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DSI International PresentseXpress, RTAT, and DSI WorkbenchWhere diagnostic design meets the roadIn ISDD, Integrated Systems Diagnostic DesignA high-efficiency process1DSIWorkbenchRTATeXpressCAPTUREKnowledge andDiagnostic DesignBeginning with express, diagnostic design knowledge is captured in a form that is reusable and adaptable to design changes throughout the system life-cycle2

Capture DesignThis diagnostic design knowledge can take on a graphical image representing all of the functional or failure into relationships contained within any hierarchical design structure3

Generate DiagnosticsWhen satisfied with the diagnostic metrics as characterized in over 90 detailed reports, express allows the diagnostics to be automatically generated based upon any criteria4

Export DiagnosticsProviding an advanced export facility so diagnostics can be transferred to the most popular manufacturing or field testing implementations as well as 5DSIWorkbencheXpressMERGEImagesandDocumentsRTATTo DSIs Run-Time Authoring Tool, or RTAT.6

Here RTAT provides a mechanism to merge images and documents of all kinds with the diagnostic information captured from the express export


As images are selected8

Component TracingComponents can be easily traced within RTATs authoring environment9

Component MappingThen mapped to its express-provided object description containing all of its properties such as cost, failure rate, part number, LCN, and any other attribute desired10SHAREDiagnosticsandExpertiseeXpressRTATDSIWorkbenchThis information is easily passed into the DSI Workbench environment where it can be shared and leveraged at will11

Health MonitoringOne optional use of DSI workbench can be within the health monitoring environment where documents and images can update diagnostic status12

Health MonitoringAs a diagnostic session is initiated the DSI workbench will continue to report back status throughout the session13

Health MonitoringOr as a failure is encountered.Any failure can be represented throughout any multi-page document 14

Guided TroubleshootingOr multiple views can be selected to better show areas of interest15

Guided TroubleshootingOr documents can be linked from any internal or live source to assist technicians in the field around the world16ISDD ProvidesREALIZED Cost Avoidancein Development & Sustainment Added Value at Reduced Cost Clearly, ISDD providesREALIZED cost avoidance in development and sustainmentAnd added value at reduced cost17ISDD Process ImprovementActivityOriginal ProcessDescriptionProcessImprovementProjected Cost AvoidanceUnit Production/ Factory TestManual TPS Development,Fault Isolation & TroubleshootingConversion of eXpress Diagnostics for Test Executive Y1: $300K $2.5MY2: $600K $5.0MDiagnostic & Engineering DevelopmentDuplication of schematics and functional drawing viewsConversion of eXpress topology in RTAT for 3rd party sharing / viewingY1: $375K $1.5MY2: $750K $3.0MDiagnostic & Engineering DevelopmentDuplication of processes (e.g. R, M, ILS, Test, Safety) Using eXpress (via FMECA Plus) as common source database sharing / leveragingY1: $600K $1.8M Y2: $1.2M $3.6MMultiple Variant & Rapid PrototypingDuplication of diagnostic design for every design variantUsing eXpress to duplicate common diagnostic design Y1: $250K $1.25MY2: $500K $2.5MOperation & Support Data DevelopmentIndependent data development for each O&S requirementUsing eXpress & STAGE as common data source for O&S documentation, e.g., IETM, Runtime Reasoner, Training, Test Equipment Requirements, Provisioning, etc. Y1: $250K $1.25M Y2: $500K $2.5MTotal Cost Avoidance Year 1Total Cost Avoidance Year 2 $8,300,000$16,600,000Cost AvoidanceISDD has provided significant cost avoidance while on many medium to large complex military and commercial projectsThese cost reductions are just the beginning. As updates or new designs begin they can resume rather than restart over and over again18ISDDadaudioDSIisddDSILyndsay De Paul's AlbumGarageBand 5.12012

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