eating your way to a healthy smile

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You may know all the basic steps to maintain healthy teeth and even some of the foods to avoid, but did you know they're are actual foods you can eat that make your mouth healthier?


  • 1. Eating Your Way to a Healthy Smile ! Dentist Jenny Miller

2. We all are familiar with the basic, everyday steps to maintain good oral hygiene. 3. You may even be familiar with what foods to avoid such as soda and candy. 4. But what foods are actually healthy for your teeth and mouth? 5. Experienced Lexington, KY dentist Jenny Miller lists eight foods that actually promote good oral hygiene. 6. Cheese High in calcium, cheese provides your teeth with needed minerals such as the protein casein which helps to fortify the surface of your teeth. 7. Yogurt Yogurt is also very high in calcium and in addition has useful ingredients to help prevent bad breath. 8. Strawberries Strawberries, high in collagen-producing vitamin C, help to build and maintain strong gums. 9. Green Tea Green tea can help prevent cavities, control gum disease, prevent tooth decay and even help destroy bacteria living in your mouth. 10. Water Water not only flushes away old food debris and quenches your thirst but keeps your saliva levels high which is your mouths best defense against tooth decay. 11. Salmon Salmon, as well as other fatty fishes, are high in Vitamin D which is important to help your body absorb calcium to protect your teeth against disease. 12. Chicken Chicken also provides the calcium and phosphorus necessary to re-mineralize your teeth, making them shiny and healthy. 13. Milk Milk, another good form of calcium, helps to strengthen your teeth and keep your jaw bone strong. 14. Incorporating these foods into your diet alongside your proper routine dental care can help give you a beautiful, healthy smile. 15. Visit Hamburg Expressions to Learn More

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