echelon asia summit 2015: build your multi-$b category outside of the valley

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1. Mark Organ @markorgan // 2. Mark Organ @markorgan // 3. ? Mark Organ @markorgan // 4. Mark Organ @markorgan // 5. Mark Organ @markorgan // 6. Mark Organ @markorgan // 7. Mark Organ @markorgan // 8. Mark Organ @markorgan // 9. Mark Organ @markorgan // 10. Mark Organ @markorgan // 11. Mark Organ @markorgan // 12. $3.40 $5.60 $1.20$0 $2 $4 $6 Overall (20) Category Creators (10) Non-Category Creators (10) CNN/Fortune top 20 fastest growing companies Category creator premium Category creators: 5X valuation premium on revenue growth! Incremental market cap per $1 of additional revenue Source: Cambridge Partners in HBR Blog, 09/2011 Mark Organ @markorgan // 13. $1,630K $35K $33K $10K $9K $6K $0K $0K $200K $400K $600K $800K $1,000K $1,200K $1,400K $1,600K $1,800K Tesla BMW Group Daimler AG VW Ford GM * Fisker filed for chapter 11 protection in Nov 2013 Source: Yahoo! Finance, Corporate filings, Analyst reports; Market caps are USD & as at Fisker* Market capitalization / global 2013 unit sales Successful category creator >> ENTIRE VALUE of previous category! Mark Organ @markorgan // 14. Mark Organ @markorgan // 15. Mark Organ @markorgan // 16. a transformational experience + driven by disruptive forces MY DEFINITION OF A CATEGORY: For a distinct segment of the market, A revolutionary business model Mark Organ @markorgan // 17. Green-conscious, technophile early adopter car enthusiasts All-electric drive with equivalent/superior performance to BMW 7-series/Benz S-class Custom car ordering online, direct Supercharging / battery switching stations Continuous deployment of upgrades Lithium-ion battery innovation Cloud computing TESLA: Electric high-performance luxury cars 2010-2013 Mark Organ @markorgan // 18. High-growth, cash-strapped B2B companies largely in Bay Area Acquire and deploy good-enough CRM successfully in days instead of years Monthly subscription by user Continuous deployment of upgrades centrally for all customers Cloud / internet delivered software SALESFORCE.COM: Cloud CRM, 1999-2004 Mark Organ @markorgan // 19. Process and lead-gen oriented (demand gen) B2B marketers Automatically nurture prospects, guided by their behavior, until sales-ready Monthly subscription, scaled by user Continuous deployment of upgrades centrally for all customers Cloud-delivered software Automated filtering of phone and mail ELOQUA: Cloud marketing automation 2005-2013 Mark Organ @markorgan // 20. Advocate marketers and the advocates they serve Advocate-centered, comprehensive and self-service experience Monthly subscription, scaled by advocate activity Continuous deployment of upgrades centrally for all customers Pervasive social web INFLUITIVE: Advocate marketing platform 2010-2??? Mark Organ @markorgan // 21. Mark Organ @markorgan // 22. Mark Organ @markorgan // 23. Mark Organ @markorgan // 24. Mark Organ @markorgan // 25. Mark Organ @markorgan // 26. Mark Organ @markorgan // 27. Dr. Venkataswamy 28. Mark Organ @markorgan //