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Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

Easy Ways to Winterize Your Home

Find The CracksSmall cracks around the baseboards, windows, and doors can allow cold air into your home. This can make your heating system work even harder.

An easy way to find hidden cracks is by Dipping your hand in warn water, then hold it about an inch away from baseboards, windows, and doors as you walk around your house.

If you encounter any cracks, you will feel a cool breeze on your hand.You should be able to feel the difference in temperature immediately.

By replacing the weather stripping and sealing cracks with a dab of caulk this can potentially save you money this winter and help keep your home a little bit warmer.

Warm The PipesWhenever you are anticipating temperatures to drop below freezing level it is important to let the faucets run at a slow drip. This is most effective during the night hours when the water system is not in use.

Make sure your external systems are taken care of. Make sure you drain your hose or irrigation system, and make sure they are off since they are not going to be in use. If water is left in the line it can cause the line to burst. This makes for high water bills and repair costs.

In most cases, the cost of preparation is significantly less than the cost of reparation, so I would encourage you to make sure you are fully prepared to protect your home from the winter elements. If you need to go a step further and have a professional opinion, make sure to have a TenList Pro come to fully winterize your home. You know where to find us