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  • Driving style. Shine the light on aggressive driving.


  • Keep your business, drivers and reputation safe. Just because you can’t see a problem doesn’t mean it’s not there. Your drivers put your company and their own safety on the line every time they slam the brakes, ram the gas, or fly around a corner. But there is no way to change behaviors that you can’t see.

    And even if you’re lucky enough to avoid crashes, the US Department of Energy reports that aggressive driving can lower a vehicle’s fuel economy up to 33%.


    According to OSHA, on-the-job crashes cost an average of $16,500– and if injury results, it skyrockets to $74,000.

  • Measure, manage and reduce aggressive driving. Verizon Connect Drive lets you know how your drivers are behaving when behind the wheel. Hard braking, quick starts and harsh cornering are all bad and have a far reaching impact.

    • See a full picture of safety and risk. Get real time visibility into hard-braking, quick starts, and hard cornering to understand what behaviors need to improve.

    • Improve behavior and reduce exposure. Coach your team by using real-time alerts and easy-to-see metrics, that rank your drivers based on performance.

    • Know your safest drivers. Use the safety score to compare your drivers and set goals for improvement and company-wide standards.

    • Manage safety over the long-term. With reports available by driver, vehicle, or group, over selected periods of time, you can manage safety and performance over the long-term.

    • Potentially lower insurance costs. Many insurance carriers accept GPS data as part of an overall safety program to help lower insurance rates.

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