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Stories of mistakes, morals, and doing it right.


  • 1. Druplicons Fables Stories of mistakes, morals, and doing it rightAndrew Berry @deviantintegral

2. About your storyteller @deviantintegral 3. @deviantintegral 4. Aesop used humble incidents to teach great truths-- Apollonius of Tyana@deviantintegral 5. Once upon a time...@deviantintegral 6. Bolt vom Bergblick, Angus Mak, stolen from Yammer 7. Sad dog :(@deviantintegral 8. Once upon a time... (not so long ago)@deviantintegral 9. @deviantintegral 10. Content types Fields Editing forms User accounts Choose your own destiny @deviantintegral 11. @deviantintegral 12. Milky Way Arch by Bruno Gilli/ESO 13. A library of modules with prebuilt functionality For those who dont code Modules combine to create business value@deviantintegral 14. @deviantintegral 15. vintage perpetual desk calendar, H is for Home, Flickr 16. A list of hot events@deviantintegral 17. A photo carousel for each event! @deviantintegral 18. @deviantintegral 19. A view for every day@deviantintegral 20. A content type for every week @deviantintegral 21. Comments on ALL THE THINGS! @deviantintegral 22. Nothing done@deviantintegral 23. The Feature and its Reflection @deviantintegral 24. With Drupal, its really easy to get to 90% @deviantintegral 25. Technologists like to use the new shiny @deviantintegral 26. Theres a module for that @deviantintegral 27. (I can write a module for that) @deviantintegral 28. We have to be disciplined and finish what we startpuzzle frustration - the missing piece!, Eljay, Flickr 29. If you always chase whats hot in the Drupalcommunity, youll leave your own work behind and end up with nothing.@deviantintegral 30. The End@deviantintegral 31. Once upon a time...@deviantintegral 32. #omnomnom@deviantintegral 33. @deviantintegral 34. @deviantintegral 35. Once upon a time... (or last year, in internet time)@deviantintegral 36. @deviantintegral 37. @deviantintegral 38. @deviantintegral 39. @deviantintegral 40. Ticketbooths outside Legoland, Billund Airport, Syddanmark, DK, by loozrboy, Flickr 41. Were making a great website @deviantintegral 42. Hey, look! Progress. @deviantintegral 43. Ready to launch?@deviantintegral 44. Add some spice?@deviantintegral 45. Pretty soon...@deviantintegral 46. @deviantintegral 47. Its easy to rag on project managers @deviantintegral 48. The blinders of doacracy @deviantintegral 49. Project Management isnt just a line item @deviantintegral 50. Spicy Sausage and Lentil Soup, whitneyinchicago, Flickr 51. Ticket Soup@deviantintegral 52. An effective project manager enables positivecollaboration by identifying actionable units of work and pairing them with team members who have the needed skills.They bring the stone to the soup.@deviantintegral 53. The End@deviantintegral 54. Once upon a time...@deviantintegral 55. @deviantintegral 56. Once upon a time... (probably happened last week)@deviantintegral 57. Gemini XII, Erik Charlton, Flickr 58. > >@deviantintegral 59. Wait, a spec?@deviantintegral 60. As a user...@deviantintegral 61. ... browsing with an iPhone @deviantintegral 62. As a user...@deviantintegral 63. ... I want to be engaged with our brand @deviantintegral 64. As a user...@deviantintegral 65. ... I want to share with one click @deviantintegral 66. *double take*@deviantintegral 67. Tiny Computer, The Empty Page 68. @deviantintegral 69. @deviantintegral 70. @deviantintegral 71. Seek out the real end user @deviantintegral 72. The Client in the Users Skin @deviantintegral 73. Dont let your client pretend to be the user. Dont let the user in user stories mean I or me. Your words will inevitably give you away.@deviantintegral 74. The End@deviantintegral 75. Once upon a time...@deviantintegral 76. @deviantintegral 77. @deviantintegral 78. netting-over-earth, by Tho, https://secure.flickr.com/photos/lenny_montana/1195021/ 79. Once upon a time... (every day)@deviantintegral 80. #awesome@deviantintegral 81. Goals for ALL MOST THE THINGS @deviantintegral 82. $ (not the PHP or jQuery $)@deviantintegral 83. Lets doooo eeeeeeeit@deviantintegral 84. X X @deviantintegral 85. Onward and upward! @deviantintegral 86. toolbarS, Takuya Oikawa, Flickr 87. Squeaky Wheel@deviantintegral 88. X X X X @deviantintegral 89. while (1) defects++;@deviantintegral 90. Through sprint 3...@deviantintegral 91. Through sprint 9...@deviantintegral 92. Through sprint Tornado Man... @deviantintegral 93. We have a complete site... @deviantintegral 94. ...if you followed the expected path. @deviantintegral 95. Jungle, Luke Jones, Flickr 96. @deviantintegral 97. Its easy to rag on our testers @deviantintegral 98. wrong direction@deviantintegral 99. The QA Tester and the Other Devs @deviantintegral 100. Testers ensure we have to acknowledge reality @deviantintegral 101. Quality assurance is our best guard against software decay and ruin, even when it feels like it impedesprogress towards our goals. We had best heed their advice.@deviantintegral 102. The End@deviantintegral 103. Collect bonus, zigazou76, Flickr 104. Once upon a time...@deviantintegral 105. @deviantintegral 106. CMS is an acronym for slow @deviantintegral 107. Impossible advantage @deviantintegral 108. I see what you did there... @deviantintegral 109. Merrie Melodies, Insomnia Cured Here, Flickr 110. Forced into a tough situation @deviantintegral 111. @deviantintegral 112. Subscribe me to your list @deviantintegral 113. @deviantintegral 114. Telephone, Timitrius, Flickr 115. @deviantintegral 116. Change the rules@deviantintegral 117. @deviantintegral 118. @deviantintegral 119. The Drupal community lets us change the rules.What was impossible becomes possible, probable, and before you know it, done.@deviantintegral 120. And they lived happily ever after@deviantintegral 121. Thank you! @deviantintegralslideshare.net/deviantintegral (and credits too!) 122. Computer Keyboard designed by AndrewCarrot designed by Ricardo Moreira from TheArchitect designed by Augusto Zamperlini fromCooking Pot designed by Mike Wirth from TheGoogle Android T-Mobile G1 Phone Unboxing byHappy designed by Austin Condiff from TheBored designed by Erin Standley from The NounBrowser designed by Nicholas Menghini from TheTurtle designed by Samuel Fine from The NounRoll Film designed by Scott Lewis from The NounProjectGoal designed by Uriel Sosa from The NounProject Forrester from The Noun Project The Noun ProjectPaul Martin, Flickr Noun Project ProjectNoun Project ProjectData Analysis designed by Brennan Novak from The Noun ProjectLock designed by John Caserta from The Noun ProjectHandshake designed by Pavel Pavlov from The Noun ProjectNoun Project Noun ProjectPlant designed by Rachel Fisher from The Noun ProjectFox designed by Sebastian Blei from The Noun ProjectRobot designed by Simon Child from The Noun ProjectFarm designed by Jane Pellicciotto from The Noun ProjectCheck List designed by fabrice d. from The Noun ProjectMachete designed by Alessio Capponi from The Noun ProjectPhoto credits inline with each image The Dog and its Reflection Stone SoupThe Ass in the Lions SkinThe Tortoise and the Hare Tortoise Beats HareWarner Bros, 1941 - and seriously, isnt in the public domain in the US or Canada :(@deviantintegral