e-classroom and pe8 simon smith. cockpit drill start computer turn red switch on lower screen double...

Download E-classroom and PE8 Simon Smith. Cockpit drill Start computer Turn red switch on Lower screen Double click projector icon –Open only one projector icon

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  • E-classroom and PE8 Simon Smith
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  • Cockpit drill Start computer Turn red switch on Lower screen Double click projector icon Open only one projector icon Check the setting is internal computer Press start once only To turn off display temporarily In PowerPoint, view any slideshow Then press B for a blank screen Plug in flash drive if needed Turn off front two rows of lights
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  • Using the computer Use plain PowerPoint slides (like these!) Make sure fonts are large enough to read Why use the computer? If you could only do Google image search, it would have been worth MCUs investment! Computers initialized to default values at startup You cannot save any files on these computers
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  • Cry it in the streets Save your voice: use the mike Background noise There is a not very useful bell, and other controls There are TV monitors Ignore them You could play VHS videos But Ive never tried it EASY to play DVDs or CDs Audio or video from web, flash, MP3 player, iPod Sound problems? Check physical volume control Loudspeaker icon at bottom right (volume/muting) Volume /muting in the application itself
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  • Chalk it on the walls Use the board Dont just teach from PowerPoint the whole time Chalk is provided in the classrooms, sometimes different colours Marker pens will be placed in your mailbox for you to keep Dont leave them in the classroom!
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  • Leaving the classroom Raise screen Turn off projector Just press stop and leave it Clean the board Make students remove litter and tissues put back furniture Consider turning off lights and aircon
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  • Paperchase I have a paperless classroom Passing papers round takes time Students just drop them on the floor Photocopying at MCU is inconvenient I like trees There is a free copy service Have to complete a special form (more paper!) Take originals, form, big plastic name card to copy shop Copies sent later, or next day No copies in the run-up to midterm and final exam weeks Paid copy service ($1) On the spot copies Sometimes, Taoyuan copy shop (in underground car park below Admin building) will make free bulk copies on the spot. Dont abuse this, and be very smiley and polite Circulating an article or book chapter This is probably legal, but MCU wont do it Make a single copy at a 7/11 or in the library first
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  • Simons teaching website http://mcu.edu.tw/~ssmith cf http://mcu.edu.tw/~mikewhttp://mcu.edu.tw/~mikew And http://mcu.edu.tw/~vedrash etc etchttp://mcu.edu.tw/~vedrash Its fairly easy to set up Once you have an email address, I can help you You can put things there using ftp I use my web space for Grades Rules and policy Resources Students have to go there to check their grades They can look at other resources too.
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  • Class rules Come on time The door may be locked 10 minutes into class Come every week If you miss 5 or more classes (including and ), you will fail Late assignments and homework None are allowed no late work is accepted Switch off your cellphone Wear your name tag every week You may be asked to leave the classroom and marked absent if You cheat or copy in class written work You bring hot food to class (cold food and hot drinks are OK) You fall asleep You do not bring the textbook to class You do not bring A4 paper (or a teddy bear notebook) and pen or pencil to class You chatter while I am speaking You do reading or writing which is private or for other courses
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  • Contacting me Sometimes I have to leave quickly after the class. You can ask questions by email, or you can come to see me in I306: Monday 12001300 and 15001800; Thursday 08001000 Grades Of your final results, 20% comes from the mid-term and final reading and listening exams. 20% is decided by the week 11 in-class email writing test. A total of 30% is decided by your performance in class, quizzes and in-class work (12%+9%=9%). 30% is decided by two speaking assignments (15% each). The assignments will probably be one speech or talk, and one oral test. If you miss a quiz, or do not hand in home work on the right day, there is no opportunity to make up. Dont worry about this: I dont include your worst piece of work in the grading. Normally, there is a quiz every two weeks, starting in week 3. It is your responsibility to check your own grades. You should regularly go to www.mcu.edu.tw/~ssmith to check that I have given you the correct grades for homework and quizzes. If there is a problem with a grade, contact me immediately; dont wait until the end of the semester. Please do not contact me to ask for a better mark, though, or to complain about your grade: if you do this, you will automatically fail the course. www.mcu.edu.tw/~ssmith If you take part in the peer tutoring program ( ), as either a teacher or a student, you will get extra credit. If you think your English is not very good, and you join the remedial program, I will discuss your grade with the remedial teacher if there is a chance you might fail this course. Please show me the papers to prove that you are taking part in these programs.
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  • Spare the rod and spoil the child (Proverb, seen on MCU toilet wall) Sometimes surprisingly poor discipline Good response to firmness disappointment limited sarcasm grade reduction Poor response to lost: student face temper Be prepared for Background chatter while youre speaking Cheating on quizzes Eating, sleeping, talking on the phone Students sauntering in 30 minutes late Students without PE books, paper, even pens
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  • Admin requirements for all your classes Your class rules, grading policy Tell students (by web, slide, or printed handout) Copy mine, or seek help from former teacher Glyn: check with former teachers Send the information file to Dolly (tochang@mcu.edu.tw)tochang@mcu.edu.tw Your office hours 6 hours per week, with some time on both campuses Specify times and places Inform your students Write times on a copy of your timetable, and give the copy to Dolly For non-PE classes, you may need to input the syllabus and other course details on the Faculty Information Network (Mike) New this semester: grade breakdowns will have to be entered by the teacher on the FI Network, by week 3. We will help with this!
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  • Admin stuff: attendance Your rules must include your policy on attendance There are different types of absence (official, sick, time of the month) that students can apply for Many ELC teachers disregard them all You can appoint a student to take attendance every class Fill in the special form with the attendance takers phone number etc Give it to Dolly Or, take attendance on the system yourself (Mike) If you collect work done in class from the students, use that to enter the attendance at home, and save class time
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  • Assessment You can set homework, but Students dont like to do homework, and if they do it they just copy each other I mostly give classwork Writing exercises (PE8: business emails; PE6: summary writing) Other exercises done individually (eg from PE book) I also give quizzes Vocab clozes, dictations, and some other things There are also projects that require planning at home group presentations (recorded or live) and individual speeches oral tests, mock job interviews (Joe Lavallee)
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  • Assessment 2 The chart is for PE8 The proportions are different for other levels See your Grade Percentages handout You have some flexibility, but at least two grades for writing one for oral work Class performance Attendance Participation Effort Up to you really
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  • People mountain people sea You can get a class list from the Faculty Information Network And stick it in an Excel file like this (Mike):
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  • Who are all these people 2 Add-drop period For the first 3 weeks of the semester, students can be added or taken away on the FI net So you must keep your Excel file up to date First class Get seating charts from the office Get students to write their name and student number on the seating chart New students will probably come up to have their names added, during the add-drop period Remembering names Ask students for photos? Have them make name tags? Take pot luck: youll get to know the good and weak students
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  • First day on the job Try and get the admin stuff out of the way Seat chart Attendance monitor Class rules and grading presentation Dont expect the students to have their books You could ask the attendance to go and get the PE textbook pile in the class break or organize it for the following week first unit is business across cultures you probably have some travel activities I sometimes do this introductory activity
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  • Take a piece of blank paper Write 10 questions you would like to ask me come from Where do you come from? married Are you married? smoke kids age (5 more questions) Goal: introspection, making questions from keywords
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  • Now, change your questions Where do you come from? Where does Dr Smith come from? Are you married? Is he married? Do the same for all your questions You dont have to write this Just talk to yourself A grammar focus
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  • Now, talk to someone else The person who is sitting Behind you Or in front of you Or next to you Ask all your questions Let the other person say the answe


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