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E-learning enhance user experience


  • 1. Using e-Learning to enhance the student

2. Objectives1. To show you my understanding that the student experience is really important, and2. A knowledge of how ILT can be used to support it, both fora) distance learning students andb) those in the classroom.3. How to apply e-learning into Norlands Foundation Degree in Early Years Development & Learning 3. "The value of College knowledgeis not the learning of many facts, it is for making people to think. 4. Education is a lifetimeinvestment to yourself The Learner is in themiddle 4 5. Classroom and Distance learning students Same objective = PassKnowledge 5 6. Questionsare moreimportantthan6 7. WHAT professional skills &experience does the societydemand from a graduate?HOW wellget there?How well measureperformance ? 7 8. How will we solve this problem?CreatingAn I.D model gives Evaluatingstructure and meaningAnalyzingto the problemApplyingUnderstandingRememberingBlooms 8 9. How will we solve thisproblem? Analysis EvaluationDesignModels break downthe problem intodiscrete, manageable units.ImplementationDevelopment ADDIEmodel9 10. ActivationIntegration Problem DemonstrationApplicationMerrills First Principles of Instruction10 11. Two types of courses11 12. Apply Reverse Engineering Technique 13. Basic Course Structure 13 14. PUSH PULL14 15. 15 16. PUSH PULL16 17. 17 18. ActivationNorlandsIntegrationProblemDemonstration Model Foundation DegreeApplicationMerrills First Principles ofInstruction 18 19. Pull the learners into the course content19 20. Motivate - Tease the studentsMobile devices &applicationsIntegrationof social mediaE-books web contentYoutube 20 21. 21 22. Adapt todiverseEnhancelearningthe material stylesbeing taught Booststudent motivation3 Reasons Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom 22 23. 23 24. 24