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GSI Commerce has changed it's name to eBay Enterprise. There are many funny Star Trek jokes to be made...these are not any of them!


<ul><li> 1. Damn it! Worf snipped me on the signed Justin Beiber hat auction! If you were any other bidder Id kill you where you stand for the Beibs hat!! Sell high and prosper Make it sell! and the eBay Enterprise jokes start </li></ul> <p> 2. Even in this Universe, eBay Enterprise is a good company to work for Damn it, Jim! Im a Doctor not an auctioneer! (but you can get a good deal at my eBay Store on Romulan Ale with instant delivery by transporter and please remember to leave positive feedback!) I thought we wrote the Rules of Acquisition for online commerce but you guys have mad skillz! and the eBay Enterprise jokes start Can I take my shirt off now? No 3. And Kirk center screen strutting around all sweaty without a shirt checking out some Yeoman's tuchaswhod have thought? </p>