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  1. 1. Custom Soft designed E-learning Software using Cloud Computing. Cloud computing allows computing to be much more efficient by centralizing data storage, processing and bandwidth at one point. An E-Learning cloud can serve information which students can access when they are connected through their mobile devices or PC.
  2. 2. Features: Online Course Registration Study Material Exam Study Paper Exams Schedule Date and Time Management Study content update facility Homework, Projects Deal with content management
  3. 3. Benefits of Cloud Computing: Reduce spending on technology Globalize your workforce Reduce costs Automatic software updates
  4. 4. Custom-Soft has experts in each profile to develop software. Custom-Soft is a custom software development company that creates cost-effective solutions based on technical expertise. Custom-Soft developed Custom Software for Healthcare system, Customized Software for EHS, Custom Software for CMS, Customized Software for EHR, Customized Software for E-learning, Customized Software for Ecommerce, Customized Software review and rating system for restaurants, Customized Software for ERP, Customized Software for CRM, and many more.
  5. 5. To Contact Custom-Soft : http://www.custom-soft.com/contact_us.html To know more about Custom-Soft : http://www.custom-soft.com/about_us.html Visit : www.custom-soft.com