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During the Job Interview: Making Small Talk

Our Agenda1. Agenda2. Objectives3. Introductions 4. Activity 1: Vocabulary review5. Activity 2: Discussion 6. Activity 3: Dialogue7. Activity 4: Small talk tips7. Activity 5: Reading/ Speaking (giving advice)7. Activity 6: Case studies7. Activity 7: Dictation

Workshop Objectives1. To learn 8 new words related to making small talk at a job interview2. To learn small talk tips for a job interview3. To learn how to ask for and give advice

What is your name?

Where are you from?Introductions

Vocabulary ReviewActivity 1

Activity one: Vocabulary ReviewMember of a nationutunder pressurechemistrytopicsmall talkstay on topicassesspeople skills

talk about unimportant thingscomfortablestressed subject of conversationdo not change topic evaluate / judgegetting along with anotherability to get along with others

at ease



Activity two: Fill-in-the-blank

1. Try not to change the __________________ when talking with the interviewer.2. I think I had good ___________________ with my new boss.3. We often _________________ others while speaking with them for the first time.4. You get along well with others. You have very good _______________________.5. I get nervous at job interviews. I am not good _____________________________ .6. We talked about the weather and sports. We just made ______________________ .7. Once the interview started I felt ______________________. I was no longer nervous.8. It is important to _________________________ during the interview.

people skills

small talkat ease stay on topic



under pressure


Group discussionActivity 2Have you ever gone for a job interview?

What is small talk?

Listen to a dialogue.

What points about small talk do you hear?Activity 3

Listen to a dialogue: Johanna


JohannaAliciaJohannaAliciaJohannaAliciaJohannaAliciaAliciaSo, how was the job seminar? It was wonderful! What was it all about?It was all about making small talk at a job interview.That does sound interesting. What did you learn?What are people skills?Besides using small talk to assess your people skills, they will also use it to break the ice and put you at ease. For one thing, managers will often use small talk to assess a candidates people skills.People skills are a persons ability to get along well with others. This is so important in todays workplace.No kidding! What else did you learn?Job interviews can be stressful! They always put me under pressure.

Listen to a dialogue:


AliciaJohannaAliciaJohannaAliciaJohannaAliciaAliciaI hear you. I once read somewhere that there are some things you should not talk about at a job interview.Yes. They covered that at the seminar as well.So, what kinds of things can I talk about?So what is off limits?Anyway, the seminar continues tomorrow. Do you want to go with me?Well, things like sports, the weather or where you grew up are always safe to talk about.More serious topics such as religion or politics.Well, that makes sense. JohannaSure!

Lets learn 7 tips about small talk at a job interview!Activity 4

1. Look interested!Remember, your future boss may be trying to assess your people skills!

2. Stick to safe topicsReligion and politics are very interesting topics, but may not be suitable at a job interview.

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3. Listen more than you talkWe all like to talk, but leave most of that up to the interviewer!

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4. Stay on topic!Follow the lead of the interviewer.

5. Make small talk work for you!Be confident!

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6.Curb your enthusiasm!

7.Watch your body language!It speaks even when your mouth is closed.

Lets read.

How does Iwona ask for advice?

How does Natalia give advice?Activity 5

Reading 1. What do you notice?Iwona: I am worried about what to say in my job interview. What do you suggest?

Natalia: I think you should relax and let the interviewer lead the conversation.

Reading 2. What do you notice?Iwona: I am worried about what to say in my job interview. Whats your advice?

Natalia: Whatever you do, do not discuss religion or politics.

Reading 3. What do you notice?Iwona: I have a job interview next week and I always feel tongue tied when speaking to the interviewer. If you were me, what would you do?

Natalia: If I were you, I would make sure to listen more than I speak!

Now its your turn to practise!Practise asking for and giving advice.

Case studies

Read the studies.

What is done well?

What is not so well done?Activity 6

Case Study 1Sorry I was late. I couldnt find the place. I am so bad with directions.

Case Study 2So you are from Toronto. I hear it is a lovely place!

Case Study 3I always vote for the Party A. I think that Party B and C are really missing the point when it comes to taxes!

Case Study 4

Manager: You are from B.C? The weather there must be beautiful this time of year.Candidate: Oh sure, and the Lions are doing fantastic this year! Do you like football?

Case Study 5

Wow! I love the dcor in your office! And your children are so adorable! Are those your children in that photo on your desk?


Write what you hear!Activity 7

Dictation 1 Curb your enthusiasm. Dont get too excited during the interview.

Dictation 2 Always remember to stay on topic. Let the interviewer lead the conversation.

Dictation 3 Watch your body language. You always want to present yourself as interested and confident.

Dictation 4 Listen more than you talk. Let the interviewer do most of the talking.

Dictation 5 The interviewer may use small talk to put you at ease and to check your people skills.

Review: What did you learn today?8 new words related to job interviews7 tips about how to make small talk at a job interviewHow to ask for and give advice

Thanks for attending.

See you next time!