Eastlink TV Channel Packaging - Channel...TV Channel Packaging Entry Level Basic TV Package $25.00/month (not including equipment). Included in Starter, Essentials, Essentials Plus, Maestro Bundles

Download Eastlink TV Channel Packaging -    Channel...TV Channel Packaging Entry Level Basic TV Package $25.00/month (not including equipment). Included in Starter, Essentials, Essentials Plus,  Maestro Bundles

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<ul><li><p>TV Channel Packaging Entry Level Basic TV Package </p><p>$25.00/month (not including equipment). Included in Starter, Essentials, Essentials Plus, &amp; Maestro Bundles. </p><p>AMI Audio 887 CPAC English 864 ICI Radio-Canada Tl 1017 TVA 1018 AMI Tl 889 CPAC French 1014 ICI RDI 1022 UNIS 1031AMI TV 888 CTV 603 LINK 599 Weather Network 745 APTN 631 CTV2 606 Provincial Legislature 630 CBC 601 Eastlink TV 610 Pay-Per-View 690City 604 Global 602 TV5 1032</p><p>Entry Level Basic TV channels may vary by geography. Please refer to the bottom of this page for details. Value Pack, TV Channel Exchange, themes and/or specialty channels can be added to Entry Level Basic TV. </p><p>Channel Name </p><p>Cha</p><p>nnel</p><p>Num</p><p>ber</p><p>Cha</p><p>nnel</p><p>Num</p><p>ber</p><p>Valu</p><p>e Pa</p><p>ck</p><p>TV C</p><p>hann</p><p>elEx</p><p>chan</p><p>ge</p><p>Valu</p><p>e Pa</p><p>ck</p><p>TV C</p><p>hann</p><p>elEx</p><p>chan</p><p>ge</p><p>Channel Name </p><p>A&amp;E 815 P PABC 620 P PAMC 669 P PBravo! 817 P PCBC News Network 852 P PCBS 621 P PCMT 881 PCNN 853 PThe Comedy Network 819 P PCTV News Channel 851 P PDiscovery Channel 779 P PDisney Channel 752 P PDisney Junior 765 P PDisney XD 766 PFamily Channel 755 P PFamily CHRGD 757 PFamily Jr 748 PFood Network Canada 649 P PFOX 623 P PFX 667 PGolf Channel 714 PHGTV Canada 646 P PHistory 777 P PHLN 854 PMUCH 883 PNational Geographic 780 PNBC 622 P POLN 821 POWN 645 </p><p>Entry Level Basic TV Package </p><p>816 P P820 P624 P P814 P P640 P818 P712 P P704 P P</p><p>700-703 P P600 P P</p><p>900-946 P P668 P758 P641 P P746 P P</p><p>707-711 P P633 P635 P632 P634 P648 P P</p><p>Paramount Network Peachtree TV PBS Showcase Slice Space Sportsnet 360 Sportsnet ONE Sportsnet-East/Ont/West/Pacific Stingray Ambiance Stingray Music (40 Channels) TCM Teletoon TLC Treehouse TSN 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 US Super KTLA Los Angeles US Super WGN Chicago US Super WPIX New York US Super WSBK Boston W Network YTV 756 P</p><p>The following local over the air channels are also available in Entry Level Basic TV in the following areas: Newfoundland: CTV2, NTV, OMNI East Northern Ontario: TFO, TVO, OMNI East Nova Scotia, New Brunswick &amp; Prince Edward Island: CTV2, OMNI East Northern Ontario Francophone: Canal M, CBC News, MtoMedia, TFO, Southern Ontario, Peterborough to London Corridor: CHCH, OMNI, OMNI 2, TVO, OMNI East OMNI East, TFO, TVO Alberta: CTV2, Miracle, OMNI Prairies British Columbia: Delta TV, Chek </p><p> Sudbury: CHCH, TFO, TVO, OMNI East Victoria, Joy TV, Knowledge Network, OMNI, OMNI Pacific Sunshine Coast, British Columbia: Coast TV, Knowledge Network, OMNI, OMNI Pacific </p><p>Note 1: Provincial Educational and or Provincial Legislature channels where available. Eastlinks Entry Level Basic TV package is compliant with the CRTCs Lets Talk TV requirements. Halifax area over the air call signs: CBC HALIFAX (CBHT), GLOBAL MARITIMES (CIHF), CTV HALIFAX (CJCH), CITY TV TORONTO (CITY-DT), ICI Tl Moncton (CBAFT, ch 2), ICI Tl Toronto (CBLFT), TVA (CFTM-DT) Sudbury over the air call signs: CTV Sudbury (CICI), CBC Toronto (CBLT), ICI Tl Toronto (CBLFT), City Toronto (CITY-DT), Global Toronto (CIII), TVA (CHOT-DT), CHCH (CHCH-DT) </p><p>Channel and theme package availability may vary by area. Taxes are extra. </p></li><li><p>TV Channel Packaging New! TV Channel Exchange. Get the channels YOU want. </p><p>"TV Channel