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  • With a background in history, LesLy Lobeni left that behind to pursue (fashion) writing for the pure love for it. she is also a fashion blogger and shuffles between her freelance fashion writer and occasional blog projects.she loves to read and finds a thrill in the fast paced city life. Her influence from studying history is evident in her love for all things old and vintage.

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    EastErn Mirror wEEkEnd supplEMEntEvEry saturday august 4, 2012


    photo speak

    A group of young school girls sharing a moment of happy delight during a function at the Government High School, Burma Camp, in Dimapur

    It was in 2010 that Atu Wall-ing, along with her husband, decided to help and counsel students, especially from the North-East, through the

    Touch India Trust.The Touch India Trust is an

    NGO started initially with the idea of providing free education to slum children and creating a platform for young budding talents in various fields like singing, art, handicrafts, painting, drawing, and poetry. Recently they have been en-gaged in assisting students in their admission at Delhi University.

    The organisation has four broad projects - Samvada, Com-municraft, Shiksha Rath and the Tent. The aim of Touch India Trust, which is based at Outram Lines Delhi, is to create a bridge of understanding among different cul-tures and bringing about harmony for co-existence in communal equilibrium.

    We are not expecting a sud-den change but we are working to achieve a better future, says Atu Walling, the Director of Touch India Trust.

    THe TenTThe Tent is a caf within the or-ganisation where one can just hang out, share ideas, watch movies, sing and also display ones paint-ings and other creative forms of art. This caf connects and creates a space for social dialogue. It has also brought together many stu-dents volunteers who have spent quality time teaching children from the slums and sometimes getting the opportunity to experience and manage the Tent.

    Music artistes such as Alobo Naga, The Skinny Boys, Barbara Leivang, Charishma Jones and the Angelo Daimari Band have also performed and jammed here on several occasions.

    Professionals like Bharti Dayal and Param Tomanec were a part of various workshops where young artists presented their work. The former is a National Awardee in 2006 for her remarkable paintings and the latter is a professional photographer and a film maker.sAMVADAOn the other hand, Samvada fo-cuses on practical apprehensions

    of the existing educational system. They provide research facilities for students who want to pursue further education in the field of Human Sciences. They provide lec-tures on Introduction to Research, Language Skills and weekly guest Lectures on Rethinking Humani-ties. Along with it, opportunities are offered for a personal men-torship with trained researchers from around the world via video conferencing and the opportunity to prepare and deliver a Seminar Presentation.

    The intake is limited and there is a fee to be paid if one wants to be a part on this research facil-ity. They also have future plans to open up a library.

    Samvada also works as a facili-tator to help students pursue their post-graduation courses in world-class institutions.siKsHA RATH PRoJeCT The Siksha Rath Project provides free education to underprivileged children who dont have access to education. To achieve this, they have organised several fund raising events to provide classroom and

    other classroom needs. Although they started this programme for the slum areas neighbouring Outram Lines in Delhi, they also plan to sponsor bright students un-able to go to private schools.

    The uniqueness of this pro-gramme is that the volunteers are mostly Delhi University students who work as part-time intern after their classes. And as a token of appreciation, the organisation certifies their internship.

    As the students have shown tremendous support by volunteer-ing to teach the slum children, we wanted to give them a little more encouragement. So we give them a certificate of experience, said Atu Walling.

    Noble in the making and fo-cused in their goals, Touch India Trust is quite a revolution for a non-profit organisation based out-side North-East region. It is mak-ing itself heard and moving ahead strongly with its vision bright and clear.

    Those interested can visit their official website at www.touchindia-trust.org and join their cause.

    I have always had a lot of male friends around since school and i have seen them all grow up. From the

    awkward teenage phase of the cool baggy clothes, casual college attire, the formal fixation, the over coat frenzy after watching Green Street Hooligan and for some, even leather jackets after watching

    Sons of Anarchy. I have not always been interested in fashion to begin with but to back track on fashion on the basis of the sexes, its interesting to see how one does with what.

