earthquakes evan d.. earthquakes and indiana ► indiana is at a high risk of earthquakes

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  • Earthquakes Evan D.
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  • Earthquakes and Indiana Indiana is at a high risk of earthquakes.
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  • Recent Earthquakes Elsewhere The most recent earthquakes have occurred in Alaska - especially the Fox Islands. California is also a high risk zone as are the Virgin Islands. The South Pacific Ocean is another area at high risk for earthquakes.
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  • Tectonic Plates Areas around tectonic plate boundaries are at high risk for earthquakes. Even more so if the area is in the ring of fire. Most earthquakes occur near that area.
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  • Determining Earthquakes There is a way to determine what parts of the world are at higher risk then others: First you look at where the plate boundaries are. Then you find out what kind of boundary it is. Then you add up the information. That will tell you the answer.
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  • Earthquakes and Volcanoes (oh, my!) There is some relationship between earthquakes and volcanoes. They are both caused by the tectonic plates shifting. However, they tend not to occur in the same areas. For example, there is a volcano in Antarctica. No earthquakes occurred in Antarctica during my research.
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  • The Cause of Earthquakes The cause of earthquakes is the shifting tectonic plates under the earths crust. Most earthquakes occur near plate boundaries. The three types of boundaries are: Convergent Divergent Transform Not all earthquakes occur on plate boundaries. They can occur in the middle of a plate.