Exchange" selections and individual "Personal Picks" starting at $3.95/mo, HD Included New! TV Channel Exchange: Our TV Channel Exchange Package is included in the Essentials Plus &amp; Maestro Bundles. TV Channel Exchange customers can swap any of the included channels for any of the channel selections below. Learn more at www.eastlink.ca and click on TV. </p><p>A&amp;E 815 CP24 519 Hollywood Suite 2000s 688 Showcase 814 A.Side 877 Crime + Investigation 794 Hope Channel 893 Silver Screen Classics 697 ABC 620 CTV News Channel 851 ICI ARTV 1036 Slice 640 ABC Spark Action </p><p>750 693 </p><p>DejaView Discovery Channel </p><p>826 779 </p><p>IFC: Independent Film Channel Investigation Discovery </p><p>692 787 </p><p>Smithsonian Channel Space </p><p>789 818 </p><p>addik TV 1029 Discovery Science 785 La chane Disney 1047 Sportsnet 360 712 Afroglobal Television 886 Discovery Velocity 788 LCN 1035 Sportsnet ONE 704 Al Jazeera 857 Disney Channel 752 Lifetime 694 Sportsnet-East/Ont/West/Pacific 700-703 AMC 669 Disney Junior 765 Love Nature 790 Stingray Ambiance 600 American Heroes Channel 792 Disney XD 766 Makeful 825 Stingray Juicebox 873 </p><p>759 DIY Network Canada 654 MAV TV 737 Stingray Loud 878 829 documentary channel 793 MAX 1043 Stingray Music [40 Channels] 900-946 753 653 </p><p>DTOUR E! </p><p>642 822 </p><p>MOI&amp;cie MovieTime </p><p>1037 691 </p><p>Stingray Retro Stingray VIBE </p><p>879 874 </p><p>783 ESPN Classic 738 MSNBC 859 T+E 651 762 Euronews 862 MTV 875 TCM (Turner Classic Movies) 668 863 Evasion 1028 MTV2 876 Teletoon 758 885 Family Channel 755 MUCH 883 Tltoon Franais 1046 731 855 </p><p>Family CHRGD Family Jr Fashion Television </p><p>757 748 656 </p><p>MusiquePlus Nat Geo Wild National Geographic </p><p>1044 784 780 </p><p>TFO TLC Treehouse </p><p>1030 641 746 824 </p><p>FEVA 882 NBA TV Canada 730 TSN 1,2,3,4,5 707-711 817 Fight Network 736 NBC 622 TVA Sports 1&amp;2 1015-1016 </p><p>718 NFL Network 715 TVO 628 649 Nickelodeon 747 US Super KTLA Los Angeles 633 </p><p>FNTSY Sports Network Food Network Canada Fox 623 NTV 605 US Super WGN Chicago 635 751 Fox Sports Racing 713 OLN 821 US Super WPIX New York 632 1034 FX 667 OMNI.1 511 US Super WSBK Boston 634 852 Fyi 658 OMNI.2 Toronto (CJMT) 512 V Montral 1025 621 Game Show Network 827 ONE: Get Fit 659 Vision TV 660 734 </p><p>609 Golf Channel Gusto </p><p>714 644 </p><p>OUTtv OWN </p><p>665 645 </p><p>VRAK TV W Network </p><p>1026 648 881 </p><p>H2 791 Paramount Network 816 WFN: World Fishing Network 732 858 HGTV Canada 646 PBS 624 Wild TV 733 853 HIFI 884 Peachtree TV 820 Yoopa 1033 865 Historia 1027 Prise 2 1042 YTV 756 </p><p>Animal Planet AXS TV Baby TV BBC Canada BBC Earth BBC Kids BBC World News BET Big Ten Network BNN BloombergBook TelevisionBravo Canal D Canal Savoir - Ontario Canal Vie Cartoon Network CASA CBC News Network CBS CBS Sports Network CHCH CMT CNBC CNN CNN International Comedy GoldComedy NetworkCooking ChannelCosmo TV Cottage Life </p><p>828 819 666 647 643 </p><p>History HLN Hollywood Suite 70s Hollywood Suite 80s Hollywood Suite 90s </p><p>777 854 685 686 687 </p><p>RDS Rewind RIDE TV Rural Channel Sries+ </p><p>1019 696 639 650 1023 </p><p>Zee TV - West 1075 Ztl 1024 Additional Channels available in specific geographic areas. Log in to TV Channel Exchange and available channels will be shown. BC1, Deutschwelle, Leafs TV, TeletatinoTimeshift TV Channels: CBC, City, CTV, Global, OMNI, ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS, and more. </p><p>Specialty Packages &amp; Channels, HD Included </p><p>Premium Sports Super Sports Pack $33.95/mo Sportsnet World $18.95/mo beIN Sports $14.95/mo WWE Network $11.99/mo </p><p>Crave TV $6.00/mo </p><p>Extra Pack Today's Shopping Choice Daystar Game TV (Free with any extra channel or package) </p><p>TMN, HBO, Super Stations $22.50/mo HBO 1 HBO 2 TMN 1 TMN 2 TMN 3 TMN 4 US Super KTLA Los Angeles US Super WGN Chicago US