    With my female friends, regardless of whether they are inter-ested in fashion or not, they somehow know what may or may not work. The simplest things like add-ing a belt, scarf or a hat makes all the difference

    however, with the boys, it is never that simple! Maybe because its always seems so uniform, they try to add that little pang to be difference hence the little hesitation or fuss when dressing up.

    Men have to find their statement sooner than later. Women dont make it easy on them too though. You see those gorgeously dressed men from the streets of Milan and New York carrying those

    Balenciaga bags, rolled up pants and loafers and you wish your man friends, boyfriends or your brother could dress that way! So maybe you try to nudge them a bit, be bold and push your limits you tell them. All they give you is a sigh and a shake of the head and blatantly say no. The only person I pushed and pushed was my best friend. I even made him carry my messenger bag, bless his soul. So there we

    have it. Unless the men we know in our lives are metro-sexual or gay, they will stick to the 5 year old pair of jeans and swear to live in them forever and ever, amen.

    However, as times are changing and we become more and more self-conscious thanks to every second person hav-ing a fashion opinion or to social networking sites where you MUST have the most liked pictures; its

    become a very vain world. So even for the old school men with that rough edge, they stop to think and go hmm... so do I change my hairstyle or do I change my pants?

    So maybe I dont speak for the entire women kind but it is nice to see the men folk putting in that little extra effort and taking more time getting ready. Of course, lets hope they dont take it too far with a Borat Mankini!!

    nilutpal Pegu | eM news network | new Delhi

    By Lesly Lobeni

    Every year, many students from the North-East region come to Delhi University for higher education. And as we well know, life in the na-tional capital is not all that hunky-dory. Seeking admission itself is a worry and the myriad problems faced by the North-Eastern people are nothing new.

    The aesthetics of good dressing is not for women alone. Women have it easy with the various choices in clothes ranging from mini, midi or maxi skirts, long or short dresses, shorts or trousers or even kurtas and sarees. Men on the other hand have been given very less to work with and need to make do with it. They need to work around their basics t get it right, find out what suits them and at the same time, try to look different even though every man has the same things as him.

    TOUCH INDIA TRUST: Building bridges of understanding

    The MAN-uel

    Creative arts on display at The Tent

    Shikha Rath at work: Student volunteers and children from the slums at Outram Lines Park

    Atu WallingSkinny boys jamming at the tent

  • Mirror Plus2 Eastern Mirror | dimapursaturday | august 4 | 2012

    The question was wherein lies the problem of Naga gracelessness by which I meant our peoples inability to appreciate and acknowledge the good in others. This gracelessness springs from the exces-sive pride we have in our own tribal identity. This, combined with the each tribe one language with diverse dialects, have stood out as the number one divisive factor and stumbling block to Naga unity and harmony. The attitude of people in other lands is My country and my nation first .

    However, for a Naga it is I first, followed by family, clan, khel, village, tribe and so on in that order. Hypothetically, this ego-centric frame of mind is the problem with us ,which, automatically changes color and become jealousy when somebody other than our own tribal person accomplishes something commendable.

    Take our dear Chekrovol for example. To represent ones own country in the Olympics is what dreams are made of and personally, for herself, it is an awesome achievement. Winning a medal or not certainly figures a lot but it is not the most important thing. Getting selected to represent the country and competing to the best of your ability in the games is what matters most. Did the bare footed footballers led by Dr. T. Ao win anything ? No. But even over 60 years later, but we still remember and feel proud of him. Why? Because representing your country in the Olympics is once in a lifetime achievement and because he represented not only India but all the Nagas as a whole. He was not an Ao Naga representative. He stood for Nagas.

    Yes, Chekrovol did represent India but, she was, above all else and most importantly, representing Nagaland for us all. From the moment her name featured in the Olympic squad I felt so proud that she was a Naga. To me she was nei