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eBay Platform Roadmap Anand Gangadharan Platform Product Manager

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  • eBay Platform Roadmap

    Anand Gangadharan

    Platform Product Manager

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  • eBay Platform Roadmap

    Finding Service

    Multi-Variation Fixed-Price Listings

    Selling Manager Applications (f.k.a. Echo)

    Large Merchant Services

    Feedback Service

    Spring 2009 Release

    The road ahead

  • PlatformStrength in Numbers

  • Developer Program Members

  • Monthly API Call Volume

  • Percentage of Listings via API

  • A vibrant Platform, thanks to you!

    92,000 Members, 32% YoY growth

    13,000 Live Applications

    8 Billion API calls per month

    Over 60% listings via API

  • Finding Service

  • Finding Service

    eBays next generation of Finding technology

    Provides parity with ebay.com features

    Keyword searches yield more relevantsearch results

    Powerful search queries

    Advanced refinement options




  • Finding Service

    Build Compelling Applications Usingthe New eBay Services

    3:30 pm

    Ganga Muthyala, eBay

  • Multi-VariationFixed-Price Listings

  • Multi-Variation Fixed-Price Listings

  • Multi-Variation Fixed-Price Listings

    Supporting Multi-Variation Fixed-PriceListings in Your Application

    1:30 pm

    Grant King, ChannelAdvisor

    Keith Wescourt, eBay

  • Selling ManagerApplications (f.k.a. Echo)

  • Selling Manager Applications

    Selling Manager Free subscription

    Get in front of millions of eBay Sellers

    Be seen on ebay.com

    You get paid when Sellers subscribe to, orpurchase your Application

    We welcome your innovation!


    developer.ebay.com/products/ selling-manager-applications

  • Selling Manager Applications

    The Project Echo Opportunity

    Deploying your First Project Echo Application

    1:30 pm

    2:30 pm

    Neil Mansilla, Mansilla Dev

    Mike Maffeo, eBay

  • Large MerchantServices (LMS)

  • Large Merchant Services

    Asynchronous processing using file baseddata, transaction exchange

    Designed for high volume, robust integrationat key touch points between Seller and eBay

    developer.ebay.com/products/ large-merchant-services

  • 1:30 pm

    Large Merchant Services

    Larger Merchant Services

    Joel Mosby, Mercent

    Mohan Kumaresh, eBay

  • Feedback Service

  • Feedback Service

    DSR computation for a subset oftransactions, with a minimum of 10

    Enables Sellers to fine tune their businesswhile protecting individual buyer ratings

    Compare domestic vs international,free vs paid shipping, weekend vs weekday,and so on


  • Spring 2009 Release

  • We value your feedback, and acted on it.

    Advance notice of changes

    Early Sandbox availability

    API behavior for policy changes

    Graceful degradation when possible

    Enhance structured information usage toimprove seller efficiency

  • Make eBay Easy

    Next gen View Item (NGVI)

    Require Handling time, Return Policy

    Custom Item Specifics in more categories

    Shipping Tracking info

    Multi-Variation Fixed-Price Listings

  • Make eBay Safe

    Authentication enhancements

    Jewelry policy changes

  • Seller Profitability

    Paperless payment methods only

    Smart FAQ

    Free pictures in more categories

  • Tools/Data for Seller Success

    Product Identifiers in more categories

    Ad Commerce API released

    Givingworks: WoG API enabled

    ePN introduces variable compensation scale

  • Improving Seller Efficiencies on eBay

    Spring 2009 Release

    Kristina Klausen, eBay

    Mike Maffeo, eBay



    12:30 pm

  • A Peek at Fall 2009 Release

    Granular Ship-to locations

    Allow sellers to explicitly call out countries theydo not want to ship to

    Block buyers whose primary shipping orregistered location is excluded by seller

    Edit Live Items for Fixed-Price and SIF

    Allow sellers to make changes to multi-quantityfixed price listings after there has been a sale

    Subject to


  • The Road Ahead

  • Coordinated Releases are Here to Stay

    Started with Spring 2009 Release for Selleroriented features

  • Move Towards More Services

    Trading API circa 2001

    Shopping API launched in 2007

    Then came Merchandising, Feedback, LargeMerchant Services, and so on

  • General Service Composition Principles

    Provide isolation from:

    Changes in unrelated functional areas

    Include functional areas with:

    High cohesion

    Similar interface rate-of-change

    Optimize response time

    e.g. Distinct calls for authorized and public data

    Clear version management

  • We Want to Hear From You

    Speak to us

    Feedback Forums

    Grab an employee

    Thank you again for your investment on theeBay Platform to service our mutualcustomers

  • Q&A

    Anand Gangadharan

    Platform Product Manager, eBay

    [email protected]

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