Super WPIX New York US Super WBTS Boston </p><p>TMN Encore $7.95/mo TMN Encore 1 TMN Encore 2 </p><p>TMN + Encore + Super Stations $23.50/mo </p><p>Hollywood Suite $6.00/mo Hollywood Suite 70s Hollywood Suite 80s Hollywood Suite 90s Hollywood Suite 2000s </p><p>Super Ecran $15.00/mo Super Ecran 1 Super Ecran 2 Super Ecran 3 Super Ecran 4 </p><p>Adult Playboy TV $16.95/mo Exxxtasy $16.95/mo Penthouse TV $15.95/mo Red Hot TV $15.95/mo </p><p>431-491 429 425 430 </p><p>544 890 827 </p><p>670 671 672 673 674 675 633 635 632 634 </p><p>678 679 </p><p>632-635 670-679 </p><p>685 686 687 688 </p><p>1051 1052 1053 1054 </p><p>1012 1008 1005 1006 </p><p>Subject to change. Please visit www.eastlink.ca for the latest information. </p><p>102010391021</p><p>http:www.eastlink.cahttp:www.eastlink.cahttp:www.eastlink.cahttp:www.eastlink.ca</p></li><li><p>TV Channel Packaging Theme Packages $9.95/mo, HD Included </p><p>Action &amp; Thrills Action BBC Earth Crime + Investigation Investigation Discovery Paramount Network </p><p>Adventure Fox Sports Racing OLN Fight Network</p><p> MAV TV WFN: World Fishing Network Wild TV </p><p>Canadian NewsBNN Bloomberg CBC News Network CTV News Channel AMI Audio Documentary</p><p>Explore Animal Planet Love Nature Nat Geo Wild National Geographic Channel T+E </p><p>Family Fun ABC Spark Disney Channel Family Channel Stingray Juicebox Teletoon </p><p>French 1 MAX MusiquePlus Prise 2 Teletoon French</p><p> VRAK TV </p><p>French 2 La chane Disney Canal D</p><p> Canal Vie Evasion TFO Historia </p><p>French 3 addikTV</p><p> ICI ARTV CASA Sries+ V Montreal (CFJP) Ztl </p><p>French 4 MOI&amp;cie RDS Yoopa LCN TVA Sport TVA Sports 2 </p><p>Food &amp; Living Cooking Channel Cottage Life</p><p> DIY Network Canada Food Network Canada Gusto HGTV Canada Makeful </p><p>Fun Times Book Television</p><p> Comedy Gold The Comedy Network</p><p> DejaView Game Show Network</p><p> Peachtree TV </p><p>International News Al Jazeera</p><p> BBC World News CNN International Euronews </p><p>Kids 1 Cartoon Network Disney XD Family CHRGD Nickelodeon YTV </p><p>Kids 2 Baby TV </p><p>BBC Kids Disney Junior Family Jr Treehouse </p><p>Learning American Heroes Channel BBC Canada documentary channel ONE: Get Fit Smithsonian Channel TVO </p><p> Vision TV </p><p>Lifestyle &amp; Beyond DTOUR </p><p>Lifetime OWN</p><p> RIDE TV The Rural Channel Slice W Network </p><p>Movie Favourites IFC: Independent Film Channel </p><p> MovieTime Rewind Silver Screen Classics TCM </p><p>Music 1 A.Side AXS TVFEVA TV</p><p> HIFIStingray Ambiance Stingray Music [40 Channels] </p><p>Music 2 Stingray Juicebox MTV2 Stingray Loud Stingray Retro Stingray VIBE </p><p>Music and More BET CMT MTV MTV2 MUCH Afroglobal TV </p><p>Prime Time A&amp;E AMC Bravo Showcase TLC </p><p>Sports Extra Big Ten Network</p><p> CBS Sports Network ESPN Classic</p><p> FNTSY Sports Network NFL Network NBA TV Canada </p><p>Style and Culture Cosmopolitan TV</p><p> E! Fashion Television</p><p> FYI OUTtv </p><p>Super Channel Super Channel 1 Super Channel 2 </p><p> Super Channel Vault Ginx eSports TV Canada </p><p>US Prime &amp; Time Shift Channels: $5/mo ABC Time Shift</p><p> CBS Time Shift FOX Time Shift NBC Time Shift PBS Time Shift CBC Time Shift City Time Shift CTV Time Shift CTV Two Time Shift Global Time Shift NTV Time Shift </p><p>US News CNBC CNN FOX News HLN MSNBC </p><p>US Super Stations KTLA Los Angeles </p><p>WGN Chicago WPIX New York </p><p>WSBK Boston </p><p>World &amp; Adventure Discovery Channel Discovery Science H2 History Space </p><p>Additional Theme Packs, HD Included </p><p>Prime Sports $19.95/mo Golf Channel Sportsnet ONE Sportsnet West TSN3 Sportsnet 360 Sportsnet Ontario TSN1 TSN4 Sportsnet East Sportsnet Pacific TSN2 TSN5 </p><p>Channel and theme package availability may vary by area. Taxes are extra. </p><p>Bold $14.95/mo AMC Bravo</p><p> Discovery Velocity </p><p>HLN</p><p>FXMav TV</p></li></ul>