Easy Ways To Make Things Easier On Yourself With Your Iphone

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These days it seems everyone has an iPhone. Althou...


<ul><li><p>Easy Ways To Make Things Easier On Yourself With YourIphone </p><p>There are several reasons why the iPhone is so popular today. Multi-tasking individuals willfind the iPhone's integrated features and available applications to be a godsend. This articlecan help you find new uses for your iPhone and harness the power of it. </p><p>The iPhone has a great option for those who need a bigger keyboard to type. And it doesn'thave to be an external keyboard. Simply rotate the phone and double tap on the address barin Safari. You will now have a keyboard that is bigger and much easier-to-use. </p><p>You can easily create your own dictionary and shortcuts with the iPhone. This predictivefeature saves time and makes communications a snap. Word shortcuts and phrases can beadded to the phone as well. When typing, your keyboard will autocorrect. </p><p>Is your iPhone simply pestering you with way too many notifications? To stop them, do thefollowing. Go to settings, then select notifications. Remove items that aren't useful from your"Notification Center". This can also help your battery life. </p><p>The next time you visit a website on your iPhone, you should test using either one or twofingers to scroll. If the page is separated into boxes, one finger scrolling allows you to gothrough each box. Two fingered scrolling helps you quickly scroll through the whole webpage. </p><p>It is possible to take a picture from your headphone cord. To begin, frame the picture youwould like to take. When you are ready to take the shot, just press down on the cord's button.This will take the photograph. Next, you can save the picture using the same method that younormally would. </p><p>A great way to maximize the utility of your iPhone is to take advantage of its multimediacapabilities. You can download television shows, films or funny videos and transform aphone into an entertainment center. </p><p>You don't need to tap the X to eliminate the suggestion box that appears when typing if it isannoying you. Just tap the screen at any area and the words will be eliminated. </p><p>If you have Siri on your iPhone, but like to keep your privacy, you maybe not want to continueto use her. Apple uses an internal server to hold and store the things you say to Siri. Thismakes it easier for Siri to recognize you and to follow your command. </p><p>Always ensure your OS is up to date. This will increase the usability of your device, and itcan also increase battery life. You can update your firmware simply by uploading iTunes toyour computer and connecting your phone to that computer. You can also connect to an</p></li><li><p>Apple computer with iCloud. </p><p>Having read this article, you now understand all of the technology utilized by the iPhone.People are often confused with all the new apps that come out, and aren't fully aware of allthe things their iPhone can do. Now you know how the best up-to-date information about theiPhone. </p><p>samsung officeserv 7200 lite</p></li></ul>