer is not involvedNo SprintDrupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)20

Top Learning'sKeep it simpleAutomate simple tasksOffload complexitiesRetrospect previous learning's and implementCosting & EstimateProcess (communication /execution..etc)Enhance skills / get trained

Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)21

Thank You !22Drupal Camp Mumbai (8-9 Feb 2014)