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During the Job Interview: Introducing yourself

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Our Agenda1. agenda2. objectives3. Introductions 4. Review vocabulary5. Group discussion 6. Practice introducing ourselves7. Listen to and then read a dialogue 8. Write a script and then practice responding to Tell me about yourself9. Dictation

Workshop Objectives1. To learn 8 new words related to introducing yourself at a job interview2. To answer the following questions:a. How should I introduce myself at a job interview? b. How should I respond to Tell me about yourself?

What is your name?

Where are you from?Introductions

Vocabulary reviewActivity 1

Activity one: Vocabulary ReviewMember of a nationSweaty palmsrecapescortetiquetteset the tonepertinentscript

good behaviourShort and to the pointmoist hands show the wayestablish the mood Important forsummaryHand-written note




Activity two: fill-in-the- blank

1. Make sure you shake hands with the person that _____________ you to the manager.2. Make you talk about things that are ______________________ for the job.3. We can get _______________ during an interview4. A good introduction can ________________ for the rest of the interview.5. Write a ______________ to help you practice interview questions.6. It is good __________________ to wait to sit down.7. Be __________ when talking about your work experience.8. Give a short __________ of why you are the person for the job.


etiquette Concise Sweaty palms




set the tone

Introducing yourselfPart 1

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Group discussion Activity 2

Have you ever gone for a job interview?

How would you introduce yourself?

Group discussion

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Lets watch some introductionsWhat did you notice?

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ScriptGood afternoon. My name is _____________ . I have an appointment to see Ms. Stevens at 2:00 pm.

PointersBe concise!Give your name!Mention who you want to see and when!Offer to shake hands! Remember to wash and dry your hands first!Dont be nervous!

Practice making introductionsActivity 3

Would you like to practice?Lets take turns introducing ourselves!

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How to respond when a prospective employer asks

Tell me about yourself.Part 2

How would you respond?

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Listen to some examplesActivity 4

Now, lets listen to two examplesWhats the difference?The employer is really asking Why should I hire you?

Tips1. Tell your prospective employer who you are:

I have been working in the education industry as a teacher for the last 7 years

Tips2. Highlight your expertise:

I was able to be the first contact for many of our new immigrants and help them to reach their language goals. I have taught CLB levels from 2-8 and have received excellent feedback from both administration and students.

Tips2. Highlight your expertise:

I also had the opportunity to develop resources for other teachers which resulted in a significant income stream for the school.

Tips2. Highlight your expertise:

My real strength is my attention to detail.

Tips2. Highlight your expertise:

I pride myself on my ability to get the job done right, before the deadline. Once I commit to something, I pour my heart and soul into it.

Read some case studiesActivity 5

Case Study 1I was born in Kelowna and I have three brothers and a sister. I love to cook. My favourite dish is spaghetti.

Case Study 2I am a customer service specialist with 3 years experience. I have great organizational skills and am an excellent communicator.

Case Study 3 At my last job, I had the opportunity to complete numerous management training programs and participate in special projects with District Managers and employees. I enjoy being a Lead and the opportunity to empower and motivate my team. 4 months ago I was awarded 'Lead I' for greatest team gains in productivity.

Case Study 4 I am an avid runner and I have won several local races. In my free time I coach several young athletes. We have done well in local road races.

Time to practiceActivity 5Tell me about yourself.

Time to practiceActivity 5Tell me about yourself.

DictationActivity 6Write what you hear!

Dictation 1 It is good etiquette to shake hands at a job interview.

Dictation 2 Wash and dry your hands before your job interview to avoid sweaty palms!

Dictation 3 Always start your preparation with a script!

Dictation 4 State why you are the person for the job.

Dictation 5 Research the company before you go for your interview.

Thanks for attending.

See you next time!

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